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90' + 5'
A. Ademi
Yellow Card
90' + 4'
S. Ristovski
Yellow Card
N. Okafor
Penalty Goal
1 - 0
S. Moharrami
Yellow Card
B. Petković
Yellow Card

Match Stats

47% 52%
Shots Off Target
Shots On Target 6 3
Total Passes 438 492
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Live table
Pos Team P W D L F A +/- PTS Form
1 Chelsea CHE Chelsea 6 4 1 1 10 4 +6 13 W W W W D
2 Milan MIL Milan 6 3 1 2 12 7 +5 10 W W L L W
3 Salzburg RBS Salzburg 6 1 3 2 5 9 -4 6 L L D W D
4 Dinamo Zagreb DIN Dinamo Zagreb 6 1 1 4 4 11 -7 4 L L D L L


8th Finals
UEFA Europa League


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Salzburg's run of draws in all competitions has ended, and this win moves them top of the table ahead of Chelsea and Milan's match, which will kick off shortly. Dinamo slip to third, and they're not in action again until the return leg next Tuesday after their league game this weekend was postponed. Salzburg face Altach in the Austrian Bundesliga before that.
Salzburg edge to their first Champions League win of the season after beating Dinamo 1-0. There wasn't a lot to separate the sides throughout the game, but Salzburg took their chance from the spot after Ulmer was fouled by Moharrami in the box. Okafor coolly stepped up after a long wait to place it into the bottom corner. Drmic thought he'd scored a stoppage-time equaliser through a wonderful cushioned header, but he set off too early and the offside flag denied Dinamo.
A. Ademi
Yellow Card
90' + 5' Ademi catches Sesko with a late challenge and he goes into the referee's book.
S. Ristovski
Yellow Card
90' + 4' Yellow Card Stefan Ristovski
90' + 4' OFFSIDE! Drmic is still celebrating what was a great goal, not realising that the offside flag is up! Baturina whips in a great cross from the left and Drmic tried to bend his run back around Pavlovic. He didn't get back in time though and his cushioned header won't snatch a point!
L. Gourna-Douath
L. Sučić
90' + 2' Salzburg's third change sees Gourna-Douath come on to replace Sucic for the final few minutes of stoppage time.
90' + 1' GREAT SAVE! Sucic pokes the ball through to Sesko on the edge of the box, and he's one-on-one with the keeper. He tries to fire it into the near post, but Livakovic gets a strong hand to it.
89' Okafor has become just the third player to score in three consecutive Champions League games for Salzburg, after Megim Berisha in December 2020 (three games) and Erling Haaland in November 2019 (five games).
M. Baturina
L. Ivanušec
87' Final change for Dinamo now, and it's Ivanusec that's going off for Baturina.
85' Sucic bursts through Dinamo's defence before clipping a good cross to the far post where Sesko nods it down into the six-yard box. There's no one there for Salzburg though and Peric hooks it away.
83' There are some needless fouls creeping into the game from both sides, with Kjaergaard the latest player on the receiving end. Misic bundles him over, but Salzburg can't make anything of the free-kick.
81' GREAT SAVE! It's a tight one, but it looked like Drmic just timed his run to stay onside and bring down Ljubicic's looping pass. He gets away from Dedic to fire a shot across goal, but Kohn makes himself big and gets a strong hand to it.
D. Špikić
M. Oršić
80' And Spikic comes on in place of Orsic.
P. Bočkaj
S. Moharrami
80' There's a double change for Dinamo as well. Moharrami makes way for Bockaj.
M. Wöber
A. Ulmer
79' And Ulmer does go straight off with the medical team as Wober replaces him.
J. Adamu
N. Okafor
79' Salzburg are making a double change here, and it's the goalscorer, Okafor, that goes off for Adamu.
78' Ulmer is down receiving treatment for what looks like a muscle problem. He slowly gets back to his feet, with the physio motioning that he can't carry on as he leaves the field.
J. Drmić
K. Théophile-Catherine
76' Dinamo are making the first change of the game as they bring Drmic on in place of Theophile-Catherine.
75' Salzburg are enjoying a good spell of possession here, but they're in no hurry to push forward at the minute. Dinamo are sitting back and just allowing them to keep the ball.
73' Dinamo are looking to make a quick response here and Moharrami slices a low cross onto the edge of the box. He's looking for Misic, but Solet sticks out a leg to block it.
N. Okafor
Penalty Goal
71' OKAFOR SCORES! It's cool as you like from Okafor, who scores for the third Champions League game in a row! He takes a short run-up, before sending Livakovic the wrong way and placing the ball into the bottom right corner of the net. 1-0 Salzburg!
70' Okafor has the ball on the spot, but he's being made to wait by his team-mates, who are asking why Moharrami wasn't shown the red card for the challenge. After the referee eventually clears them away, he has to get Livakovic back onto his line.
S. Moharrami
Yellow Card
68' Moharrami is also shown a yellow card for the challenge that led to the penalty.
68' PENALTY TO SALZBURG! Seiwald lifts a lovely ball over the top to try and pick out Ulmar's run into the box. Moharrami has his arm over the defender's shoulder as he heads it away and clumsily brings him down. The referee points straight to the spot.
66' Moharrami is very casual in the box as he waits for the ball to bounce in front of him, and Ulmer nudges him out of the way. Unselfishly, he tries to square it to Okafor, but Peric gets in the way.
64' Dinamo patiently work it from right to left as they try to open up some space behind Salzburg's compact defence. It's Misic that swings a cross in, but it's over everyone.
62' Salzburg are unbeaten in their last five Champions League home games, winning three and drawing two since the start of last season. If they avoid defeat here, they'll mark the longest unbeaten home run by an Austrian team in the competition (six matches).
60' Kjaergaard's cross is cleared as far as Pavlovic, who hooks a hopeful ball into the box. Sesko comes close to bringing it down, but can't hold off Sutalo long enough.
58' Ljubicic carries it out of his own half and decides to go it alone when support is slow to get up with him. He has three defenders in front of him but squeezes a shot through that flies over the bar.
56' Livakovic stayed down after keeping out Sesko's effort and the medical team are doing all of their checks. He's quickly back to his feet though, and he'll be able to carry on.
55' GREAT SAVE! It's a good cross onto the edge of the six-yard box by Seiwald and Sesko rises highest to thump a header in goal. Livakovic knows nothing about it as it hits him in the face, and Okafor blazes the follow-up over.
53' SAVE! Sucic steps up to take the resulting free-kick just outside the box and he's trying to sneak it into the near bottom corner. Livakovic watches it all the way and holds onto it.
52' Salzburg patiently work it upfield again, but the move ends with a bad cross from Dedic. The block comes straight back to him, but he's brought down by Ljubicic before he can have a second go.
50' Ljubicic goes for the big switch out to Moharrami, and he surges into the space ahead of him. He lays it off to Misic, but it's a poor cross as it flies over everyone in the middle.
48' Salzburg have made a bright start to the second half, and they're putting Dinamo under early pressure here. Sucic threads it through looking for Okafor, but Theophile-Catherine recovers well to knock it out for a corner.
46' Salzburg get us back underway for the second half!
Both managers will be looking for an improvement in their performances in the second half. Salzburg wasted a lot of great balls into the box with poor touches while Dinamo were sloppy when they did win possession back. It feels like a game that could have just one goal in it for whoever can take their big chance.
It's goalless at the break between Salzburg and Dinamo Zagreb. There wasn't a lot separating the sides in that first 45 minutes, though Salzburg had the slightly better chances. Sesko headed wide before Livakovic denied Sucic with a clever stop, while at the other end, Kohn made a brilliant save to tip Misic's long-range effort over the bar.
44' Capaldo plays a clever one-two with Dedic after Salzburg win it back again, but this time, Ljubicic slides in to stop him from drilling a cross in.
42' Dinamo just can't clear their lines, and Petkovic's heavy touch sends it bobbling into the box. Sucic spreads it out to Sesko, who fizzes a dangerous low ball across the face of goal, but no one is there for Salzburg.
40' Kjaergaard steps up to take the resulting free-kick from the sideline on the left and he's going for goal. He whips it past the wall, but it doesn't trouble Livakovic as it hits the side netting.
39' Another sloppy pass from Dinamo puts them under pressure in their own half as Kjaergaard surges forward down the left, and Theophile-Catherine clumsily bundles him over to make up for it.
37' Moharrami drives into the space down the right, and he curls a dangerous cross into the near post. Ademi meets it, but can't keep his header down, sending it flying over the bar.
35' Ademi does well to hold off Seiwald long enough to touch it through to Ljubicic, who instantly turns to feed in Petkovic. Solet is tight to him though and tugs him back to stop the quick break.
33' Salzburg are patiently working it out from the back as they try to open up Dinamo. Kjaergaard goes for the big switch out to Capaldo, but he then curls his cross straight into Livakovic's gloves.
31' Moharrami makes another driving run down the right from deep in his own half. Two Salzburg defenders get across to crowd him off it but end up giving away a free-kick. Dinamo can't make anything of it though.
29' Salzburg are upping the pressure again here as Capaldo spins to fizz a low cross into the near post. Okafor had peeled away to the far post though, and Sutalo sticks out a leg to block it.
B. Petković
Yellow Card
27' Petkovic goes into an aerial challenge with Dedic, but he leads with his elbow, which earns him the first yellow card of the game.
25' Moharrami collided with Ulmer during an aerial challenge, and the wing-back stayed down holding his elbow after a heavy landing. He's okay to carry on after treatment.
23' Moharrami mistimes his clearance and Seiwald's low cross rolls through to Ulmer. His first-time effort is blocked by Theophile-Catherine, and his second bite at it isn't much better as he hits Sutalo.
21' Ivanusec breezes past Ulmer down the right before looping an early cross into the far post towards Petkovic. Solet completely misjudges the flight of the ball, but the forward can't control it.
19' Ljubicic drops a shoulder to get away from Capaldo and sets Ademi away through the middle. He spreads it back out to Orsic down the left, but his cross is played too close to Kohn.
17' SAVE! Moharrami is caught on the ball on the edge of his own box and Sucic pounces on it. He's forced wide by Theophile-Catherine but still manages to get a shot away, which Livakovic pushes away. Kjaergaard picks up the rebound but fires into the side netting.
16' GOOD CHANCE! Sucic peels out to the left and whips a great cross into the far post. Sesko rises above his defender to meet the ball but glances his header wide of the far post.
14' Ademi is caught on the ball, and he doesn't get the free-kick he's asking for. Sucic comes away with the loose ball, touching it into Sesko. He tries to tee up Okafor, but it's one touch too many, and the shot was the better option.
12' Dinamo coolly play themselves out of trouble inside their own box before Misic cuts Salzburg's defence wide open with a throughball to Ivanusec. Kohn is scrambling back to his line, but the midfielder hits his tame shot at the keeper.
10' It's Ljubicic that cheaply loses the ball this time, and Capaldo spots Okafor's driving run through the middle. He looks to set him through on goal but forces him slightly wide before Moharrami gets across to stop him from having a shot.
8' GOOD SAVE! It's a good move from Dinamo, as they string together enough passes to get out of their own half. Misic spins away from Seiwald in midfield before firing a long-range shot on goal, and Kohn has to tip it over.
6' Again, Salzburg win it back high upfield, but it's another wasted chance for the hosts. Sesko rushes the shot, which he takes from a long way out, and blazes it high over the bar.
4' Dinamo are struggling to keep hold of the ball when they get out of their own half at the moment. Peric spots Moharrami with space to run into but overhits the switch and there's nothing he can do with it.
2' Ljubicic gifts a throw-in straight to Capaldo, and he slides it through for Kjaergaard, who has space through the middle. He decides to have a go from range but doesn't get any power on his low shot which is straight at Livakovic.
1' Orsic gets the game underway for Dinamo!
The teams are out on the pitch now, with kick-off just moments away!
Dinamo are looking for their first Champions League away win since November 1998 (1-0 v Ajax). Since then, they're winless in 19 away games in the competition, drawing three and losing the other 16.
Cacic makes three changes from their comfortable win over Slaven Belupo at the weekend. Theophile-Catherine, Moharrami and Petkovic all come into the side, while Ristovski, Spikic and Drmic start on the bench.
Matthias Jaissle makes just two changes to the side that drew with LASK in the league last time out, as he brings in Ulmer and Sucic. Wober and Gourna-Douath both drop to the bench.
DINAMO ZAGREB SUBS: Mahi Emreli, Daniel Stefulj, Antonio Marin, Ivan Nevistic, Stefan Ristovski, Rasmus Lauritsen, Marko Bulat, Emir Dilaver, Petar Bockaj, Dario Spikic, Josip Drmic, Martin Baturina.
DINAMO ZAGREB STARTING XI (3-1-4-2): Dominik Livakovic; Dino Peric, Josip Sutalo, Kevin Theophile-Catherine; Josip Misic; Sadegh Moharrami, Arjan Ademi, Luka Ivanusec, Robert Ljubicic; Bruno Petkovic, Mislav Orsic.
SALZBURG SUBS: Nico Mantl, Junior Adamu, Youba Diarra, Lucas Gourna-Douath, Alexander Walke, Bernardo, Kamil Piatkowski, Sekou Koita, Maximilian Wober, Roko Simic, Ignace van der Brempt.
SALZBURG STARTING XI (4-3-1-2): Philipp Kohn; Amar Dedic, Oumar Solet, Strahnja Pavlovic, Andreas Ulmer; Nicolas Capaldo, Nicolas Seiwald, Maurits Kjaergaard; Luka Sucic; Benjamin Sesko, Noah Okafor.
Dinamo caused a shock on the opening day of the competition as they edged Chelsea with a 1-0 win, but they couldn't do the same against Milan as they were beaten 3-1. Ante Cacic will be hoping they can get back to winning ways in this competition today, carrying over their unbeaten form from the league. As for Salzburg, they're unbeaten in the Champions League so far, drawing 1-1 with Chelsea and Milan. That's a familiar scoreline for them at the minute, registering three 1-1 draws in a row, but they've lost just once in all competitions this season (W8 D4).
Hello and welcome to live coverage of the Champions League Group E meeting between Salzburg and Dinamo Zagreb at the Red Bull Arena Salzburg!