A-League promotion and relegation still 15 years away, says FFA chairman Chris Nikou

One step at a time for the competition...

Football Federation Australia chairman Chris Nikou has revealed promotion and relegation in the A-League is still 15 years away.

Though expansion of the A-League and a second-division is high on the FFA's agenda, Nikou stressed a system of promotion and relegation won't be introduced until Australian football can handle it.

"As I stand here now promotion and relegation is unlikely until 2034," Nikou said at the inaugural Football Writer's Festival.

''You need to have a second division established. Those clubs need to be able to step up...if the gap is too big they won't be able to do it.

"A-League expansion does (help) a little bit, we are going to 12 clubs, maybe 14, maybe 16.

"The second division does create more pathways - if a player does not get an A-League or W-League contract then there's a chance to put themselves into the shop window.

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"But I am not keen to have a model that's doomed to failure."

Another complication is the fact all of the current A-League sides, except for Wellington Phoenix whose licence expires next year, have contracts which entitle them to be in the A-League until 2034.

While promotion and relegation appears some way off, the Association of Australian Football Clubs have stressed they hope to establish a second division as soon as 2020.