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Key Events

90' + 2'
N. Valskis
3 - 6
L. Chhangte
T. Singh
3 - 5
B. Ogbeche
H. Narzary
3 - 4
B. Ogbeche
2 - 4
L. Chhangte
N. Valskis
1 - 4

Match Stats

58% 42%
Shots Off Target
Shots On Target 4 10
Total Passes 372 271
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FULL-TIME: Kerala Blasters 3-6 Chennaiyin FC: Whhat a game we have had. A hat-trick from Ogbeche and two goals each from Rafael, Valskis and Chhangte. Kerala have to wonder as to what has gone wrong for them. Time for some introspection instead of time spent on Twitter! 
90' + 4' Rehenesh is having a comical game at the back. Seriously, Kerala need a better goalkeeper. There has to be a better goalkeeper in Kerala.
90' + 2' Assist Rafael Schuler Crivellaro
N. Valskis
90' + 2' Goal Nerijus Valskis
90' + 2' GOAL! Rafael is in space and he spots a run by Nerijus Valskis. The striker takes a touch inside the box and beats Rehenesh at the near post!
90' + 1' Messi goes down inside the box alongside Saighani and wants a penalty. No way that is a penalty.
90' Messi commits a foul on Jerry. Free-kick to the visiting side. Valskis gives the ball away this time.
87' Sahal crosses into the box and Rafi takes a touch. Messi tries to get on the end of it but handles the ball.
M. Rafi
Seityasen Singh
86' Substitution Seityasen Singh Mohammed Rafi Madambillath
86' Mohammed Rafi is introduced now for Seityasen Singh.
85' Rafael's corner-kick is easily collected by Rehenesh.
85' Thapa has a shot from distance, it takes a deflection off Zuiverloon and a corner for Chennaiyin.
S. Lalmuanpuia
J. Thaunaojam
84' Substitution Jeakson Singh Thaunaojam Samuel Lalmuanpuia
84' Jeakson is taken off and in comes Samuel.
83' Jerry makes a mockery of Raju and Rakip and crosses it for Chhangte whose shot is collected by Rehenesh.
T. Singh
80' Assist Khangebam Thoi Singh
L. Chhangte
80' Goal Lallianzuala Chhangte
80' GOAL! Chhangte scores his second of the evening. The Mizoram winger takes a couple of touches and his right footed shot beats Rehenesh! 
79' Chennaiyin are gifting the ball away and Blasters are fighting and winning every 50:50 ball.
77' Cidoncha's delivery is cleared. Now Zuiverloon heads it out. Not a good delivery by the Spaniard.
H. Narzary
76' Assist Holi Charan Narzary
B. Ogbeche
76' Goal Bartholomew Ogbeche
76' This is the first hat-trick of the season! Narzary crosses into the box and Ogbeche jumps over Saighani and headed home!
76' GOAL! Ogbeche completes his hat-trick!
T. Singh
E. Vanspaul
75' Substitution Edwin Sydney Vanspaul Khangebam Thoi Singh
75' Edwin is taken off and in comes Thoi Singh.
75' Good save by Rehenesh! Rafael turns after controlling a throw-in and his left footed drive is pushed out for a corner.
73' Narzary crosses into the box and Ogbeche takes a touch. However, Kaith is quick to come out and collect.
71' Rafael, Valskis and Chhangte combine and the Mizoram winger rolls it into the back of the net. However, the offside flag is up against Chhangte.
69' Ogbeche and Cidoncha combine and the ball finds Narzary whose header is across goal but Zuiverloon cannot get on the end of it.
Masih Saighani
L. Goian
68' Substitution Lucian Goian Masih Saighani
68' Free-kick for Kerala as Renthlei is deemed to have fouled Ogbeche. 
68' Goian has been taken off as well and in comes Masih Saighani.
G. Singh
A. Schembri
67' Substitution André Schembri Germanpreet Singh
66' Schembri has been taken off and in comes Germanpreet Singh. The Indian midfielder will look to bring more clam in the middle of the park. 
66' Chennaiyin have to keep the ball more in order to take the sting out of the game. 
65' Assist Sergio Cidoncha Fernández
B. Ogbeche
65' Goal Bartholomew Ogbeche
65' GOAL! Ogbeche is at it again! This time he is outside the box and his right footed placement beats Kaith.
S. Samad
M. Rakip
63' Substitution Mohamad Rakip Sahal Abdul Samad
63' Rakip has been taken off and in comes Sahal Samad - one of the most creative players in the Kerala squad. Why he is on the bench is something the Kerala technical staff have to reply.
62' Crossbar! Ogbeche's bicycle kick comes off the crossbar! This was after a pinball inside the box. 
61' Kerala have got to wonder what has gone wrong this evening. This is certainly far from total football. Total chaos is a better description in the manner in which they have played tonight. The goal also came through a cross - by a direct style of play. 
N. Valskis
59' Assist Nerijus Valskis
L. Chhangte
59' Goal Lallianzuala Chhangte
59' GOAL! Chhangte scores now! The Mizoram winger closes down and Raju's backpass is intercepted by Valskis. The striker lays it for Chhangte who aims for the far post. Rehenesh is beaten and Chennaiyin are 4-1!
59' Ogbeche finds Messi but the striker couldn't sort his feet inside the box and his eventual cross is cleared by Renthlei.
R. Bouli
Yellow Card
57' Yellow card Raphaël Éric Messi Bouli
A. Thapa
Yellow Card
57' Yellow card Anirudh Thapa
57' The referee strangely books Thapa! That is a strange decision! He also books Messi. When in doubt - book everyone!
55' Messi commits a foul on Thapa and goes down! 
54' Cidoncha's delivery saw Ogbeche just about manage to keep the ball. However, a misspass saw Chhangte almost get through but Rakip keeps his cool and clears.
53' Free-kick! Cidoncha's delivery saw Valskis' header go out and a corner for Kerala.
52' Thapa's corner into the box and the referee blows his whistle. Kerala survive as Messi was all over Eli inside the box.
51' Thapa finds Chhangte on the left and the winger manages to win a corner. 
50' Coyle would want his team to keep the ball a lot more. 
50' Ogbeche has a shot from distance which Kaith collects it with ease. 
J. Carneiro
48' Assist Jessel Carneiro
B. Ogbeche
48' Goal Bartholomew Ogbeche
48' Carneiro crosses into the box and Ogbeche pulls one back for the home side! He was left unmarked into the box.
46' Rafael tries to find Schembri in space but the ball curves far too much for the striker's liking.
46' KICK-OFF! It's second half and Kerala Blasters have started the proceedings.
HALF-TIME: Kerala Blasters 0-3 Chennaiyin FC: It's been one-way traffic in the last 10 minutes as the visitors scored three quickfire goals.
45' + 2' Thapa played a ball behind the Blasters defence, Valskis didn't interfere with the play and Rafael is through. 
A. Thapa
45' + 1' Assist Anirudh Thapa
45' + 1' Goal Rafael Schuler Crivellaro
45' + 1' GOAL! Rafael makes it 3-0 now! Kerala's defence has been caught napping. They beat the offside trap and placed it through Rehenesh!
45' Assist Rafael Schuler Crivellaro
N. Valskis
45' Goal Nerijus Valskis
45' It was a brilliant passage of play as Valskis and Rafael showed the great understanding between them.
45' GOAL! Valskis passes it for Rafael who does well to thread it through for Valskis whose shot beats Rehenesh! 
44' Schembri passes it for Rafael and the midfielder turns and his left footed shot is collected by Rehenesh.
42' The whistle is blown against Ogbeche for a foul and the skipper isn't pleased one bit.
R. Gaikwad
Yellow Card
41' Yellow card Raju Eknanth Gaikwad
41' The free-kick is poor as the ball goes out for a goal-kick.
40' Now Raju commits a foul on Chhangte as the winger was trying to get behind the Blasters back-line.
39' Goal Rafael Schuler Crivellaro
39' GOAL! Rehenesh gives the ball straight into the feet of Rafael! The Brazilian only has to place it into an empty net!
37' Thapa is brought down by Cidoncha and Chennaiyin were in an advanced position but the referee blows his whistle to pull the ball back! Baffling decision!
35' Cidoncha on the ball and his free-kick is cleared by Edwin. Carneiro sends the ball in again which is cleared by Edwin again.
35' Kerala win a free-kick as Eli is deemed to have handled the ball. 
34' Chennaiyin try to thread a move down the left but Jerry is found in an offside position. 
32' Kerala have more than 60 per cent possession this evening.
30' Rafael brought down near the centre circle by Jeakson. That wasn't necessary from the midfielder.
30' Zuiverloon moves into advanced positions when Jeakson drops back.
28' Rafael dribbles past at least three Kerala shirts and as he enters the box, the attacking midfielder went down as Zuiverloon blocked him off.
27' Kerala are seeing a lot of the ball this evening. Jeakson has been dropping in between the two centre-backs and passing the ball around.
26' Jeakson commits a foul on Rafael now. Free-kick to Chennaiyin. Rafael's free-kick is cleared by Ogbeche.
23' Seityasen crosses into the box for Messi, who is under pressure from Jerry. The left-back was pulling the striker's shirt and the penalty appeal isn't paid heed to by the referee or the linesman.
21' Messi does well to evade the challenge from Eli and his deflected cross finds Ogbeche but Jerry wins the ball off his feet. Kerala are only trying to find Messi and hoping he can find someone is good position.
20' Rafael finds Chhangte who is through on goal but Rehenesh is off his line to clear the threat! 
19' It's been a stop-start affair at the Nehru stadium tonight. 
18' Cornner from Rafael and the ball is sent towards the near post. The ball is easily cleared by the Blasters defence.
16' Jerry and Chhangte combine and the cross saw Valskis send his header over the ball. Good cross from Chhangte there!
14' Raju's throw-in saw Messi go for the ball however, the defender wins the aerial challenge. Kaith punches and clears the danger.
13' Thapa finds Chhangte in space and the winger, under pressure from Rakip, sends his pass with too much power and it goes out for a goal-kick.
11' Zuiverloon ventures forward and his one-two with Messi saw the Dutchman have a shy on goal but the ball ends up being lobbed too high to pose any threat.
10' Messi to Carneiro and his cross is intercepted again. Chennaiyin haven't managed to win the ball off Blasters. 
8' Narzary finds Messi inside the box. The striker turns and tries to find Ogbeche but the ball is intercepted by Eli.
7' Chennaiyin haven't got into any rhythm whatsoever. Now Edwin gives the ball away cheaply.
5' Kerala seeing more of the ball in the earlier exchanges. Carneiro crosses from the left but the ball is too close towards Kaith who collects it with ease.
4' STAT: Ogbeche has scored six goals in the last six games.
3' Free-kick as Thapa brings down Cidoncha. Cidoncha's delivery is aimed towards Messi but Goian clears the danger. 
3' Chennaiyin FC started the proceedings. However, it was Kerala who make the first foray into the opposition half.
Who will come out on top tonight - Kerala Blasters or Chennaiyin FC?
Eelco Schattorie will not be sitting in the technical area owing to being suspended. Ishfaq Ahmed will oversee the technical side of things for Blasters. 
Chennaiyin FC have named an unchanged XI from the last game. Lallianzuala Chhangte is the one to watch out for as his pace will certainly keep Mohammed Rakip occupied all evening.
The good news for Kerala Blasters is that centre-back Gianni Zuiverloon is back into the starting XI. Raju Gaikwad is partnering him at the back. 
Hello and welcome to the LIVE text commentary of the ISL match between Kerala Blasters and Chennaiyin FC...
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