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Key Events

T. Aldred
Yellow Card
R. Akbari
B. Inman
A. O'Neill
Yellow Card
M. McGlinchey
M. Đurić
45' + 2'
S. McDonald
B. Inman
1 - 0

Match Stats

55% 45%
Shots Off Target
Shots On Target 5 4
Total Passes 566 466
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Brisbane came out of the sheds in to the second half knowing all they needed to do was defend the lead. They had their chances on goal, but were unable to put the game beyond doubt, with the Mariners still harbouring a chance until the final moments of the match. In the end, the Roar was able to edge out the Mariners to pick up the win.
FULL TIME: BRISBANE ROAR 1 CENTRAL COAST MARINERS 0 - The full time whistle sounds and the Roar have hung on to beat the Mariners 1-0 and jump in to the top four.
90' + 2' Brisbane are retaining possession of the ball around the ground. Not long to go now.
90' We have three minutes of stoppage time to play for the match.
88' The Roar are holding in but just. They would not want to concede a goal here.
R. Akbari
B. Inman
86' SUBSTITUTION ROAR - The Roar make their second change as Inman is replaced by Akbari.
T. Aldred
Yellow Card
86' YELLOW CARD ROAR - Aldred joins his team mate with a yellow card after a clumsy challenge on Silvera.
A. O'Neill
Yellow Card
84' YELLOW CARD ROAR - O'Neill with a late challenge on Silvera and O'Neill becomes the first player booked for the night.
M. McGlinchey
M. Đurić
82' SUBSTITUTION MARINERS - The Mariners make their third and final change as Đurić is off McGlinchey is the man to replace him.
81' Silvera crosses it over to Stensness just outside of the box, but his shot on goal is blocked.
79' O'Shea with a shot from the top of the box, but it is saved in the bottom left corner.
77' Hingert brings down Silvera in defensive half for the Mariners. The referee awards the resulting free kick.
75' Silvera has a shot at goal, but it flies in to the crowd. 
A. Amadi-Holloway
M. Muratovic
73' SUBSTITUTION ROAR - The Roar make an attacking change as Muratovic is replaced by Amadi-Holloway.
72' The Roar seem to be defending the game, rather than trying to go on the offensive.
70' Aldred is a little groggy to get up off the ground, after an in play collision. He looks like he will be fine to continue.
68' Duric with a great ball in to the box, but it is headed away by the Roar defence.
66' Should the scores remain at 1-0 in favour of the Roar, it will allow Brisbane to jump into fourth position on the ladder.
J. Murray
64' SUBSTITUTION MARINERS - The Mariners make it a double change as Murray is off and Jair is on.
S. Silvera
C. Harold
64' SUBSTITUTION MARINERS - The Mariners make their first change of the match, as Harold makes way for Silvera.
63' The way things are going, it only seems like it will be a matter of time before the Roar are able to score their second goal.
61' It may be time for a change for both teams. 
59' The Roar continue to retain possession of the ball around the ground. This is not looking good for the Mariners.
57' Muratovic takes a shot from the edge of the box, but he blasts it over the crossbar.
55' Muratovic pulls the trigger on goal but he is unable to hit the target as it is wide of the mark.
54' Gillesphey sends it into attack. The Roar are building something here. This could be very interesting.
52' The Roar defence have it under control at the moment, as they continue to retain possession.
50' The Mariners need to strike early to shake the confidence of the Roar.
48' O'Shea with a cross in to the box as Gillesphey heads it from the middle of the box and it is over the crossbar.
46' SECOND HALF - The Roar kick off to get us back under way for the second half.
The Mariners dominated the bulk of the first half but were not able to make the most of their opportunities. It took until stoppage time in the first half before we saw the only goal of the half scored by McDonald, in the 47th minute. It will be interesting to see who bursts out of the blocks in the second half.
HALF TIME: BRISBANE ROAR 1 CENTRAL COAST MARINERS 0 - The Roar go in to the half time break with a stoppage time goal to give them a 1-0 lead over the Mariners.
S. McDonald
45' + 2' GOAL ROAR (Scott McDonald) Brisbane Roar 1 Central Coast Mariners 0 - Inman crosses it to McDonald who is one on one with Birighitti, he taps it past him and finds the back of the net. The offside flag is up. It is no goal. The VAR has a look and it is over-ruled. The Roar have a late goal.
45' We have two minutes of additional time to play for the first half.
43' Play is held up once again, after Duric comes off second best in a tackle. He does not look in a good way.
42' Birighitti is back on board as he takes the goal kick.
40' Play is held up as Birighitti looks to have dislocated his finger. The physio comes out to him.
39' O'Neill takes a shot on goal, but the deflection makes it awkward for Birighitti, who is still able to make the save.
37' It has taken Brisbane a while, but they are finally starting to have a good patch inside their attacking half.
35' Brisbane are finally spending some time in attack, as Central Coast have threatened them with shots on goal.
33' The Roar have not been able to find any type of rhythm in this match. However, their first halves have generally not been their greatest halves.
31' The Mariners are causing the Roar all sorts of problems. 
29' McDonald links up with Muratovic inside of the box but his shot on goal is blocked.
27' Duric with a cross to the middle of the box, Harold rises up for the header but it is saved by Young.
25' Play is held up momentarily as Inman is being looked at after running into Tongyik.
23' O'Neill goes for a run along the sideline. He looks for support but he is dispossessed.
21' Duric hits it at goal but Young is once again on high alert and he makes the save.
19' The game is well balanced at the moment. Both teams are spending time in attack.
17' The Mariners currently have the momentum and need to make the most of it whilst they can.
15' Harold is able to find a way through as he fires a shot on goal from the edge of the box but Young slides into it and he is able to make the save.
13' Murray brings down Neville across defence for the Roar, as the referee awards the resulting free kick. The Roar are happy for Young to take the kick.
11' It has been a very tactical first ten minutes of the game. 
9' O'Neill tries to set things up from long range, but only ends up sending the ball up in the air.
7' The Mariners need to do more around the ground as otherwise their losing streak is going to stretch out to nine.
5' The Roar are spending a lot of the game in the middle of the ground.
3' It has been a slow start from both teams, as both teams get a feel of the game.
1' FIRST HALF - The Mariners kick off and we are under way.
CENTRAL COAST MARINERS SUBS: Adam Pearce (GK), Michael McGlinchey, Samuel Silvera, Matt Simon, Jacob Melling, Joshua Nisbet, Jair.
CENTRAL COAST MARINERS (4-2-3-1) STARTING XI - Mark Birighitti (GK); Lewis Miller, Ziggy Gordon, Ruon Tongyik, Jack Clisby; Kim Eun-Sun, Gianni Stensness; Chris Harold, Milan Duric, Daniel De Silva; Jordan Murray. 
BRISBANE ROAR SUBS: Max Crocombe (GK), Daniel Bowles, Aaron Armadi-Holloway, Dylan Wenzel-Halls, Rahmat Akbari, Kai Trewin, Izaack Powell.
BRISBANE ROAR (3-4-3) STARTING XI - Jamie Young (GK); Scott Neville, Tom Aldred, Macaulay Gillesphey; Jack Hingert, Aiden O'Neill, Jay O'Shea, Corey Brown; Scott McDonald, Mirza Muratovic, Bradden Inman. 
The Central Coast Mariners have lost their last eight A-League games. The last and only previous time they lost more was a 10-game stretch across 2018 and 2019. Only twice in A-League history has any team lost more consecutive games.
Brisbane Roar FC are undefeated in their last 17 A-League matches against Central Coast Mariners with 13 wins and four draws, they haven’t lost to the Gosford-based side since April 2014. The Roar have been undefeated in their last eight A-League matches against Central Coast Mariners at Suncorp Stadium with 6 wins and 2 draws, keeping a clean sheet in four of the last six matches in that span.
Welcome to Suncorp Stadium for the match between Brisbane Roar and the Central Coast Mariners.
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