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'Cantona was the biggest revolutionary in the Premier League' - Cox credits foreign influence with changing English football

14:09 GMT+3 07/06/2017
Eric Cantona
The Zonal Marking editor believes the Frenchman completely changed how football was played in England after he signed for Manchester United

Tactics expert Michael Cox has credited Eric Cantona as the biggest foreign influence on the Premier League.

Zonal Marking's Cox has released a new book chronicling the tactical changes throughout Premier League history, and spoke to Goal about the evolution of tactics in the English top flight.

Cox believes Cantona was a literal gamechanger for the league, telling Goal: "Probably the biggest revolutionary in the Premier League was Eric Cantona when he joined Manchester United.

"He just changed the way they played football. They used to be very 4-4-2, playing wide, getting crosses into the box. When Cantona played that deep-lying forward role, it encouraged United to play through the centre of the pitch. Everyone then wanted their own Cantona."

The Mixer - Michael Cox's story of Premier League tactics from Route Ones to False Nines is out June 1 priced £16.99.