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Own Goal
2 - 1
Matheus Henrique
Yellow Card
H. Traorè
Yellow Card
H. Traorè
G. Scamacca
1 - 1
P. Dybala
1 - 0

Match Stats

45% 54%
Shots Off Target
Shots On Target 10 6
Total Passes 444 548
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Juventus are one step closer to retaining their Coppa Italia title and they've set up a semi-final tie against Fiorentina, with the first leg at the beginning of March. Their attention turns back to the league now when they face Atalanta. Sassuolo just missed out on their first semi-final in the competition. They've got Roma next up in Serie A.
Juventus are through to the Coppa Italia semi-final after a late own goal seals a 2-1 win over Sassuolo. They took the lead just three minutes in through Dybala's volley, but Traore pegged them back just over 20 minutes later with a lovely curling shot into the top corner. Juve pushed in the second half and both McKennie and De Ligt hit the woodwork. Pegolo made some great saves to keep his side in it but was beaten in the 88th minute when Vlahovic's effort deflected in off Ruan.
90' + 4' Scamacca holds off Bonucci to open up a pocket of space on the edge of the box, but he takes the shot early in his haste to try and find an equaliser. He blazes his effort over, and it's met with one of the loudest cheers of the night from the home fans.
90' + 2' Bonucci goes down in his own box, and he's holding his shoulder after Scamacca nudged him over. He's quickly back on his feet after treatment, but he takes a slow walk off the field in an attempt to run the clock down.
Kaio Jorge
D. Vlahović
90' And there's a change for Juventus as well, with Vlahovic going off for Jorge.
E. Ceïde
M. Lopez
90' Final roll of the dice for Sassuolo as we head into stoppage time. Lopez is taken off and replaced by Ceide.
Own Goal
88' JUVE SCORE! It has been coming and Juventus have finally taken the lead again! It doesn't look like Vlahovic has many options after Dybala plays it down the left for him, but he keeps his cool and spins past Ruan and Muldur to get into the box. He takes the shot from a tight angle, and a deflection off Ruan wrongfoots Pegolo and sends it into the net. 2-1 Juve!
87' GOOD SAVE! De Ligt is practically playing as a striker at the moment and Rabiot tees him up with a good throughball. He hits a low shot towards the near post from a tight angle, but Pegolo makes another good save with his legs.
86' Sassuolo patiently work it out from the back and Frattesi has acres of space ahead of him down the right. He chooses to swing in an early cross instead, but it's blocked by Morata.
84' Another sloppy pass in midfield from Sassuolo sees them put under pressure again. Morata threads it into the box for Locatelli to chase and he manages to keep it in at the byline, but can only flick it into Pegolo's gloves.
82' GREAT SAVE! McKennie goes long with a throw-in and Rabiot rises highest at the near post. He glances it on and it's looping in on the far side, but Pegolo stretches to tip it wide with his fingertips.
80' Defrel makes a brilliant weaving run through midfield and the Juventus players can't get anywhere near him. He switches it out to Henrique on the right, and he whips a dangerous cross into the six-yard box, but it's just out of everyone's reach.
78' Juventus are really starting to pile the pressure on Sassuolo now. Bonucci goes long over the top for McKennie this time, but it's just out of his reach and he can't bring it down on the stretch.
76' GREAT SAVE! It's a poor pass from Scamacca back into midfield as he gifts it straight to Dybala, who instantly threads it through for Morata. He's one-on-one with Pegolo and waits for the keeper to go down before trying to lift it over him, but Pegolo sticks out a strong hand to deny him.
D. Frattesi
A. Harroui
74' Sassuolo are making another change, with Frattesi being brought on in place of Harroui.
73' OFF THE POST! Dybala swings a great free-kick into the far post from the left and McKennie thumps a header on goal which is pushed away by Pegolo. De Ligt sends the follow-up against the post before Ferrari hooks it away from Bonucci on the goal line.
72' BLOCK! Twice, Henrique hits the ball against Dybala as he tries to clear his lines, and the Argentinian comes away with it the second time. He squares it to Morata on the edge of the box, but his low shot is blocked by Muldur.
A. Rabiot
70' Third change for Juventus now, with Rabiot coming on in place of Arthur.
Matheus Henrique
Yellow Card
68' Henrique gets too tight to Locatelli in his attempts to stop him from breaking forward and picks up a yellow card after clipping his heels.
67' Raspadori knocks it out to Henrique on the left before continuing his run into the box, but the cross is too high for him. Scamacca tries to bring it under control but isn't given the time by De Ligt.
65' It's a wonderful long ball over the top from Bonucci to pick out Dybala, and he flicks it past Ferrari to get into the box. He tries to catch Pegolo out at his near post, but the keeper tip it away before a belated offside flag goes up.
63' GOOD SAVE! McKennie and Morata try to link up down the left but can't find a way past Ruan, so the American slides it through for Vlahovic instead. He gets the better of Muldur and drills a shot towards the near post, but Pegolo blocks it with his legs.
M. Locatelli
D. Zakaria
61' And Zakaria is also taken off, with Locatelli on for him.
Álvaro Morata
M. De Sciglio
61' There's a double change for Juventus now as well. De Sciglio goes off, with Morata on in his place.
61' Zakaria plays a good throughball between Sassuolo's central defenders to get Vlahovic in on goal. His first touch is heavy and Pegolo rushes off his line to smother it. The forward takes a tumble over the keeper, but it's pulled back as he was offside when he got the ball.
Matheus Henrique
H. Traorè
60' Traore is also making way, though he isn't happy about it, and he's making that clear to his manager. Henrique is on for him.
G. Defrel
D. Berardi
59' Sassuolo are making a double change now and Berardi is the first to be taken off, with Defrel on to replace him.
H. Traorè
Yellow Card
58' Traore catches Dybala with a late challenge and he's shown the first yellow card of the game.
57' Cuadrado leaves Kyriakopoulos on the floor as he cuts inside from the right and curls a good cross to the near post. Vlahovic stretches but misses it before going down claiming his shirt was tugged, but nothing is given.
55' OFF THE POST! Bonucci goes long with a clearance and Dybala chases it down the right before pulling it back for De Ligt on the edge of the box. He spins to lay it off to McKennie, and he curls it towards the far corner with his first touch, but it smacks the post instead.
54' Harroui spins away from Alex Sandro as he cuts inside from the right and he lifts a good cross into the middle. Nobody is picking up Scamacca, but he can't keep his header down and it loops onto the roof of the net.
52' Juventus have avoided defeat in their last 13 matches when scoring the opening goal in the Coppa Italia (Round of 16 onwards), a run that dates back to May 2017 against Lazio.
50' CHANCE! Cuadrado whips a deep cross into the box and De Ligt manages to nod it back into the danger area from the byline on the far side. It hits Muldur and bounces across goal, but Ruan hooks it clear.
48' Juventus have started the second half in a similar fashion to the first, with Alex Sandro making another darting run down the left. He clips a good cross into the middle, but can only pick out Ferrari.
46' Sassuolo get us back underway for the second half!
M. Müldür
K. Ayhan
46' There's a change for Sassuolo at the break as Muldur comes on to replace Ayhan.
Allegri can't have any complaints about how his team started, but they created a lot of their own problems after that, which he will want to see cut out after the break. As for Sassuolo, they reacted brilliantly to their late setback and look dangerous when they go forward. Dionisi will be hoping for more of the same if they want to reach their first-ever semi-final.
It's all square at the break, with Juventus and Sassuolo drawing 1-1. Juve got off to a lightning-quick start, with Dybala putting them ahead inside three minutes with a good volley. Sassuolo came to life after that though, with Perin forced into good saves to deny Perin and Kyriakopoulos before Traore equalised with a lovely curling finish. Vlahovic and Alex Sandro were also denied by Pegolo at the other end late in the half.
45' + 2' Ayhan's clearance is hit straight against McKennie and Dybala gets in front of Harroui to let it drop over his shoulder. It's just out of his reach and he goes down, claiming he was caught by the midfielder, but there was nothing in it.
45' Juventus are patiently trying to play out from the back and it's passed between the defenders before Arthur gets it. He plays a blind pass to McKennie that rolls straight out and the fans are voicing their frustration.
43' It's a brilliant switch of play from Lopez out to the right and Berardi lays it off to Traore. He has time to take a touch before hitting his shot, but his wild effort flies high over the bar.
41' Juventus are still knocking on the door here and Arthur whips in a good cross from the left. McKennie nods it down to Alex Sandro at the near post, but Pegolo rushes off his line to smother his poked effort.
39' Scamacca has his pocket picked on the edge of the D and Zakaria tries to break on the counter again. His team-mates are static though and in the end, he's forced to play it back to the keeper.
37' GOOD SAVE! Juventus are starting to find their rhythm again now, and it's Vlahovic with the chance this time. Bonucci volleys it forward to him and he drills a low shot down the middle. Pegolo reacts quickly and keeps it out with his legs.
35' CHANCE! Sassuolo can't clear their lines properly after a corner, and it goes out to Alex Sandro on the left. He clips a lovely cross into the near post and McKennie throws himself forward to head it towards goal, but Pegolo blocks it.
33' Sassuolo win another corner and Traore curls this one right on top of the keeper. Perin holds it on the second time of asking and tries to set Vlahovic on a quick counter, but can only pick out Ayhan.
31' Zakaria is caught on the ball this time, and Sassuolo counter quickly again. Kyriakopoulos makes a good run through the middle before having a go from long range, but it's a comfortable one for Perin.
29' McKennie is trying to push his way upfield and after skipping past two challenges, he sweeps it out to Alex Sandro on the left. He runs straight into Ruan though but doesn't win the free-kick he's looking for, much to the home fans' frustration.
27' Traore has gone down and it looks like he's got a problem with his calf. He's quickly back to his feet after receiving treatment and he'll be able to carry on.
26' Juventus look a bit shaky after conceding and Alex Sandro almost gets himself into a bit of trouble. Berardi is bearing down on him, and he would have a clear run at goal, but the left-back manages to get it back to his keeper in time.
G. Scamacca
24' Assist Gianluca Scamacca
H. Traorè
24' TRAORE EQUALISES! He starts the move himself with a good run down the left, and he plays a clever little one-two with Scamacca just on the edge of the box to get away from Cuadrado. Two Juve defenders try to block his route to goal, but he curls his effort through them, past Perin and into the far top corner with a lovely finish. 1-1!
22' It's still all Sassuolo here and they're forcing the hosts deeper into their own box. Raspadori just manages to pull it back from the byline and Traore is running onto it, but he clips Arthur before he can get a shot away.
20' Ferrari pokes it through a crowded Juventus midfield to pick out Raspadori, who is in a pocket of space on the edge of the D. He tries to lay it off to Scamacca to his left, but it's cut out by Bonucci.
18' Arthur's backpass just has enough on it to get back to Perin, but he has to hurry it away to Alex Sandro as Scamacca closes him down. Berardi is quickly in on the left-back but catches him as he gets the ball, and Juventus get away with one there!
16' GOOD SAVE! Sassuolo look to their left-hand side this time, and it takes the Juventus defenders a long time to close down Kyriakopoulos on the edge of the area. He loops a shot down the middle, but Perin gets two hands behind it.
15' Berardi is causing Juventus' defenders all sorts of problems as he makes another driving run down the right. De Ligt gets across to him this time and tries to set Alex Sandro on the counter, but the ball bounces straight out.
13' GOOD SAVE! Inside his own box, Bonucci hits a pass at Berardi who is hovering just outside the area. He takes the shot early, getting a lot of power behind it, but Perin gets down to push it away at the near post.
11' Juventus just can't get out of their own half at the moment as Harroui makes another good run down the right. Alex Sandro cuts it out before inviting more pressure by gifting it back to Ruan.
9' Berardi is facing up to De Ligt this time, and he drags it down the right side of the box to try and wrongfoot the defender. He's alert though and manages to slide in to help Berardi's shot into the side netting.
7' It's better from Sassuolo now as they enjoy their first real bit of possession in the game. Berardi runs at Bonucci before laying it off to Ruan, but he slices his cross straight out of play.
5' Cuadrado fizzes a cross in from the right and Zakaria is waiting on the penalty spot to hit the shot first time. Ayhan and Ferrari throw themselves in front of it to make the block before stopping Vlahovic from latching onto the rebound.
P. Dybala
3' DYBALA SCORES! And Juventus take an early lead! Alex Sandro shrugs off Ruan as he drives down the left, and he clips a cross in for McKennie. He drags at the shot and Ruan blocks it, but it bounces up for Dybala. He volleys it into the ground, and it hits the back of the net before Pegolo can react. 1-0 Juve!
2' Dybala does really well to hold off Lopez and knock the ball out to Vlahovic down the right. He picks out Cuadrado's overlapping run, but he doesn't get his cross right and it's an easy collection for Pegolo.
1' Dybala gets the game underway for Juventus!
The teams are out on the pitch, with kick-off just moments away!
Sassuolo are appearing in the quarter-final of the Coppa Italia for the first time - previously, they've been eliminated five times in the last 16, all between 2015 and 2021.
Alessio Dionisi makes four changes to his team after their defeat to Sampdoria at the weekend. Pegolo is in goal, with Ayhan, Ruan and Harroui also coming into the side. Consigli, Frattesi, Chiriches and Muldur start on the bench.
Massimiliano Allegri makes five changes from the side that beat Hellas Verona last time out. Perin starts in goal, with Bonucci, Cuadrado, McKennie and Alex Sandro, who has recovered from Covid-19, also brought in. Szczesny, Danilo, Rabiot and Morata all drop to the bench, while Giorgio Chiellini is sidelined with a calf injury.
SASSUOLO SUBS: Davide Frattesi, Gregoire Defrel, Giacomo Satalino, Riccardo Ciervo, Emil Konradsen Ceide, Rogerio, Federico Peluso, Mert Muldur, Matheus Henrique, Vlad Chiriches, Andrea Consigli, Francesco Magnanelli.
SASSUOLO STARTING XI (4-2-3-1): Gianluca Pegolo; Ruan, Kaan Ayhan, Gian Marco Ferrari, Georgios Kyriakopoulos; Abdou Harroui, Maxime Lopez; Domenico Berardi, Giacomo Raspadori, Hamed Junior Traore; Gianluca Scamacca.
JUVENTUS SUBS: Wojciech Szczesny, Daniele Rugani, Matias Soule Malvano, Marley Ake, Kaio Jorge, Danilo, Adrien Rabiot, Luca Pellegrini, Manuel Locatelli, Carlo Pinsoglio, Alvaro Morata.
JUVENTUS STARTING XI (4-2-3-1): Mattia Perin; Mattia De Sciglio, Matthijs De Ligt, Leonardo Bonucci, Alex Sandro; Arthur, Denis Zakaria; Juan Cuadrado, Paulo Dybala, Weston McKennie; Dusan Vlahovic.
Juventus beat Sampdoria 4-1 in the last round as they look to retain their trophy and continue their success in the competition having picked up 14 Coppa Italias in their history. They've lost just one of their last 13 in all competitions (W9 D3) - a 2-1 defeat to Inter in the Supercoppa Italiana final - though they did suffer a shock defeat to Sassuolo earlier this season. As for the visitors, they're chasing their first Coppa Italia success, having edged past Cagliari 1-0 in the last round, but they're winless since then (D1 L1). The winner will face Fiorentina in the semi-final.
Hello and welcome to live coverage of the Coppa Italia quarter-final tie between Juventus and Sassuolo at the Allianz Stadium!