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Euro 2024 official match ball: Design, price & where to buy adidas 'Fussballliebe'

The 17th edition of the UEFA European Championship, which is set to take place from June 14 to July 14, 2024, will be staged in Germany, with 24 teams set to compete for the most prestigious trophy in continental football.

As Euro 2024 finals inch closer, sportswear manufacturer adidas has unveiled the official match ball for the tournament to add to the excitement levels, giving fans a sneak peak of what they'll reminisce from future standout moments from Germany, with a colourful pattern designed to reflect the energy of the event and built-in technology to assist in VAR decisions.

GOAL brings you everything you need to know about the official Euro 2024 match ball, including design specifics, technological features, and from where can you purchase it, along with pricing details.

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What is the official Euro 2024 match ball?

The adidas UEFA EURO 2024 football is called "Fussballliebe", which translates from German to English as "Football Love".

The match ball was officially revealed on Wednesday at a special event held in front of Berlin's Olympic Stadium, marking the commencement of five days filled with on-site activities dedicated to celebrating the passion for football.

The festivities include special appearances by former Football icons and present-day stars, freestyle battles, and exciting opportunities for fans to personally experience the ball.

FUSSBALLLIEBE, with its adidas Connected Ball Technology, will be used in all of the tournament’s 51 matches, starting from the first match on 14th June 2024 at Allianz Arena in Munich.

Official Euro 2024 match ball price & where to buy

United States (U.S)$163
United Kingdom£130

The FUSSBALLLIEBE Official Match Ball is available to purchase at adidas retail and selected retailers, as well as online at, with one per cent of net sales contributed towards Common Goal.

Common Goal is a charitable project formed by streetfootballworld and Juan Mata to support towards high-impact football charities all across the world that utilise the sport as a way to address social issues, and is also a partner of the UEFA Foundation for Children.

It's also worth noting that The Official Match Ball with the adidas Connected Ball Technology will not be commercialized or available in retail.

If you want to play with the official Euro 2024 ball, it is going to set you back a fair price. The FUSSBALLLIEBE ball is retailing on Adidas' official website for $165 if you are in the U.S. It is priced at £130 if you are in the UK or €150 if you are buying in the EU.

What is the Euro 2024 official matchball design?

Euro 2024 match ball design

The adidas Euro 2024 Ball is predominantly white with striking triangular patterns in black, yellow, red, and green. The EURO 2024 logo and the adidas logo are blue. These colours symbolise the idea that this is a welcoming environment where everyone can feel included, and where the richness of diversity is passionately celebrated.

The FUSSBALLLIEBE design captures the essence of ball movement and the dynamic energy of the game, featuring prominent black wing shapes accentuated by vibrant edges, curves, and dots. The bold use of red, blue, green, and orange celebrates the lively spirit brought by participating nations and pays homage to the pure simplicity of football that resonates with fans worldwide.

Additionally, the ball proudly displays showcases the colours of the German flag, as well as illustrations of each tournament stadium alongside the respective host city names. The panel layout on the UEFA Euro Cup 2024 ball looks to be identical to that of the Al Rihla World Cup 2022 ball. However, the makers have integrated multiple dimpled sections onto the surface.

The ball also incorporates built-in Connected Ball Technology for the first time in a European Championship. This will track all elements of its the movement and help with VAR decisions. This technology plays a pivotal role in UEFA's video assistant refereeing decisions.

The ball's outer shell is ingeniously supported by the CTR-CORE, specifically engineered to enhance accuracy and consistency, facilitating swift and precise gameplay while ensuring optimal shape and air retention.

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