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W. McKennie
M. De Sciglio
2 - 0
M. Zeegelaar
Yellow Card
Yellow Card
B. Soppy
Yellow Card
P. Dybala
1 - 0

Match Stats

66% 33%
Shots Off Target
Shots On Target 4 3
Total Passes 671 328
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Live table
Pos Team P W D L F A +/- PTS Form
1 Milan MIL Milan 38 26 8 4 69 31 +38 86 W W W W W
2 Internazionale INT Internazionale 38 25 9 4 84 32 +52 84 W W W W L
3 Napoli NAP Napoli 38 24 7 7 74 31 +43 79 W W W W L
4 Juventus JUV Juventus 38 20 10 8 57 37 +20 70 L D L W W
5 Lazio LAZ Lazio 38 18 10 10 77 58 +19 64 D D W W L
6 Roma ROM Roma 38 18 9 11 59 43 +16 63 W D L D L
7 Fiorentina FIO Fiorentina 38 19 5 14 59 51 +8 62 W L W L L
8 Atalanta ATA Atalanta 38 16 11 11 65 48 +17 59 L L W D D
9 Hellas Verona VER Hellas Verona 38 14 11 13 65 59 +6 53 D L L W D
10 Torino TOR Torino 38 13 11 14 46 41 +5 50 L W L W D
11 Sassuolo SAS Sassuolo 38 13 11 14 64 66 -2 50 L W D L L
12 Udinese UDI Udinese 38 11 14 13 61 58 +3 47 W L D L W
13 Bologna BOL Bologna 38 12 10 16 44 55 -11 46 W L L D W
14 Empoli EMP Empoli 38 10 11 17 50 70 -20 41 W D L L W
15 Sampdoria SAM Sampdoria 38 10 6 22 46 63 -17 36 L W L W D
16 Spezia SPE Spezia 38 10 6 22 41 71 -30 36 L W L L L
17 Salernitana SAL Salernitana 38 7 10 21 33 78 -45 31 L D D W D
18 Cagliari CAG Cagliari 38 6 12 20 34 68 -34 30 D L D L L
19 Genoa GEN Genoa 38 4 16 18 27 60 -33 28 L L W L W
20 Venezia VEN Venezia 38 6 9 23 34 69 -35 27 D D W L L


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Juve will now get ready for their Coppa Italia match against Sampdoria midweek. They're clearly a good side, but it remains to be seen whether they still have the ruthlessness to lift silverware again come the end of the season. That's all for now. Goodbye!
Juve stay fifth following this win, level on points with Atalanta having played two games more. They put in a decent performance, although Udinese finished the game with 16 shots to their 14 which just shows the extent to which they switched off late on. Inter made them pay for that in the Supercoppa. Udinese stay 14th in the table.
Juventus have won their sixth consecutive Serie A home game against Udinese with a minimum of fuss. The Old Lady had the game well under control when they went in at half-time with the lead thanks to Dybala's strike. They took their foot off the gas somewhat in the second half, but McKennie's headed goal came at the perfect time to kill off the visitors' hopes of coming away with a positive result.
90' + 2' De Sciglio is awarded a free-kick in his own half as Pussetto is overeager in challenging him for the ball. That should be it for Juve.
90' There'll be three more minutes of this. Juve are easing towards victory without being entirely convincing.
89' Pussetto reaches Samardzic's cross to head wide to the right. Szczesny is well-positioned to deal with the header anyway.
88' Chance for Udinese! A goal for the Friulians would mean little now, but this would have been great all the same. Success unleashes a ripping left-footed shot from the left of the box, forcing Szczesny to tip it over the crossbar at top speed. It was heading straight for the top left corner of the goal.
86' Nuytinck arrives first onto Samardzic's delivery to head just over from the centre of the box.
L. Samardžić
T. Arslan
85' Udinese substitution. Arslan heads off. Samardzic comes on just in time to take the corner.
84' Udinese are finally perking up, but it feels like it's too little, too late. Makengo has a shot blocked from distance, earning the visitors a corner.
A. Rabiot
R. Bentancur
82' Juve give Bentancur an early rest. Rabiot takes his place in central midfield.
M. Jajalo
81' Walace also makes way for Udinese. On comes the Bosnian midfielder Jajalo.
I. Success
B. Soppy
81' Udinese substitution. Their young right wing-back Soppy goes off. He's replaced by Success.
81' Pussetto receives a pass from Walace and misses wide to the left from outside the box. Udinese haven't caused Szczesny much concern at all.
M. De Sciglio
80' De Sciglio has added to Juve's attacking threat since his introduction to the game, causing Udinese problems with his deliveries from out wide. McKennie couldn't miss from that one. Juve have surely secured the win now.
W. McKennie
79' GOAL! JUVENTUS 2-0 UDINESE! McKennie gets his headed goal at the third time of asking. It comes from a familiar route, as De Sciglio reaches the byline and loops the ball up for the American to nod into the net. Udinese had been warned.
M. Zeegelaar
Yellow Card
77' Zeegelaar receives a yellow card for an overly firm challenge on Dybala.
76' Juve get a corner off Perez which doesn't lead to much. Bernardeschi is caught offside from Locatelli's throughball shortly after.
74' Chance for Juve! McKennie has a free header in the box as he gets on the end of De Sciglio's cross from the left. Somehow, though, he doesn't test Padelli. That should have been on target at the very least.
73' Bernardeschi's scooped effort from outside the box lands safely in the arms of Padelli.
71' Juve are starting to push their luck. Beto receives a pass from Arslan in the box and drags a left-footed shot just wide of the right-hand post.
69' Udinese earn a corner down their left as Bernardeschi intercepts Walace's cross. Zeegelaar looks to get on the end of it but Juve manage to handle the situation adequately.
67' Juve win a corner which ends with De Ligt committing handball. If Udinese could create more going forward, Juve's second-half performance would be more concerning.
I. Pussetto
66' Deulofeu's game is over. Pussetto takes his place on the pitch for Udinese.
65' Deulofeu thinks he should have a free-kick just outside Juve's box, but the referee is not convinced. Juve go up the other end of the pitch. Dybala shoots from range. The ball fizzes just wide of the left-hand post.
Álvaro Morata
M. Kean
64' Juve substitution. Morata replaces Kean up front. Kean did good work in creating Juve's only goal so far here.
63' Juve force a corner down their right. Udinese manage to see it out without much incident.
62' Beto gets a tame shot off at Szczesny from more than 35 yards out. The Juve goalkeeper urges calm amongst his defenders.
60' Soppy is frustrated to give a foul away to the left of his own box by tripping De Sciglio. Cuadrado swings the free-kick towards goal. Padelli punches it away. De Sciglio's follow-up from way out is blocked.
58' Udinese achieve little with the corner. Udogie shoots from the left of the box, but it's blocked by a Juve defender.
57' Udinese are growing into the game. Deulofeu earns a corner for his team by poking an attempted cross against Cuadrado.
M. De Sciglio
L. Pellegrini
57' Juve freshen things up at full-back. De Sciglio replaces Pellegrini.
54' Deulofeu steps up and swings the free-kick comfortably over Szczesny's crossbar. Nothing for Juve to worry about there.
52' Kean loses the ball near the halfway line and goes down, but the referee ignores him. Udinese pass upfield and Bentancur impedes Deulofeu to give a foul away in a central position.
50' Juve are finding it harder to get near Udinese's goal in this half so far. They're still on top though.
48' Juve sloppily hand possession to Beto, allowing Udinese to put them under pressure. De Ligt punts a cross out of play to give the visitors a corner.
47' Zeegelaar catches Dybala's heel as the Argentine is about to slip away from him. Juve are rightly awarded a free-kick.
46' Udinese get the second half going. They haven't seen fit to make any changes yet.
F. Bernardeschi
D. Kulusevski
46' Kulusevski also makes way after a quiet first half. Bernardeschi enters the fray for Juve.
M. Locatelli
46' Juve make two changes at half-time to keep themselves fresh. Locatelli replaces Arthur in midfield. Arthur may still be struggling from that challenge in the first half from Soppy which got the Udinese wing-back booked.
Juve made 360 passes to Udinese's 140 in the opening 45 minutes. The hosts are hardly running riot but their domination of the ball does mean that they've been able to keep their visitors mostly at arm's length. Udinese's only shot of note in the first half was Beto's low drive which forced a routine save from Szczesny.
It's so far, so good for Juve at the moment. Dybala's fine strike is the hosts' reward for a first half which they breezed through without too much difficulty. Udinese haven't seen much of the ball and haven't been able to do a whole lot with it when they have.
45' + 2' Udinese earn a corner off Pellegrini. Nothing comes of it.
45' There'll be two minutes added onto the end of this first half. Beto gets on the end of another Udinese cross. Once again though, the delivery is off and the striker is unable to master it.
43' Udinese are keen to threaten Juve before half-time but it isn't working out for them. Soppy cuts inside the box from the right and goes down as his path to goal is blocked. The referee isn't remotely interested.
41' This is all looking easy for Juve. Dybala lets fly at goal from just to the left of the D. The shot soars high and wide.
39' Meanwhile Juve get another corner down their right. They take it short and Dybala's clever no-look pass into the channel for a teammate doesn't, but nearly, pays off.
38' Juve force a corner down their left. It's sent towards the far post where De Ligt and Udogie clash heads. Thankfully they both soon get back to their feet.
37' Udinese enjoy their first decent chance on goal. Beto receives possession and fires a low shot towards the bottom left corner from outside the box. Szczesny has it covered.
36' Juve have had 73 per cent possession of the ball so far. This first half has been a brisk stroll in the park for them.
B. Soppy
Yellow Card
34' Soppy arrives late on Arthur and catches the Brazilian. He's booked for it.
32' Dybala drops deep to receive the ball and plops a decent cross onto the head of McKennie as the American darts into the box. The header loops wide and out for a Udinese goal-kick.
31' Juve take this corner short. It's a shame for them that Arthur's eventual delivery isn't great and gets cleared straight away.
29' Juve have had this game under control for the first half hour. Bentancur challenges Zeegelaar for the ball and ends up winning a corner for the hosts.
27' Arslan dodges a few challenges in midfield but finally goes down as he takes an accidental kick to the head. The German vents his frustration to the referee as he's awarded a free-kick.
26' Cuadrado's ball in is decent and Kulusevski manages to smash a shot against a covering defender. Juve are rewarded with a throw-in down their left.
25' Deulofeu's free-kick from the left is poor and doesn't beat the first man in Juve black and white. Zeegelaar soon hands Juve a free-kick of their own down their right.
Yellow Card
23' Arthur picks up the game's first yellow card for scything down Deulofeu as he races down the wing.
21' Juve are picking up speed. The hosts earn a corner down their left which they manage to keep alive around Udinese's box. Rugani miskicks a decent ball to him at the far post and Udinese get rid of the ball.
20' That was quick thinking by Kean to find Dybala, who was never going to miss once the opportunity presented itself. Juve are looking comfortable already.
P. Dybala
19' GOAL! JUVENTUS 1-0 UDINESE! Dybala grabs his seventh Serie A goal of the season. After some slick Juve interplay, the Argentine receives a quick pass to feet from his strike partner Kean to dribble into the box and lash the ball into the top left corner of the net.
17' Juve get a series of half-chances. Bentancur goes for an overhead kick from the edge of the box which drifts wide. Cuadrado salvages the ball and fizzes in a low cross which is cut out by Udinese's backline. The Colombian tries again with a better delivery but McKennie and Kean can't make the most of it.
15' Udogie powers down the left for Udinese and flings a cross into Juve's box. Beto gets his head to it but can't control it enough to worry Szczesny. The Juve goalkeeper gathers the header as it loops downwards and wide.
13' Kean latches onto a throughball down the left to keep Juve moving. The hosts work the ball around but aren't able to get in behind Soppy.
11' Juve patiently construct an attack only for it to break down. This game's started at a slow but steady pace.
9' Soppy wins Udinese's first corner of the game by slamming a cross against Pellegrini. Juve head it away at the first attempt but can't prevent the visitors from flinging in a follow-up cross. Szczesny punches it away.
7' Udinese make slow progress down their left, winning a throw-in. Unfortunately for them, the attack comes to nothing.
5' McKennie leans back and fires over from the centre of the box when a rebound comes to the American. That was a decent opportunity for Juve to test Padelli in Udinese's goal.
3' Kulusevski gets the better of Zeegelaar down Juve's right. However, after a minor tussle near the corner flag, Udinese's goal winds up unscathed.
1' The referee blows his whistle and Juve get this game underway!
Juventus have won nine of their 12 games against Udinese in Serie A, including their last five home games, scoring at least two goals in each match. The last time they had a longer home winning streak against the Friulians was in the 1980s. Will that hot streak continue here?
There are four changes to Udinese from the mauling they suffered at the hands of Atalanta. Soppy, Arslan, Makengo and Zeegelaar come in.
Juventus make eight changes from their heartbreaking Supercoppa defeat to Inter. Kulusevski, McKennie and Rugani are the only constants from the 11 that started that game.
SUBS: Lazar Samardzic, Edoardo Piana, Mattia Damiani, Ilija Nestorovski, Riccardo Castagnaviz, Ignacio Pussetto, Mato Jajalo, Simone Ianesi, Antonio Santurro, Nicolo Cocetta, Riccardo Pinzi, Isaac Success.
UDINESE (3-5-2): Daniele Padelli; Nehuen Perez, Bram Nuytinck (c), Iyenoma Destiny Udogie; Brandon Soppy, Tolgay Arslan, Walace, Jean-Victor Makengo, Marvin Zeegelaar; Beto, Gerard Deulofeu.
SUBS: Manuel Locatelli, Mattia Perin, Federico Bernardeschi, Adrien Rabiot, Koni de Winter, Mattia De Sciglio, Alvaro Morata, Alex Sandro, Carlo Pinsoglio, Giorgio Chiellini, Kaio Jorge.
JUVENTUS (4-4-2): Wojciech Szczesny; Juan Cuadrado, Matthijs de Ligt, Daniele Rugani, Luca Pellegrini; Weston McKennie, Arthur, Rodrigo Bentancur, Dejan Kulusevski; Paulo Dybala (c), Moise Kean.
Udinese will be looking to redeem themselves after getting spanked 6-2 at home to Atalanta last time out, not least because they still aren't entirely safe from getting sucked into a relegation battle. Gabriele Cioffi's men are usually good at getting back on their feet as they haven't lost consecutive games since last September. They can certainly cause Juve problems here.
After their last-minute defeat to Inter in the Supercoppa Italiana midweek, Juventus turn their attention back to Serie A and their fight to secure a top four place. Only Inter have lost fewer games or conceded fewer goals than Juve in the league since last November, so Max Allegri's men are looking strong.
Hello! Welcome to our live text commentary of this Serie A match between Juventus and Udinese at Allianz Stadium.