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90' + 5'
Javi Hernández
Yellow Card
Manuel Onwu
S. Sarangi
3 - 1
R. Krishna
J. Rane
3 - 0
R. Krishna
2 - 0
R. Krishna
Javi Hernández
1 - 0

Match Stats

44% 56%
Shots Off Target
Shots On Target 5 2
Total Passes 318 409
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That's all from our side. Thanks for following our LIVE coverage of today's clash in Kolkata.
Full time: ATK confirm play-offs spot and reclaim their posirtion at the top of the table with a thumping win over Odisha FC.
Javi Hernández
Yellow Card
90' + 5' Yellow card Francisco Javier Hernández González
90' + 3' Garcia combines well with Krishna before entering the box through the left and tries to find Hernandez but Delgado blocks him as Bora clears the ball.
90' + 2' Chance! Jerry feeds Tebar at the edge of the box who sends a cross and Onwu attempts a header but it goes just above the crossbar!
90' + 1' Added time: 4 minutes. Can Odisha pull one back at least?
90' Xisco sends a cross inside the box for Onwu but Arindam comes out of his line and collects the ball.
90' Hernandez sends a cross from the left flank eyeing Krishna inside the box but Delgado intercepts the ball and clears.
89' Xisco attempts a shot from the edge of the box but the ball goes way off target.
88' Chance! Sarangi sends a cross from the right and Onwu attempts a header but it goes just above the crossbar.
86' Nandha keeps a low cross inside the box which almost went to Odisha strikers but Pritam clears the ball. David Williams then makes a run from the counter-attack and attempts a shot but fails to beat Arshdeep.
85' Chance! Krishna a wins a ball from Bora and makes a run inside the box from the left side and tries to find the back of the net through the far post but the ball goes out of play. Could have just crossed the ball to Williams.
83' Edu Garcia twists and turns at the edge of the box and tries to find a teammate with a pass but it gets blocked.
J. Mawihmingthanga
Yellow Card
82' Yellow card Jerry Mawihmingthanga
A. Edathodika
M. Soosairaj
82' Substitution Michael Soosairaj Anas Edathodika
82' Habas completely shutting shot in the final 10 minutes as Anas comes in replacing Soosairaj.
81' Hernandez sends a floating ball inside the box but the Odisha defenders head it away.
N. Sekar
Yellow Card
80' Yellow card Nandakumar Sekar
80' Pronay Halder sends a through ball for Prabir to his right but Nandha brings down the wing-back. Free-kick to ATK.
79' Scrappy football at the moment as ATK have completely gone into a shell.
77' Jerry sends a cross inside the box from right and Onwu gets a touch to the ball but it fails to troube Arindam.
76' David Williams is out on the pitch after a long injury break.
D. Williams
75' Substitution Armando Sosa Peña David Williams
73' Can the three new players make an impact for Odisha in the final quarter of the game?
71' Krishna makes a nother good run down the middle and enters the box but Delgado does well to shield him as Arshdeep collects the ball.
A. Singh
69' Substitution Francisco Ramón Dorronsoro Sánchez Arshdeep Singh
D. Lalhlimpuia
V. Rai
69' Substitution Vinit Rai Chamling Daniel Lalhlimpuia
M. Pérez
N. Das
69' Substitution Narayan Das Martín Pérez Guedes
69' Triple substitution from Gomabu. Yes you hear that right three players coming in together.
P. Halder
J. Rane
68' Substitution Jayesh Rane Pronay Halder
68' Pritam sends a long ball for Krishna but the Fijian striker is given offside!
S. Sarangi
67' Assist Shubham Sarangi
Manuel Onwu
67' Goal Manuel Onwu Villafranca
67' GOALLL! Odisha pulls one back. Onwu pushes the ball into the net from Jerry's cross.
64' Tebar loses the ball on the left and Rane wins the ball before sending a cross. Krishna receives the ball and finds the back of the net with a cracking shot.
J. Rane
63' Assist Jayesh Rane
R. Krishna
63' Goal Roy Krishna
63' GOALL!! Hat-trick for Krishna! ATK 3-0. Game surely over now!
61' From a quick counter-attack Mandi Sosa sends a long ball and Krishna receives the ball before making a brilliant run beating Delgado in sheer pace and finds the back of the net with a brilliant lob over Dorronsoro.
60' Assist Armando Sosa Peña
R. Krishna
60' Goal Roy Krishna
60' GOALL Roy Krishna doubles the lead for ATK! Game over?
59' Nandha attempts a cross from the left but it goes wide and high above the crossbar! Horrible delivery.
57' Soosairaj exchanges a one-two with Garcia at the edge of the box but fails to control the finall ball.
56' Sarangi brings down Krishna in ATK's half to give away a free-kick.
54' Jerry picks up pass and attempts a shot from distance with non-kicking left football and it goes way off target.
53' Chance on the other end as Xisco attempts a first-time shot from a close range of Narayan's cross but fails to beat Arindam. Very poor miss!
53' Jayesh Rane attempts a long range shot from distance but the ball goes above the crossbar.
52' Chance for Nandha as Xisco floats a  free-kick inside the box but Nandha fails to touch the ball near the far post.
50' Krishna has well and truly lit up the second half with a brilliant strike yet again!
R. Krishna
49' Goal Roy Krishna
Javi Hernández
49' Assist Francisco Javier Hernández González
49' The Fijian striker finds the back of the net with a first time volley off Hernandez's corner.
49' GOALLLL!! Who else but Roy Krishna gives ATK the lead.
49' Mandi Sosa to Prabir on the right who twists and turn around Narayan and tries to send a cross but Narayan blocks it. Corner to ATK.
47' Hernandez floats a corner inside the box but no ATK player present to meet the ball as it goes out of play.
46' Second half underway!
Half time: It's all square after frst 45 minutes! Stay tuned for more action in the second half.
45' Added time: 1 minute.
44' Sarangi sends a through ball down the right side for Jerry but the young winger fails to touch the ball as it goes out for a goal-kick.
42' Hernandez takes a free-kick but it hits the Odisha wall and come back. 
N. Das
Yellow Card
41' Yellow card Narayan Das
40' Hernandez makes a brilliant run from a counter-attack and tries to go past Sarangi on the left side but the right-back makes a brilliant challenge to clear the out of the play.
37' Hernandez floats a cross from the left and Krishna connects his head to the ball but fails to make any impact.
36' ATK have been the better side of the two so far but have not been able to make an impact in the final third.
34' Prabir makes a brilliant run down the right flank and sends a cross but it goes to Dorronsoro. The Odisha goalkeeper fumbles and had almost made a meal of it but finally manages to grip the ball. No harm done.
31' Xisco sends a curling free-kick inside the box but Mandi heads it away. Jerry picks up the rebound ball and sends another cross but it goes to Arindam.
31' Narayan sends a pass down the left flank for Nandha but the winger is brought down by Mongil. Free-kick to Odisha.
Xisco Hernández
Yellow Card
29' Yellow card Francisco Hernández Marcos
29' Now a poor challenge from Xisco on Rane as he gives away a free-kick to ATK.
28' Mongil brings down Onwu with a poor challenge from behind at the middle of the pitch.
27' Hernandez takes a short corner and finds Prabir who takes a touch and sends a cross but it is a bit wayward. 
26' Hernandez floats a free-kick inside the box but Bora clears the ball out for a corner.
24' Prabir tries to send a cross from the right but fails to connect his foot properly as Delgado intercepts the ball.
22' End to end football in Kolkata at the moment with ATK marginally dominating proceedings.
21' Hernandez sends a long free-kick from near the centre circle and the ball goes straight to Dorronsoro.
20' Prabir finds Rane on the right flank who makes a good run and sends a cross inside the box but it is far off Edu Garcia.
17' Hernandez curls a low free-kick and tries to slot the ball home through the near post but it goes wide.
16' Narayan has brought down Krishna near the penalty box and gives away a free-kick to ATK.
15' Xisco curls a free-kick from the right side and Arindam fists the ball away. The referee also gives a foul to ATK.
14' Another corner from Garcia inside the box but this time Tebar clears the ball.
12' Prabir picks up a pass from Hernandez and keeps a low ball inside the box but Odisha defenders intercept.
10' Xisco sends a through ball from a counter-attack for Jerry who makes a run but Arindam comes out of his line and clears the ball.
9' Sarangi and Xisco exchange a quick one-two before the right-back sends a low cross but it gets deflected off Rathi.
8' Garcia sends a curling corner inside the box but Krishna fails to connect his head to the ball.
7' Chance for ATK! Hernandez finds Krishna in the middle who sends the ball to Prabir to his right. Prabir enters the box and keeps a curling low cross but Garcia fails to get a touch as Bora clears the ball for a corner.
4' As expected we are off to an exciting start to this clash.
2' From the counter-attack Odisha threatens the ATK backline as Nandha gets the ball at the left edge of the box but his cross gets intercepted by Mongil as it goes out for a corner.
2' Krishna wins a loose ball near the centre of the pitch and outpaces Delgado. He tries to square the ball in the middle for Garcia but its a bit wayward as Odisha defenders intercept.
1' Narayan sends a long ball from Odisha's half for Onwu who tries to trap the ball but Mongil intercepts and sends it to Arindam.
1' Kick-off! We are underway in Kolkata!
Both ATK and Odisha play a very attacking brand of football so an exciting clash is on the cards. 
Both teams need a win tonight for different reason though. While ATK are fighting for the top spot on the league table, Odisha are in the race for a possible play-offs spot. With Mumbai winning against Jamshedpur the other day, Odisha have to win tonight to remain in the race.
Josep Gombau, on the other hand, make four changes in the Odisha XI. Diawandou Diagne, Martin Guedes, Daniel Lalhimpuia and Mohammad Dhot make way for Carlos Delgado, Marcos Tebar, Nandhakumar Sekar and Shubham Sarangi.
Antonio Lopez Habas makes two changes in the ATK lineup. Victor Mongil and Michael Soosairaj replace Agus Iniguez and Anas Edathodika.
Odisha subs: Arshdeep Singh, Lalchhuanmawia Fanai, Mohammad Dhot, Bikramjit Singh, Diawandou Diagne, Martin Guedes, Daniel Lalhimpuia.
ATK subs: Dheeraj Singh, Anas Edathodika, Pronay Halder, Regin Michael, Sehnaj Singh, Balwant Singh, David Williams.
Odisha XI: Francisco Dorronsoro, Gaurav Bora, Shubham Sarangi, Narayan Das, Carlos Delgado, Marcos Tebar, Xisco Hernandez, Vinit Rai, Jerry Mawihmingthanga, Nandhakumar Sekar, Manuel Onwu.
ATK XI: Arindam Bhattacharya, Sumit Rathi, Pritam Kotal, Prabir Das, Victor Mongil, Armando Sosa Pena, Edu Garcia, Javier Hernandez, Jayesh Rane, Roy Krishna, Michael Soosairaj.
Lineups are in.
Hello and welcome to the LIVE match centre of today's Indian Super League clash between ATK and Odisha FC at the Salt Lake Stadium.
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