Commercial deals dependent on TMJ staying on with FMLLP

The multi-million ringgit commercial deals that FMLLP have signed this season could be at risk if TMJ is no longer at the helm of the company.

The rumours rumble on after five days since HRH Tunku Ismail Sultan Ibrahim made the announcement that he wants to step away from the presidency role at Football Association of Malaysia (FAM).

Tunku Ismail is also on the board at Football Malaysia Limited Liability Partnership (FMLLP) as chairman and this 2018 season has seen a big boom in terms of completed commercials deals which have granted teams participating in the Super League and Premier League records money handouts.

It is no big secret that the sponsors have all come on board because of Tunku Ismail and there's a real danger that they might decide to up and left should Tunku Ismail no longer be apart of FMLLP, something which FMLLP Chief Executive Officer, Kevin Ramalingam also alluded to.

"It has always been Tunku's intention to separate FAM and FMLLP for the long term future and the stability. All the sponsors are hoping for a long stay by Tunku because it guarantees the sustainability and stability of their investments whereby we have announced various lengths of contracts." 

"Of course they are very concerned and I'm sure that Tunku will give due consideration to the fact that these people have invested because of the stability that he has brought. The contracts itself are bound by non-disclosure agreements but I think what you can take is that in every announcements that was made, whether it was iflix or Ampersand; all these people said that they were here because of Tunku Ismail and they will not be here if Tunku Ismail is not here.

"As you can see, we have been very successful commercially in the last few months and we want that to continue. Our wish will always be for Tunku to stay with us for the long term," said Kevin when met after the FA Cup draw on Tuesday.

However, Ramalingam went on to assure that at the moment in time, there's no indication that Tunku Ismail is planning to discard FMLLP and that there should be some clarity separation as to what was announced. 

"I cannot comment on resignation where FAM was mentioned. Tunku in his message only mentioned specifically the FAM presidency and he did not mention FMLLP at all. I think it's a question better directed to FAM than to us. As far as the league is concerned, at FMLLP we want to focus on our operations and our long term we want Tunku to stay on with FMLLP."

"If I want to selfish, I hope so. I hope if there's one reasons, it's because he wants to focus on FMLLP. It would be what all the 24 teams want in order for the league to be successful," he added.