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Key Events

A. Nabbout
Penalty Goal
1 - 2
M. Ridenton
C. Brown
0 - 2
J. Barnett
Yellow Card
S. McDonald
B. Inman
0 - 1
J. Hingert
Yellow Card

Match Stats

55% 45%
Shots Off Target
Shots On Target 4 5
Total Passes 530 414
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FULL TIME - A highly entertaining 90 minutes comes to an end at Bankwest Stadium!  Brisbane carried their momentum from the end of the first half into the second and broke the deadlock in the 56th minute with a deflected header from McDonald.  They looked to be cruising when Ridenton doubled the lead in the 78th minute however a Nabbout penalty goal in the 86th minute set up a tense finish.  Melbourne threw everything at the Roar defence in the dying stages but it was too little, too late.  An important win for Brisbane who consolidate their position in the top four.  At full time: Melbourne Victory 1 Brisbane Roar 2.
90' + 3' Desperate to find an equaliser, Melbourne are hammering away at the Roar defence in the final minutes!  Nabbout fires a shot that has Young diving acrobatically away to his right to keep the ball out.
90' + 2' A well placed cross from the right from Hope draws Young off his line but the Roar keeper has read the flight perfectly and he thumps the ball clear to safety.
90' We will have four minutes of additional time played in this second half.
90' CHANCE!  Nabbout gets in between two Brisbane defenders and almost makes it two in quick succession but he can't keep his header on target.
87' The Brisbane players are up pleading for a penalty as Hingert is brought down by Nishikawa in the area but the referee is quick to deny their claims.
A. Nabbout
Penalty Goal
86' PENALTY GOAL VICTORY - Nabbout sends Jamie Young the wrong way and drives his penalty into the bottom left corner - there's life in this match yet!  Melbourne Victory 1 Brisbane Roar 2.
85' PENALTY!  Nabbout is brought down in the area and he will step up to the spot to try and give Victory some late hope.
A. Amadi-Holloway
D. Kim
84' SUBSTITUTION ROAR - Fresh legs for Brisbane who have looked far fitter in this second half with Aaron Amadi-Holloway to come on for Danny Kim.
82' The Roar have been by far the better side in this second half - Brisbane have had four shots on target to Melbourne's nil after the break.
C. Brown
78' Against his former side, Corey Brown has produced a stunning cross off the left boot that should just about be enough to see Brisbane home.
M. Ridenton
78' GOAL ROAR - Brisbane go two ahead!  A sublime cross in from the left from Brown puts the ball right on the head of Matt Ridenton who blasts his header past a despairing Matt Acton.  Melbourne Victory 0 Brisbane Roar 2.
76' The Roar appear to be well in control of this contest at the moment but, with a quarter of an hour still left to play, there's plenty of time yet for Victory.
A. Lesiotis
J. Barnett
74' SUBSTITUTION VICTORY - Having just picked up a yellow card, Jay Barnett makes way for Anthony Lesiotis.
M. Ridenton
D. Wenzel-Halls
73' SUBSTITUTION ROAR - Brisbane make their first change for the match with Dylan Wenzel-Halls leaving the field for Matt Ridenton.
J. Barnett
Yellow Card
72' YELLOW CARD - A first booking for Melbourne with Jay Barnett handed a card for his late challenge.
S. Nishikawa
A. Traoré
70' SUBSTITUTION VICTORY - Desperately looking for a spark to get them back into the match, Melbourne swing a third change with So Nishikawa on to replace Adama Traoré.
69' Nabbout cleverly slides the ball out to the right where Roux has made excellent ground and the Victory have found some space on the right.
68' Making a break down the right, Kamsoba looks to thread the ball through to Rojas who has got into a dangerous position but the midfielder is outnumbered by the Roar defence.
67' Brown is upended in the tackle by Nabbout and the Roar have a free kick just short of half way.
65' Traore drags one in from the left - the ball gets past the first line of defence and is loose in the penalty area however, sensing the danger, Corey Brown is able to scramble it clear for Brisbane,
60' We cross the hour mark at Bankwest Stadium - it's been a high quality contest but, with a goal under their belt, the Roar look like they are really starting to get on top.
B. Inman
56' Delightful work from Brad Inman to set up the opener - the midfielder was able to create the opportunity from virtually nothing with a cross from the outside of his boot.
S. McDonald
56' GOAL ROAR - The deadlock is broken at Bankwest Stadium!  From virtually a standing start, Inman delivers a wonderful cross from the right in the direction of McDonald who leaps into the air and gets a powerful header away - the ball takes a deflection and Acton is unable to keep it out.  Melbourne Victory 0 Brisbane Roar 1.
E. Kamsoba
L. Lawrie-Lattanzio
56' SUBSTITUTION VICTORY - A second change for Melbourne with Elvis Kamsoba on to replace the youngster Luis Lawrie-Lattanzio who provided plenty of spark for the Victory this evening.
53' O'Shea looks to set up Wenzel-Halls at the top of the penalty area however Traore has read the play well and is able to chop off the pass.
52' Hope is unable to control a hot pass in the middle of the field and the Roar are quick to pounce on the loose ball and sweep away possession.
49' Broxham has spotted Storm Roux on the move down the right hand side however the pass was not his best effort, swinging well wide of the target.
J. Hope
B. Kirdar
46' SUBSTITUTION VICTORY - Melbourne make the first subsitution of the match with Birkan Kirdar making way for Josh Hope.
46' The Roar dominated just before the break so they will be looking to carry that momentum in the opening exchanges of the second half.
45' SECOND HALF - Brisbane kick off to get us back underway at Bankwest Stadium!
HALF  TIME - An action packed first half comes to an end at Bankwest Stadium!  Both sides created some cracking scoring chances however some missed opportunities combined with some top-class goal-keeping has left us goalless at the break.  If the opening 45 minutes is any indication, there is plenty to look forward to in the second half!  At half time: Melbourne Victory 0 Brisbane Roar 0.
45' There will be one minute of additional time played in this first half.
45' CHANCE!  Brisbane are finishing this first half with a flurry!  Inman attempts to set up Wenzel-Halls with the goal mouth wide open however there's too much on the pass and the opportunity is lost for the Roar.
43' Dylan Wenzel-Halls launches himself at a lobbed cross in from the right but Aaron Anderson is on hand for Melbourne to deny the Brisbane forward a header at goal.
42' CHANCE!  Brad Inman pulls the trigger from just inside the penalty area - his shot has beaten Acton but whistles past the far post.
36' Hingert drives the pass low to the goal mouth looking for McDonald but a sliding James Donachie is able to get enough on the ball to remove any danger.
34' Rojas gets on the end of the long ball and attempts to lift it over Young in goal but there's too much weight on his effort which lands on the top of the net.
32' A brilliant weaving run from Rojas has the Roar defence scrambling - the midfielder swings onto his right but he can't get his shot past the wall of orange shirts.
30' We are just short of the half-hour mark at Bankwest Stadium - Melbourne have had the better of this first half so far and this is reflected in the stats which are showing the Victory have enjoyed 52.5% of possession.
28' The good news for the Victory is that Traore is on his feet and he looks to be ok to continue.
27' We have a break in play here with Adama Traore on the turf and requiring medical assistance.
26' This match has been played at a cracking pace in the opening 25 minutes with excellent chances at both ends and some even better goal-keeping.
24' Marco Rojas swings the ball in from the right to where Lawrie-Lattanzio is surging forward but the ball does not quite get there with the Roar able to get numbers back.
21' CHANCE!  A deflection off the Brisbane defence falls straight at the feet of Storm Roux - the defender unleashes a rocket off the left however Jamie Young gets enough on the ball to direct it into the cross bar.
21' From the set piece, Nabbout unloads from long range but he has lifted his shot well over the cross bar.
19' Free kick to Victory!  Danny Kim goes low with the tackle on Jay Barnett and the referee does not hesitate in awarding Melbourne a free kick well within range.
16' CHANCE!  Scott McDonald lays the ball to O'Shea who unleashes a pearler from the beyond the penalty area - the shot looks destined for the top right corner however Matt Acton pulls out a save from the top shelf.
15' The loose ball falls for Aaron Anderson in the penalty area but his hurried shot is well blocked by the Roar defence.
J. Hingert
Yellow Card
12' YELLOW CARD - Jack Hingert has picked up a booking for his late challenge on Lawrie-Lattanzio.
12' Lawrie-Lattanzio has been very busy early!  He has his legs taken out from under him as he looks to cut inside and has earned the Victory a free kick just forward of half way.
11' Andrew Nabbout bursts inside the penalty area and shapes to shoot however Corey Brown arrives in the nick of time for the Roar!
9' Another free kick to the Roar!  O'Shea swings the ball into the box where Adama Traoré gets enough on it to deflect it behind - corner to Brisbane.
8' Free kick to Brisbane!  Jay O'Shea is over the ball and will take the kick from a dangerous position almost directly in front of goal.
6' A long looping cross from the left almost finds Jack Hingert at the far post but the defender is unable to get a clean header away at goal.
4' Excellent conditions for this clash with the pitch looking in terrific nick.
3' Luis Lawrie-Lattanzio evades a couple of defenders before attempting a shot on the turn but he is unable to connect cleanly and the ball rolls harmlessly wide of the target.
1' Some early attacking pressure from Melbourne Victory who have started brightly.
1' FIRST HALF - Melbourne Victory kick and we are underway in the first half!
BRISBANE ROAR SUBS - Max Crocombe (GK), Daniel Bowles, Jai Ingam, Aaron Armadi-Holloway, Jordan Courtney-Perkins, Matthew Ridenton, Kai Trewin.
BRISBANE ROAR (4-4-2) STARTING XI - Jamie Young (GK); Jack Hingert, Tom Aldred, Macauley Gillesphey, Corey Brown; Danny Kim, Scott Neville, Jay O'Shea, Bradden Inman; Dylan Wenzel-Halls, Scott McDonald.
MELBOURNE VICTORY SUBS - Matthew Sutton (GK), Josh Hope, Brandon Lauton, Giancarlo Gallifuoco, Anthony Lesiotis, Elvis Kamsoba, So Nishikawa.
MELBOURNE VICTORY (4-2-3-1) STARTING XI - Matt Acton (GK); Adama Traore, Aaron Anderson, James Donachie, Storm Roux; Jay Barnett, Leigh Broxham; Marco Rojas, Birkan Kirdar, Luis Lawrie-Lattanzio; Andrew Nabbout.
Let's have a look at how the two sides will line up for this clash:
On the other hand, Brisbane Roar currently sit in 4th position on the table and are right in the hunt for a spot in this year's Finals Series.  The Roar gave up an early lead last week against Adelaide United and, despite having plenty of opportunities in the second half, they eventually went down 1-0.
It's been a season to forget for Melbourne Victory who currently sit in 10th position on the table with just 5 wins to their name.  Last year's semi-finalists will be desperate for their first win under coach Grant Brebner after being beaten by Western United at this venue last week.
Welcome to Bankwest Stadium where Wednesday night football action sees Melbourne Victory clash take on the Brisbane Roar.
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