FIFA Mobile brings FIFA 19 to your pocket

Just when you thought you couldn't possibly play anymore FIFA

Just over a month after FIFA 19 took over living rooms around the world, FIFA Mobile now promises to take videogame obsessions to a whole new level.

Released on November 8, the pocket-sized version of the world's most popular football game is available globally on iOS and Android devices.

A massive upgrade on the version of the game that hit mobiles last year, FIFA Mobile this time around boasts an upgraded gameplay engine, significant visual improvements and the introduction of a Head to Head mode.

On the pitch, players now move more smoothly thanks to an overhauled animation system with AI set to pose much more of a challenge as they get a timely injection of intelligence.

Though visually nowhere near FIFA 19, FIFA Mobile has taken a big step forward aesthetically and is more than an acceptable down grade considering you can literally play this game anywhere.

Whether you're keen to play on the train or the toilet, you can now feed your FIFA addiction literally wherever you are thanks to FIFA Mobile.

Check out the trailer below.