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Brisbane Roar v Newcastle Jets Live Commentary, 20/03/2020

1 - 0
S. McDonald (16)
Cbus Super Stadium


Brisbane take the full points with a 1-0 win over Newcastle but we were milimetres away from the game ending in a draw after a O'Donovan late strike thundered into the post in the dying seconds.  McDonald the difference in the game with a quality finish in the 16th minute.  From there it was a brilliant defensive display from the Roar defenders. Newcastle tried hard but they just couldn't force Young to make a save as the Brisbane defensive cluster broke down a string of attacks.  Final score Brisbane 1 Newcastle 0.
FULL TIME: Brisbane Roar 1 Newcastle Jets 0.
90' + 4' All over the referee looks at the watch and announces, the end!
90' + 3' So close to an equalizer in the dying seconds but Brisbane will take the full points here one would think.
90' + 2' Oh my!  O'Donovan from nowhere with a late strick from the box after a great cross from Dimi Petratos and the shot slams into the right post!
90' Three minutes of additional time.
89' Time running out for Newcastle one senses. We enter the last minute.
87' What do the Jets have up their sleeve?  Anything in the last few minutes, this one and the season could be slipping away.
A. Amadi-Holloway
S. McDonald
Brisbane Roar
86' Substitution Scott McDonald Aaron Amadi-Holloway
85' O'Donovan has hardly had a sniff tonight, again this Brisbane defesive unit has done a great job.
82' Aldred with some space at the top of the box but he is ruled offside.
81' Brisbane free kick just inside their attacking half, inside the last 10 minutes.  Do we see another goal?
80' Ugarkovic with a shot from down town, he gets some power on it but it curves away and misses again by a fair distance.
79' Just under 12 minutes remaining and still its the Roar 1-0 over the Jets.
78' O'Shea goes down in the tackle, he is fine, having a bit of a rest, up and about again now.  Free kick to Brisbane just shy of the half way.
77' What can Newcastle come up with here to find an equalizer, Young has yet to be forced to make a save, the Jets can't get one on target tonight.
76' Brisbane have done a great job to cut down the ball supply to Newcastles Burns tonight, he is dangerous with his crossing ability but has been starved of opportunities.
J. Hoffman
B. Burns
Newcastle Jets
74' Substitution Bobby Burns Jason Hoffman
74' We have a couple of very keen Brisbane fans who have turned up with a megaphone and a drum outside the ground, I don't know if that should be encouraged at the moment, love the passion boys but just not too smart.
73' Yellow cards coming thick and fast in recent minutes.  A steady flow throughout the game, it has been good hard football.
S. Neville
Yellow Card
Brisbane Roar
71' Yellow card Scott Neville
71' Italiano great play to come out and meet the oncoming attack, a good save, he has had a good night Italiano apart from when McDonald wrong footed him to put the ball into the net.
70' Possession, Brisbane 40%, Newcastle 60%.  Goal attempts Brisbane 11, Newcastle 6.  Both teams struggling for a clear opportunity in this second half.   
A. O'Neill
Yellow Card
Brisbane Roar
67' Yellow card Aiden O'Neill
67' Brisbane this time on the attack but again they just can't get a clear shot on goal. 
66' Millar a good cross into the box from the right, into a real danger position but O'Neil there first to clear with his head for Brisbane.
64' Petratos is brought down and Newcastle win a free kick to clear their defensive half.
63' O'Shea with half a chance but he hesitates and Newcastle are able to close the attack down, corner results for Brisbane.
A. Arroyo
A. Thurgate
Newcastle Jets
61' Substitution Angus Thurgate Abdiel Arroyo Molinar
J. Ledley
W. Hoolahan
Newcastle Jets
61' Substitution Wes Hoolahan Joe Ledley
61' Just over an hour played, Brisbane 1 Newcastle 0.  Looks like a double change coming up here.
61' The kick angled to the post but I don't know what that was a half shot, a half pass, no problems for Newcastle.
60' Set piece free kick in a dangerous position for Brisbane can they make something of this?
60' To date another excellent defensive effort from Brisbane tonight.
59' Dimi Petratos with a long ball into the box, but too long and once bounce and onto the chest of Young. 
57' First change of the game as Wenzel-Halls replaces Muratovic up forward for Brisbane.
D. Wenzel-Halls
M. Muratovic
Brisbane Roar
56' Substitution Mirza Muratovic Dylan Wenzel-Halls
56' Millar tries to find Hoolahan, he finds him but Hoolahan can't execute and a goal kick for Brisbane to relieve the pressure.
55' Brisbane forced to defend as Newcastle press for an equalizer.
53' A pity for Brisbane in a way that the opportunity fell for the central defender, not that it was a poor shot, you just feel a forward or midfielder may have punished Newcastle with such a chance.
52' Great save from Italiano, Aldred with the shot from Brisbane unmarked in the box but great reaction from Italiano to come forward and make the save to his left pushing the ball away for a corner.
50' Burns with a cross but that one is easily plucked out of the air by Young in goal for Brisbane.
49' Thurgate a yellow card for a sloppy tackle, thats number five for the season.
A. Thurgate
Yellow Card
Newcastle Jets
48' Yellow card Angus Thurgate
47' Possession, Brisbane 43%, Newcastle 57%. Goal attempts Brisbane 4, Newcastle 5. Three corners won by each.  Stats showing the closeness of the contest.
46' An early free kick to Newcastle in their defensive half.
46' The referee blows his whistle and we are under way in the second half at Cbus Super Stadium on the Gold Coast, the Roar leading the Jets 1-0, I've got a feeling we may see another couple go in the net in this half, anyones game still.
An interesting first half, an even battle but Scott McDonald the difference with a quality goal in the 16th minute is the difference to date.  Plenty of football to be played out in this one yet, both teams looking dangerous at various stages of that first half.  The games has lacked one thing, fans in the stadium to view what has been an interesting game between two in form teams.  Brisbane 1 Newcastle 0.
45' + 2' The referee says that's it for the first half let's have a break.
45' + 1' One minute of time added, Brisbane with another corner but Italiano gathers the cross easily.
45' Topor-Stanely a yellow card, for an infringement on McDonald a couple of minutes back, advantage was played but the Roar couldn't make the Jets pay.
N. Topor-Stanley
Yellow Card
Newcastle Jets
44' Yellow card Nikolai Topor-Stanley
43' McDonald has oozed class for the Roar tonight as he assists in getting another corner.
40' O'Donovan taps the ball into the back of the net for the Jets but the offside flag has long been up, no goal and a clear offside.
39' Gillesphey blazes away from down town for the Roar but that has missed by an absolute mile, waste.
38' Newcastle off to Melbourne to play again on Monday under the new compacted draw, lets hope we get the season completed.
36' Excellent free flowing game, end to end stuff at the moment.
35' O'Donovan left alone, getting in behind the defense, great job from Aldred to get back and save the day.  Another danger moment for Brisbane.  
34' Brisbane Roar 1 Newcastle Jets 0.
32' Dimi Petratos has become more involved over the past five minutes for Newcastle, good sign for them.
31' A mistake this time from Brown, that gives the ball away way too easily, Dimi Petratos finishes with the ball but he lacks support and Brisbane survive a dangerous moment.
29' Brown a clumsy tackle on Millar and Newcastle win a free kick just on halfway.
28' Brisbane to me look the more dangerous of the two teams when they have the ball, the Jets being patient with their build ups.
27' Swing in possession, Brisbane 40%, Newcastle 60%.
26' Ugarkovic a long range attempt on the volley as the ball falls at his feet from the clearance, he had to have a crack but couldn't control the ball and it sails way over the top for a Brisbane goal kick.
25' Good ball in from Millar for Newcastle and they earn themselves a corner.
22' Brisbane continuing to attack and placing the Jets defense under further pressure.
21' Free kick for Brisbane in their attacking half against Boogaard for a shirt tug.
19' Brisbane Roar 1 Newcastle Jets 0.
18' Made that look easy McDonald, believe me it wasn't!
17' Great goal from Scott McDonald, with very little room to move at the top of the box, he completely wrong foots a flat footed Italiano in goal and slots the ball into the left side of the net.
M. Muratovic
Brisbane Roar
16' Assist Mirza Muratovic
S. McDonald
Brisbane Roar
16' Goal Scott McDonald
15' Brown a dangerous ball into the box for Brisbane but well defended by Newcastle.
14' Possession, Brisbane 54%, Newcastle 46%. 
12' O'Donovan a poor turnover there for Newcastle, but the Jets win the ball back and attack, Miller can't get power on the ball the spills his way for an attempt on goal.
10' An amazing sight, professional sportsmen playing in front of empty stadiums.  
9' Good tempo to the game early, good ball speed from both teams.
8' O'Shea a quality shot from 10 metres outside the box, that forced a diving save from Italiano to his right, almost an opener for Brisbane.
6' O'Donovan didn't look happy with the delivery of Hoolahan there for the Jets, missed him by a long way.
5' Both teams playing a back three, it might well be a game of patience tonight.
4' O'Shea trying to thread a cheeky ball into the box for Brisbane but too much on the kick and a goal kick the result for Newcastle.
2' Newcastle with all the opening possession in the first 70 seconds.
1' He we go, underway on the Gold Coast, it's Brisbane hosting Newcastle.  
Once again we will watching the contest in a closed stadium with no fans, what has become a common sight around the world at sporting venues and now in our nation as the Coronavirus continues to grip the world.
An important game tonight Brisbane will be eager for a win to consolidate fourth spot while the Jets need a win to stay in finals contention.  Brisbane enter the game with a season record of 9 wins and 5 draws from 21 games played, while Newcastle have 5 wins and 6 draws from 20 games played.  
Welcome to Cbus Super Stadium on the Gold Coast for a continuation of A-League round 24.  Tonights game sees fourth placed Brisbane Roar hosting ninth placed Newcastle Jets.