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Key Events

S. Lainer
Yellow Card
O. Wendt
4 - 0
45' + 1'
B. Embolo
3 - 0
N. Elvedi
L. Stindl
2 - 0
L. Stindl
Penalty Goal
1 - 0

Match Stats

46% 53%
Shots Off Target
Shots On Target 6 3
Total Passes 490 563
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8th Finals
UEFA Europa League


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Gladbach remain unbeaten in the Champions League at the top of Group B and are now four points clear, putting themselves in a good position to qualify for the knockout rounds. Their attention turns to the Bundesliga where they face Schalke. Shakhtar are still second in the group, but that could change depending on the result in the other game. Next up for them is Dnipro-1 in the league at the weekend.
Gladbach see off Shakhtar with a comfortable 4-0 win. Stindl opened the scoring from the spot after Embolo was clumsily brought down and Elvedi headed in a second from a corner. Embolo scored a brilliant overhead kick just before half-time to put them 3-0 up. Wendt rounded off the scoring in the 77th minute when he floated a cross into the box from a free-kick and it snuck in at the far post.
90' + 1' GOOD SAVE! The corner isn't dealt with by Gladbach and it falls to Tete on the edge of the box. He makes a driving run to the far post before hitting his shot and Sommer tips it over the bar.
S. Lainer
Yellow Card
90' Lainer is caught out by Moraes' run and brings him down to earn himself a yellow card.
89' GREAT SAVE! The corner comes through to Matvyenko, who is unmarked in the middle of the box, and he throws himself forward to head the ball on target. Sommer dives across and tips the shot wide of the post.
88' It's well worked by Shakhtar after Antonio nicks the ball off Ginter. They switch play out to Tete on the right and he cuts inside before curling a shot on goal and a deflection off Wendt takes it looping onto the roof of the net.
86' Gladbach are once again happy to just sit back in their own half and let Shakhtar keep possession. They're in no hurry to move forward and it's all in front of the home side.
I. Traoré
M. Thuram
84' Last change for Gladbach now and it's Traore that's coming on for Thuram.
83' Tete floats a good cross into the box from a free-kick on the right and he picks out Moraes in the middle. He flicks his header onto goal, but it's straight at Sommer down the middle and the keeper holds onto it.
Alan Patrick
81' Final roll of the dice for Shakhtar now, with Maycon replacing Patrick.
L. Bénes
L. Stindl
81' Another change for Gladbach now and it's Stindl that's making way for Benes.
79' Shakhtar are on the attack again now, but it's slow from the visitors. Tete plays a ball out to Patrick and continues his run through the middle, but he can't get on the end of the return pass.
O. Wendt
77' WENDT SCORES! Gladbach won a free-kick on the right and he steps up to take it. He floats a brilliant cross into the box but no one in the box gets a touch on it and it sneaks in at the far post. 4-0 Gladbach! 
75' Plea plays a good one-two with Thuram on the edge of the box, but the substitute can't keep hold of it when he gets the return. Two Shakhtar defenders quickly close him down and he doesn't have space to get a shot away.
73' WHAT A MISS! Moraes makes a great run between the Gladbach defenders and is one-on-one with Sommer. He takes the ball around the goalkeeper and has a shot from a tight angle on the left, but fires it into the side netting.
Marcos Antonio
70' Shakhtar are also making another change and it's Antonio coming on for Bonfim.
A. Plea
B. Embolo
69' And Embolo also makes way, with Plea on in his place.
D. Zakaria
F. Neuhaus
69' Neuhaus is also being taken off, with Zakaria on for him.
P. Herrmann
V. Lazaro
69' There's a triple change for Gladbach now and Lazaro is the first player to make way, with Herrmann replacing him.
67' Fernando finds himself in a pocket of space down the right, but instead of swinging a cross into the box, he cuts it back to Stepanenko. That gives Gladbach chance to get back and they close down the space again.
65' The pace of the game has slowed down a bit now as Shakhtar continue to keep the ball and try to break Gladbach down. It's patient play from the visitors, but they can't find a way in behind them yet.
63' Stindl swings another corner into the box and Pyatov comes to push it away from Embolo. Lazaro picks up the loose ball, but he can't pick out a team-mate with his cross and Bondar clears his lines.
61' CLOSE! Gladbach have a lot of players back in their box so Tete decides to have another shot from distance. He's trying to curl his effort into the far bottom corner, but it flies just wide of the post.
M. Solomon
59' Shakhtar are making the first change of the game now and it's Solomon that's making way for Fernando.
58' Lazaro picks up the ball in a pocket of space just outside the box and instead of going for goal, he plays it out to Lainer on the left. He forces him too wide though and Matvyenko gets across to nick it back.
56' Dodo plays a clever one-two with Tete down the right to open up some space for himself. He tries to drill a low cross into the middle from the right, but Wendt read it well and made the block.
54' It's a good throughball played into Moraes by Patrick, but he takes too long to decide what he wants to do. He ends up trying to square it to Solomon on his left, but it's cut out by Elvedi.
52' Gladbach are happy to sit deep and let Shakhtar keep the ball in midfield at the moment. The visitors are keeping possession well but they can't find a way in behind.
50' Shakhtar have made a bright start to the second half and are keeping Gladbach penned back in their own half. It's a good cross into the box by Bonfim and it falls to Stepanenko on the edge of the box but his drilled shot is blocked.
V. Lazaro
Yellow Card
48' Lazaro is booked after he loses the ball to Matvyenko and kicks his shin to try and win it back.
46' Gladbach get us back underway for the second half! 
As it stands, Gladbach are four points clear at the top of the group, setting themselves up with a good chance of reaching the knockout stages. Rose will be happy with his side's performance and will expect more of the same. Shakhtar haven't had a shot on target so far and Castro will expect to see a big improvement if they want to get back into this game.
Gladbach dominated the first half and take a 3-0 lead over Shakhtar into the break. Stindl opened the scoring from the spot after Embolo was fouled and coolly found the bottom corner. Elvedi then doubled the lead with a great header from a corner. Then, just before the half-time whistle, Embolo scored a brilliant overhead kick from close range at the near post to add the third.
B. Embolo
45' + 1' WHAT A GOAL! It comes from the free-kick Stepanenko gave away and Shakhtar don't deal with the cross into the box. It's headed into him at the near post and he sends his close-range overhead kick over Pyatov and into the back of the net. 3-0 Gladbach! 
T. Stepanenko
Yellow Card
45' Stepanenko picks up the first yellow card of the game after he steps across Lazaro to cut off his run.
44' It's another good run from Thuram down the left as he drives forward into the final third. He has Dodo with him the whole way though and he ends up catching the right-back when he overruns it.
42' Shakhtar are playing out from the back now to try and break down Gladbach, but Bondar almost gets caught out. He's quickly closed down by Lazaro and he just manages to clear his lines before the winger cuts across him.
40' Stindl plays a good throughball forward for Thuram to run onto and he has space down the left. The referee pulls it back for a foul on the Gladbach captain though and Thuram is left frustrated.
38' Moraes is played in on the edge of the box but he takes too long to decide what he wants to do. Ginter gets across to him to block his shot and it loops up for Sommer who comes off his line to collect it.
36' Shakhtar are pushing forward with more intent now, but they're still struggling to keep hold of the ball in the final third. There's room for them to run into down the right, but Bonfim loses out to Wendt.
L. Stindl
34' It's a great cross into the box by Stindl from the corner as he whips it into the near post for Elvedi.
N. Elvedi
34' ELVEDI SCORES! Nobody picks up his run to the near post and he rises above everyone else to head his effort across goal and into the far side of the net. 2-0 Gladbach! 
33' GOOD CHANCE! Embolo makes another good run in between the Shakhtar central defenders and he's picked out by Neuhaus. He's off-balance as he takes the shot and it takes a deflection off Bondar to loop over the bar.
31' Embolo managed to get a shot away on the edge of the six-yard box, but Gladbach are asking for a penalty as they feel that he was pushed off it by Krivtsov. The referee had a good view of it but doesn't give the spot-kick this time.
29' Both sides are struggling to keep hold of the ball at the moment and they're finding it difficult to mount an attack. Patrick makes a good run through the middle for Shakhtar, but he's nudged off it by Kramer.
27' Gladbach break quickly on the counter but Embolo is on his own in the final third. He tries to cut inside from the left, but he's crowded off the ball by Shakhtar defenders and they win it back.
25' Shakhtar are starting to put a bit more pressure on Gladbach higher up the field now. Solomon is given space on the left, but he overhits his cross and it bounces out on the far side.
23' Tete tries to lift the ball over the Gladbach defenders on the edge of the box to Moraes but Elvedi reads it well and heads it away. It falls to Tete again and he takes the shot first time, but it's a wild effort that finishes well wide of the post.
21' OFF THE POST! Stindl squares the ball to Embolo just outside the box and he has time to set himself before trying to pick out the bottom-right corner. Pyatov is beaten, but it bounces off the outside of the post.
19' Shakhtar are keeping possession well again at the moment, but it's all in their own half. Tete tries to make something happen for them down the right, but he overhits his pass towards Moraes and Gladbach come away with it.
L. Stindl
Penalty Goal
17' GLADBACH LEAD! It's the captain Stindl that steps up to take the penalty and he confidently slots his shot into the bottom-right corner, sending the goalkeeper the wrong way, to put his side ahead. 1-0 Gladbach! 
16' PENALTY TO GLADBACH! It's a good throughball from Stindl to pick out Thuram's run and Krivtsov can't catch up to him. He slides in but completely misses the ball, bringing down the player and the referee points straight to the spot.
14' Shakhtar just can't keep hold of the ball at the moment and are struggling to get out of their own half. Stepanenko has a chance to break for the visitors but he ends up running into Kramer.
12' Wendt spots Lazaro running into a lot of play down the right and he tries to switch play out to him. He cuts into the box but it's just out of his reach and Pyatov comes off his line to collect it.
10' GOOD CHANCE! Lazaro gets away from Matvyenko on the right and he pulls the ball back towards the edge of the box where Neuhaus is making a late run. He hits the shot first time but drags it wide of the far post.
9' Gladbach's high press pays off again as Thuram wins the ball back high on the left. He touches it onto Stindl, but it's a poor cross into the box from him, and Bondar clears it in the middle.
7' Shakhtar are caught out again as Gladbach play a long ball over the top, looking for Embolo's run through the middle. It's over his head this time though and he ends up fouling Krivtsov in his attempts to get to it.
5' GOOD SAVE! Gladbach are on the attack again and Neuhaus makes a driving run through the middle. He plays a good throughball into the box to Embolo, who takes the shot first time with the outside of his foot, but Pyatov rushes off his line to smother it.
4' Gladbach move the ball quickly upfield and it falls to Thuram on the left. He cuts inside before hitting his long-range shot, but it's always rising and it sails high over the crossbar.
2' Shakhtar are keeping the ball well in the opening minutes of the game, with all of their possession in their own half as Gladbach are closing them down high upfield.
1' Moraes gets the game underway for Shakhtar!
The teams are out on the pitch now, with kick-off just moments away.
Shakhtar have failed to find the back of the net in their last two Champions League games, with the Ukrainians last drawing a blank in three consecutive European games in the 2015-16 group stages of this competition.
Luis Castro also makes two changes to his team after their draw with Oleksandriya at the weekend. Bondar and Bonfim are the players brought in, while Antonio and Cipriano both drop to the bench.
Marco Rose makes just two changes to his side after their draw with Augsburg on Saturday, as he brings Thuram and Lazaro into the starting line-up. Herrmann starts on the bench.
SHAKHTAR DONETSK SUBS: Maycon, Fernando, Marquinhos Cipriano, Marcos Antonio, Oleksiy Shevchenko, Sergiy Bolbat, Heorhii Sudakov, Vitao, Anatolii Trubin.
SHAKHTAR DONETSK STARTING XI (4-3-3): Andriy Pyatov; Dodo, Sergey Krivtsov, Valerii Bondar, Mykola Matvyenko; Marlos Bonfim, Taras Stepanenko, Alan Patrick; Mateus Tete, Moraes, Manor Solomon.
BORUSSIA MONCHENGLADBACH SUBS: Tobias Sippel, Andreas Poulsen, Max Grun, Alassane Plea, Denis Zakaria, Laszio Benes, Michael Lang, Tony Jantschke, Ibrahima Traore, Patrick Herrmann.
BORUSSIA MONCHENGLADBACH STARTING XI (4-2-3-1): Yann Sommer; Stefan Lainer, Matthias Ginter, Nico Elvedi, Oscar Wendt; Christoph Kramer, Florian Neuhaus; Valentino Lazaro, Lars Stindl, Marcus Thuram; Breel Embolo.
Gladbach sit top of the group and are unbeaten in the competition so far this season (W1 D2), with that win coming against Shakhtar in the reverse fixture when they thrashed them 6-0. Since then though, they've failed to win either of their league games (D1 L1). As for Shakhtar, that is their only loss in their last 12 games in all competitions (W5 D6), and Luis Castro will be hoping his side can bounce back from that heavy defeat.
Hello and welcome to live coverage of the Champions League Group B meeting between Borussia Monchengladbach and Shakhtar Donetsk at BORUSSIA-PARK!