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Key Events

C. Zuvela
A. Baumjohann
T. Buhagiar
A. Le Fondre
L. Ivanovic
J. King
1 - 1
D. Bowles
Yellow Card
D. Wenzel-Halls
J. O'Shea
1 - 0

Match Stats

43% 57%
Shots Off Target
Shots On Target 4 6
Total Passes 445 608
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FULL TIME: BRISBANE ROAR 1 SYDNEY FC 1 - After a hard fought match we have finished with a 1-1 draw with both teams sharing the points. Both teams had their chances in the second half, with Young's super save in the 73rd minute, clearly the difference between the two teams.
90' + 2' Young has been brilliant tonight and is clearly difference between the Roar taking point and losing the game.
90' We have three minutes of additional time to play.
89' Ingham fires in a low shot on goal and Redmayne is able to collect it by diving away to his right.
88' Buhagiar is lurking very dangerously inside the Sky Blues attacking half.
86' Ninkovic wears his opponent inside out as he sends the ball into the box, but nobody is home for the Sky Blues.
C. Zuvela
A. Baumjohann
84' SUBSTITUTION SKY BLUES - The Sky Blues make their fourth change of the match as Baumjohann jogs off the ground to be replaced by Zuvela.
T. Buhagiar
A. Le Fondre
84' SUBSTITUTION SKY BLUES - The Sky Blues have taken off Le Fondre after a quiet night and he is exchanged with Buhagiar.
83' The Sky Blues are preparing another couple of changes.
J. Ingham
D. Wenzel-Halls
81' SUBSTITUTION ROAR - The Roar make their fourth change of the match, as Wenzel-Halls is replaced by Ingham.
80' We are set up for a grand stand finish here, as we round the final 10 minutes of regular time.
A. Caceres
P. Retre
78' SUBSTITUTION SKY BLUES - Retre heads off for an early shower as Caceres runs onto the arena.
K. Trewin
D. Kim
78' SUBSTITUTION ROAR - It's the end of the section for Kim, as Trewin runs on to replace him.
J. Courtney-Perkins
T. Aldred
78' SUBSTITUTION ROAR - Brisbane make another change with Aldred coming off for Courtney-Perkins.
77' Hingert fires it for goal, forcing Redmayne to dive away and push the ball away.
75' This game could go either way, with both teams firing shots on goal.
73' Baumjohann with a slamming shot on goal and it is saved by Young, parrying it back into play. Le Fondre tries it on and once again Young saves it. What a period of play for Young.
71' Brattan with a superb pass into the box, but Ninkovic is unable to get to the ball in time as it bounces out of play.
69' Once again Armadi-Holloway is involved as he blasts the ball on goal, going wide of the mark.
67' Armadi-Holloway with a header on goal, but just doesn't get enough on it to be a threat.
65' Brattan with a big shot on goal and it flies over the crossbar for a goal kick for the Roar.
63' Finally the Roar see their attacking half, after 17 minutes of play in the second half.
61' Once again the Sky Blues push into attack. It can only be a matter of time, before they break free.
59' The Roar are looking for some kind of spark, as we start to inch closer to the hour mark.
57' The wind is helping Sydney keeping Brisbane pegged in.
A. Amadi-Holloway
M. Ridenton
55' SUBSTITUTON ROAR - Brisbane make their first change of the match as Ridenton makes way for Amadi-Holloway.
52' Brisbane are finding it difficult to take it out of their defensive half.
50' The Roar need to find a spark as they are continuing to be outplayed around the ground.
48' The Sky Blues have picked up where they left off in the first half.
M. Ninković
L. Ivanovic
46' SUBSTITUTION SKY BLUES - Ivanovic is the first player to come off the ground, due to cramp. He is replaced by Ninković.
46' SECOND HALF- The Sky Blues kick off to get us under way for the second half.
The Roar started off the game, showing they mean business, as they dominated the early part of the game, with Wenzel-Halls looking dangerous even after his 11th minute goal, he was threatening to make it a brace. However it all changed mid way through the half, with the Sky Blues starting to take control and some Ivanovic magic in the 42nd minute was able to level the scores.
HALF TIME: BRISBANE ROAR 1 SYDNEY FC 1 - We go into the half time break with the scores all tied up at 1-1. We are set for an exciting second half, should the intensity of the game continues to be played at this pace.
45' We have one minute of additional time to play for the half.
44' Ivanovic is loose again but this time the ball strikes him on the hand, as the referee gives the resulting free kick.
42' It's back to square one for the Roar, who are under pressure from the Sky Blues.
L. Ivanovic
40' GOAL SKY BLUES (Luke Ivanovic) Brisbane Roar 1 Sydney FC 1 - King passes it over to Ivanovic who is on the edge of the box. He gets around his opponent and lets it fly for goal hitting the top right corner of the net, leaving Young to just watch in amazement.
38' Le Fondre sends it into the box, but the ball just eludes Barbarouses, as Young steps in to make the save.
37' Ivanovic is able to streak through from the sideline, gets past Bowles and has a shot on goal, but it is blocked by Young.
35' Ridenton with a strike on goal forcing Redmayne to parry the ball away.
33' The breeze is having a factor on the game, with it at the back of the Sky Blues.
31' The Roar need to step up their game in the middle of the ground, before the floodgate bursts open.
29' Young is continuing his hot form from last match, looking like he can't be beaten tonight.
27' The Sky Blues are getting a fair bit of movement of the ball around the middle of the ground.
25' The tide is starting to turn, with a better period for the Sky Blues, as they start to get a bit of run down the wing.
23' There may be a bit of chink in the armour of the Sky Blues, as they are getting outplayed tonight.
21' Brisbane continue to ask the question of the Sky Blues, as they spend some quality time in attack.
D. Bowles
Yellow Card
19' YELLOW CARD ROAR - Bowles is awarded the first yellow card of the match, after bringing down Ivanovic.
17' O'Shea takes the set piece from outside of the box. It is close but no cigar.
16' The Sky Blues are looking a little perplexed on the ground, as they try and work themselves back into the contest.
14' Aldred sends it into the Kim direction, who shoots outside of the box, but his shot is blocked.
13' Brown gives it over to the man of the moment in Wenzell-Halls, who pulls the trigger on goal but it is blocked by Flottmann.
D. Wenzel-Halls
11' GOAL ROAR (Dylan Wenzel-Halls) Brisbane Roar 1 Sydney FC 0 - O'Shea places the ball into the path of Wenzel-Halls as Redmayne comes out to greet him. He dribbles the ball past him, taking the shot from the right side into the top left corner of goal.
9' Ridenton combines with McDonald, who takes a shot outside of the box and it is too high, going over the crossbar.
7' It has been a very even start to the game, with both teams exchanging blows.
5' Baumjohann sends it into the path of Barbarouses who strikes with a bit of vigor, but Young taps it over the crossbar to concede a corner.
4' The Sky Blues are starting to step up their game as they are getting some good touches around the ground.
2' Wenzel-Halls with a huge shot from outside of the box, forcing Redmayne to make the save.
1' FIRST HALF - The Roar kick off and we are under way.
SYDNEY FC SUBS: Thomas Hewerd-Belle (GK), Ben Warland, Alex Wilkinson, Milos Ninkovic, Trent Buhagiar, Anthony Caceres, Chris Zuvela. 
SYDNEY FC (4-4-2) STARTING XI - Andrew Redmayne (GK); Harry Van der Saag, Ryan McGowan, Patrick Flottmann, Joel King; Alexander Baumjohann, Luke Brattan, Paulo Retre, Luke Ivanovic; Kosta Barbarouses, Adam Le Fondre. 
BRISBANE ROAR SUBS: Max Crocombe (GK), Scott Neville, Jai Ingham, Aaron Armadi-Holloway, Kai Trewin, Jordan Courtney-Perkins, Mirza Muratovic. 
BRISBANE ROAR (3-5-2) STARTING XI: Jamie Young (GK); Daniel Bowles, Tom Aldred, Macaulay Gillesphie; Jack Hingert, Jay O'Shea, Danny Kim, Matthew Ridenton, Corey Brown; Dylan Wenzel-Halls, Scott McDonald.
Sydney FC have won their last three A-League games against Brisbane Roar FC; however, neither team has ever managed four consecutive wins in the history of this fixture. They have won five of their last six A-League matches against Brisbane Roar FC in New South Wales (L1), averaging 2.6 goals scored per game in those wins.
Brisbane Roar FC have not conceded more than a single goal in an A-League game since Round 14, 2019/20, they have conceded just eight goals in 13 games since that point. They have won 50.6% of their duels contested this A-League season, only the Central Coast Mariners (52.1%) have a higher success rate.
Welcome to McDonald Jones Stadium for the match between Brisbane Roar and Sydney FC.
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