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Key Events

90' + 3'
B. Singh
Yellow Card
C. Zúniga
Hamza Kheir
0 - 1
R. Nongrum
Yellow Card
S. Bhanwala
Yellow Card
C. Pinto
Yellow Card

Match Stats

0% 100%
Shots Off Target
Shots On Target 0 1
Total Passes 0 1
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Championship Round
Relegation Round


Match ends, Punjab 0, Churchill Brothers 1.
90' + 6' Second Half ends, Punjab 0, Churchill Brothers 1.
B. Singh
Yellow Card
90' + 3' Bikramjit Singh (Punjab) is shown the yellow card.
A. Singh
Telem Singh
90' + 1' Substitution, Punjab. Ashangbam Singh replaces Telem Singh.
C. Zúniga
Hamza Kheir
85' Goal! Punjab 0, Churchill Brothers 1. Clayvin Zuniga (Churchill Brothers) right footed shot from more than 35 yards to the centre of the goal. Assisted by Hamza Kheir.
A. Bardwaj
A. Ali
84' Substitution, Punjab. Ashray Bardwaj replaces Anwar Ali.
H. Ruivah
B. Yumnam
84' Substitution, Punjab. Hormipam Ruivah replaces Bikash Yumnam.
B. Singh
Joseba Beitia
84' Substitution, Punjab. Bikramjit Singh replaces Joseba Beitia.
S. Paul
S. Kunniyil
73' Substitution, Churchill Brothers. Shilton Paul replaces Shibin Kunniyil.
P. Singh
S. Pradhan
71' Substitution, Punjab. Pritam Singh replaces Sanju Pradhan.
F. Marshall
V. Saini
70' Substitution, Churchill Brothers. Fredsan Marshal replaces Vikas Singh Saini.
K. Fernandes
R. Costa
70' Substitution, Churchill Brothers. Kingslee Fernandes replaces Richard Costa.
Q. Gomes
B. Miranda
70' Substitution, Churchill Brothers. Quan Gomes replaces Bryce Miranda.
R. Nongrum
Yellow Card
65' Rupert Nongrum (Punjab) is shown the yellow card.
I. Gurung
C. Pinto
58' Substitution, Churchill Brothers. Israil Gurung replaces Clencio Pinto.
Second Half begins Punjab 0, Churchill Brothers 0.
45' + 1' First Half ends, Punjab 0, Churchill Brothers 0.
S. Bhanwala
Yellow Card
17' Saurabh Bhanwala (Punjab) is shown the yellow card.
C. Pinto
Yellow Card
10' Clencio Pinto (Churchill Brothers) is shown the yellow card.
First Half begins.
Lineups are announced and players are warming up.