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Antony's ex-girlfriend Gabriela Cavallin alleges Man Utd player flew into a jealous rage over Neymar Instagram posts, bombarded her with 13 abusive messages in less than a minute and destroyed her mobile phone twice

A long list of allegations have been made by the 23-year-old’s former partner regarding physical and emotional abuse that she claims she was subjected to by the Brazil international.

Within those accusations sits an account of how Antony bombarded Gabriela with 13 insulting messages in the space of just 60 seconds.

He is also said to have reacted angrily to a number of social media posts from Neymar’s close friend Gil Cebola – in which his international colleague figured – being liked and commented on.

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Gabriela is taking her case to the relevant authorities, with Brazilian publication UOL gaining access to photos, mobile phone screenshots and allegations made against Antony.

When it comes to the Neymar saga, it is claimed that Antony said: “What I don't understand is that everything Gil Cebola posted about Neymar you liked. Even though it's an old photo. There's even a commented photo.”

Gabriela has claimed that Antony said in a series of messages that were sent across the space of just one minute: “I never want to see you in front of me again in my life. Ridiculous. Males can't see. You're disgusting. You still leave WhatsApp. Who's there? What girls? Answer. Synic (sic). Destroyer of lives.”

Antony is said to have posted on another occasion: "It was already you and me. I hope you die, f*ck you. You even left WhatsApp, how disgusting are you really?"

It is then revealed that Antony tried to call Gabriela, but she did not answer.

Audio recordings that have also been released are reported to show Antony apologising for his episodes of erratic behaviour and asking for forgiveness.

He is, however, said to have destroyed Gabriela’s phone on two separate occasions, with eye witnesses presenting evidence to support those claims.

Antony released a statement in June denying the allegations against him after a complaint was filed to police in Sao Paulo.