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Venezia v Internazionale Live Commentary, 27/11/2021

0 - 2
H. Çalhanoğlu (34)
Lautaro Martínez (90+6 pen)
Stadio Pierluigi Penzo


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Inter stay in third, but they're now just one point off the top of the table, though Napoli and Milan are both yet to play this weekend. Next up for them is Spezia at home in midweek. Venezia's unbeaten run comes to an end as they drop to 15th, and it doesn't get any easier for them as they travel to Atalanta for their next game.
Martinez's late penalty seals a 2-0 win for Inter over Venezia. The visitors dominated the first half and went into the break 1-0 up through Calhanoglu's strike from just outside the box. Venezia pushed for an equaliser in the second half, creating some good chances that they couldn't finish off. Deep in stoppage time, a penalty was awarded to Inter by VAR for a handball by Haps, and Martinez confidently slotted it home with the last kick of the game to finish it off. 
Lautaro Martínez
Penalty Goal
90' + 6' MARTINEZ SCORES! It was his shot that won the penalty, and he steps up to take the spot-kick himself. He sends Romero the wrong way, coolly firing his effort into the left side of the goal with what will surely be the last kick of the game. 2-0 Inter!
R. Haps
Yellow Card
90' + 6' Haps is shown a yellow card for the handball. 
90' + 6' PENALTY! The referee is asked to go over to the monitor after the VAR has a look at the incident. He has the quickest of glances at the screen before going back onto the field and pointing to the spot.
90' + 4' PENALTY SHOUT! Inter almost double their lead in the dying seconds as Martinez fires a shot on goal but it's saved by Romero. The forward gets another bite at it, but Haps slides in to block it. It bounces up onto his hand from close range, and VAR is going to have a look at this...
90' + 2' Brozovic spots Martinez's late run into the box, and he tries to float a cross into him. It's too high though and Dzeko can't get ahead of Caldara to reach it on the far side.
90' Inter are keeping hold of the ball well as the end of the game ticks steadily closer. They work it out to Gagliardini on the right, and he drills a low shot towards goal, but it's well blocked by Haps.
88' Inter are being penned back deep in their own half at the moment and Johnsen is causing all sorts of problems down the right. It takes two Inter defenders to win the ball off him before he gives away a free-kick for a foul on Dimarco.
86' Brozovic makes a driving run through the middle, cutting straight through Venezia's midfield. He switches it out to Dzeko on the right, but he's not ready for it, and it rolls between his legs and out of play.
F. Forte
D. Okereke
84' And Okereke is also taken off, with Forte on in his place. 
D. Črnigoj
E. Ampadu
84' Final changes for Venezia now as they try to find a late equaliser. Ampadu is going off for Crnigoj.
84' GOOD SAVE! Inter break quickly on the counter again through Dumfries, and he squares it to Dzeko on the edge of the box. He touches it onto Dimarco, who's making a late run down the left, but his first-time effort is smothered by Romero at the near post.
D. D'Ambrosio
I. Perišić
82' And Perisic is also being taken off, with D'Ambrosio replacing him.
R. Gagliardini
N. Barella
81' There's another double change for Inter here. Barella is the first to make way, with Gagliardini on for him.
Yellow Card
81' Zanetti isn't happy about something on the sideline, and he's making his frustrations clear to the fourth official. He's alerted the referee and the manager has been booked.
79' Dimarco takes a short corner this time by pulling it back to Barella, and he has a go from range. His effort is curling towards the top corner until Ceccaroni makes an important block in front of Romero. 
77' Venezia are still pushing for an equaliser here and Johnsen drifts past Bastoni on the edge of the box. He tries to catch out Handanovic at his near post, but slices at the shot, sending it well wide. 
75' Kiyine drags the ball away from Skriniar on the left and pulls it back to Tessmann on the edge of the area. He skips past Brozovic's challenge before taking aim, but his shot is always rising over the bar. 
73' The initial Venezia corner is cleared, but it comes back out to Tessmann on the edge of the box. He spots Johnsen out in space on the right, but Perisic reads it well and steps in to intercept.
D. Dumfries
M. Darmian
71' Darmian went down off the ball a few moments ago, and it looks like he has a problem with his thigh. He's going straight off, with Dumfries on for him.
T. Tessmann
A. Vacca
71' Vacca is the other player going off, with Tessmann on to replace him.
T. Henry
M. Aramu
71' There's a double change for Venezia here, with Aramu the first to make way. Henry is on in his place. 
70' GOOD SAVE! Vecino curls in a deep cross from the left this time, and Dzeko brings it down on the far side. Romero reads it well though and rushes off the line to smother the forward's effort.
68' Dimarco plays a wonderful throughball down the left to Perisic and he dummies a cross to wrongfoot Ampadu. He whips another good cross into the box, but Caldara gets the faintest of touches in front of Dzeko to take it away from him.
66' Martinez has a clear run through on goal as he breaks on the counter, but instead, he tries to switch it out to Perisic. He overhits the pass, but the Croatian does well to keep it in play before his cross is blocked by Ampadu.
64' Perisic has gone down holding his face after he was accidentally caught by Ampadu when he stooped to head the ball. The medical team are quickly on to give him some treatment, and he'll be able to carry on. 
D. Johnsen
P. Mazzocchi
62' Venezia are making their first change of the game now, with Johnsen coming on to replace Mazzocchi.
61' OFF THE LINE! Dimarco swings another good corner into the box for Inter, and Skriniar meets it at the far post. He glances his header on and it flies past Romero, but Haps is behind him to clear it off the goal line. 
60' Another Venezia attack fizzles out in the final third, and Inter break quickly on the counter. Darmian drives down the right before cutting inside, and his shot is well blocked by Ceccaroni. 
Lautaro Martínez
J. Correa
58' Correa doesn't look happy when his number also goes up, and it's Martinez that comes on in his place. 
M. Vecino
H. Çalhanoğlu
57' There's a double change for Inter now, with goalscorer Calhanoglu first to make way. Vecino replaces him.
56' Inter are starting to find their rhythm again now and they're knocking it around comfortably in midfield. They're still struggling to find a way forward though, keeping it in front of Venezia for now. 
M. Aramu
Yellow Card
54' It's a poor challenge from Aramu as he slides in on Correa from behind. He gets nowhere near the ball and is shown the first yellow card of the game.
54' DZEKO! Busio overruns the ball and Correa quickly latches onto it and mounts a counter for Inter. He lays it off to Dzeko, who drags it around Caldara to the edge of the box, but his shot is straight at Romero.
52' The hosts are keeping the pressure on here as Mazzocchi finds himself high upfield. It's not clear if he was attempting a cross or a shot, but in the end, it was neither as it sails well over the goal.
50' It's a great throughball down the right wing for Okereke to chase and he pulls it back, away from Dimarco. He squares it to Aramu, who threads it into the box, but the forward wasn't on the same wavelength and it rolls out of play.
48' CHANCE! It's better from Venezia at the start of the second half as Vacca switches it out to Aramu in space on the right. He cuts inside before firing a shot from outside the box. There's not enough curl on it though and it flies wide of the far post.
46' Inter get us back underway for the second half! 
Inzaghi will be pleased with his side's performance so far, and if things stay as they are, they'll close the gap at the top to just one point with Milan and Napoli not playing until tomorrow. Venezia have looked a threat when they have managed to go forward, but they'll need to take more risks if they want to get back into this game. 
Calhanoglu's strike gives Inter a 1-0 lead over Venezia at half-time. The visitors have been on top from the first whistle and came close through Calhanoglu's free-kick and Skriniar's header which were both close. Calhanoglu then broke the deadlock with a brilliant goal from just outside the box. Aramu had a good chance to equalise at the other end with a swerving shot which Handanovic tipped over.
45' Inter are still keeping Venezia penned back deep in their own half and they have another corner. Dimarco whips in a deep cross this time, but Vacca makes a good clearing header. 
43' Calhanoglu has scored in three consecutive appearances for the first time in his career between Bundesliga and Serie A.
41' There's no pressure on Inter when they're in possession and they're patiently playing out from the back. Dimarco slides it down the left towards Perisic, but it's cut out by Ampadu. 
39' GREAT SAVE! Aramu is a long way out from goal when he gets his head up, but he decides to try his luck anyway. His effort swerves through the crowd in front of him and Handanovic gets fingertips to it to tip it over.
38' Okereke does well to keep hold of the ball under pressure and lay it off to Kiyine, who sets off on the counter. He tries to push forward down the right, but he's stopped by Dimarco.
36' CHANCE! Dimarco plays another good corner into the box and Perisic gets in front of Ceccaroni at the near post. He flicks his header on but sends it straight into the side netting.
H. Çalhanoğlu
34' CALHANOGLU SCORES! It looked like Inter had overplayed it, but their patience paid off. Venezia were slow to close them down and that allowed the visitors to recycle the attack. Caldara nicked it off Barella but played in Calhanoglu instead, who drilled his first-time shot right into the near bottom corner. 1-0 Inter! 
32' Correa does well to keep hold of the ball under pressure from Ceccaroni on the left of the six-yard box and he manages to squeeze it through to Dzeko. He can't sort his feet out quick enough though, which gives Romero the chance to hook it clear. 
30' It's a brilliant switch of play from Dimarco out to Darmian on the right, and he lifts a good cross into the box. Perisic rises highest in the middle and sends his header towards goal, but it's a comfortable one for Romero.
28' Inter are comfortably keeping possession in Venezia's half without really threatening at the moment. They're switching it from right to left but can't find a way in behind the hosts. 
26' Venezia have won five of their 12 home games against Inter in Serie A (D4 L3); only against Fiorentina (eight) and Lazio (six) have they picked up more home wins in the top-flight. 
24' Haps makes a good interception down the left and nods the ball back to Vacca in the middle. He tries to feed in the left-back again but overhits the pass out to him and it rolls harmlessly out of play.
22' Inter are still dominating here and they win another corner, which Calhanoglu curls into the box. Skriniar pulls away at the far post but he can't get his angles right and thumps his header wide. 
20' Aramu does really well to hold off Dimarco long enough to spin away from the defender and play a throughball down the middle. Okereke wasn't on the same wavelength though, and it rolls harmlessly back to Handanovic. 
18' CLOSE! Calhanoglu steps up to take the free-kick that he won just outside the box to the left of the D. He curls his shot up and over the wall, but there isn't enough dip on it, and it sails over the bar.
17' Calhanoglu skipped past the challenge from Ceccaroni on the edge of the box before Mazzocchi sticks out a leg to trip him and the visitors have a free-kick in a dangerous position.
15' Inter are on the attack again, and after switching it from left to right, it comes back to Bastoni just outside the box. The space opens up for him so he has a shot on goal, but it's always curling wide.
13' Venezia can't get out of their own half at the moment as Inter continue to up the pressure. It's worked out to Brozovic on the left and he cuts inside before curling a shot on goal, but it's straight at Romero. 
11' Dzeko's deep cross is over everyone in the middle and Correa picks it up on the far side. He slots the ball through Mazzocchi's legs to pick out Calhanoglu, but his shot is blocked by Caldara. 
9' Ampadu has stayed down after taking a kick from Skriniar as the defender tried to clear his lines. Inter sportingly put the ball out of play, but he's able to get back to his feet without needing any treatment. 
7' It's a good spell of possession for Venezia here as Busio patiently works it down the left. He drags it away from Darmian before whipping a cross into the six-yard box. Okereke just misses it and Handanovic collects. 
5' Inter take a free-kick quickly and Darmian curls in a cross from the right. Dzeko misses the ball at the near post and Caldara hooks it clear behind him. He hits it against Vacca's face, but luckily for him, the rebound goes straight to Romero.
3' Perisic is finding a lot of space down the left early on here and he slides it through to Calhanoglu. He tries to flick it onto Correa, but it's overhit and Romero collects. 
1' Just 25 seconds on the clock and Inter are asking for a penalty here. Correa weaved his way into the box before running into Vacca. The defender got the ball though and the referee waves the claims away.
1' Aramu gets the game under way for Venezia!
The teams are out on the pitch now, with kick-off just moments away! 
Inter have scored in each of their last 16 away league games (30 goals); they've only scored in more consecutive away matches twice before in Serie A (17 in 2002 and 18 in 1951).
Simone Inzaghi makes two changes to his side after their win over Shakhtar in the Champions League, with Dimarco and Correa coming into the starting line-up. Ranocchia and Martinez both start on the bench.
Paolo Zanetti makes just one change from the win over Bologna last time out. Kiyine is brought in as part of the front three in place of Johnsen, who drops to the bench.
INTER SUBS: Stefano Sensi, Martin Satriano, Matias Vecino, Ionut Radu, Denzel Dumfries, Andrea Ranocchia, Lautaro Martinez, Danilo D'Ambrosio, Alex Cordaz, Roberto Gagliardini.
INTER STARTING XI (3-5-2): Samir Handanovic; Milan Skriniar, Alessandro Bastoni, Federico Dimarco; Matteo Darmian, Nicolo Barella, Marcelo Brozovic, Hakan Calhanoglu, Ivan Perisic; Edin Dzeko, Joaquin Correa. 
VENEZIA SUBS: Michael Svoboda, Marco Modolo, Luca Lezzerini, Daan Heymans, Dor Peretz, Tanner Tessmann, Francesco Forte, Cristian Molinaro, Arnor Sigurdsson, Dennis Johnsen, Domen Crnigoj, Thomas Henry.
VENEZIA STARTING XI (4-3-2-1): Sergio Romero; Pasquale Mazzocchi, Mattia Caldara, Pietro Ceccaroni, Ridgeciano Haps; Ethan Ampadu, Antonio Vacca, Gianluca Busio; Mattia Aramu, Sofian Kiyine; David Okereke.
It's been a good week for Inter as they defeated league leaders Napoli 3-2 last weekend to close the gap at the top of the table to just four points before they beat Shakhtar Donetsk in midweek to qualify for the Champions League knockout round. They're now unbeaten in their last eight in all competitions (W6 D2). As for Venezia, they're unbeaten in their last three games (W2 D1), winning their last two, including coming from behind to beat Roma 3-2 in their last home match.
Hello and welcome to live coverage of the Serie A meeting between Venezia and Inter at the Pier Luigi Penzo!