'Delayed Clasico could be good for both Barcelona and Real Madrid'

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Pique/Ramos Barcelona v Real Madrid 2018-19
Two players involved when a previous edition of the marquee clash was delayed agree that both teams stand to benefit from a delay of the next game

Two players involved with a postponed Clasico do not believe that either Barcelona or Real Madrid will gain an advantage from the delay of the game scheduled for October 26.

This edition of the storied clash between the two Spanish giants will be delayed due to protests in Barcelona. People in the city are protesting the imprisonment of members of the Catalan independence movement, and the Royal Spanish Football Federation has suspended the game, after the prospect of moving it to Madrid was ruled out.

The teams have until Monday to agree a new date for the match.

This marks the fifth time the game has been rescheduled and two players involved in the 1968 delay believe that each side will get a chance to return to full fitness.

“It doesn’t really matter that it’s been delayed, in my opinion,” Madrid hero Amancia Amaro told Goal, “but time will tell.

“It will be annoying because of why it was postponed, but nothing more.”

Blaugrana legend Juan Manuel Asensi concurred with his former rival.

“Sport is not affected by the postponement of a game, no matter the circumstances,” he said.

“It might benefit those who are injured, there will be more time to recover and have them fit for the Clasico, but that will benefit both teams.

“[Lionel] Messi will be able to improve his fitness, and so will [Gareth] Bale, I think it can be good for both teams.”

The 1968 game that would have featured both Asensi and Amaro was postponed due to the shock death of Barcelona’s Julio Cesar Benitez, just two days before the game.

Both players are still affected by the loss of the Uruguayan to food poisoning, with Asensi saying that the shared hurt demonstrated the closeness of athletes, regardless of the team they represent.

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“Logically, the decision was made to suspend the game in such circumstances,” Amaro said, with a broken voice.

“We knew him much better because he was our player,” Asensi added, “but everyone feels the same way in sports.”

Asensi scored the only goal of the rescheduled game 51 years ago, which Amaro said his team felt no extra motivation in, despite the delay.