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Nine reasons MUNDIAL is the perfect Christmas gift for someone who loves football

Every year, it gets to December and you realise that you’ve not got your brother, or sister, or mum, or dad, or uncle, or aunt, or anyone a Christmas present yet. And you’re stuck. Fortunately, they love football, don’t they? And fortunately, MUNDIAL exists for them.

MUNDIAL is a 100-page magazine released four times a year that reminds you why you love football. Covering the game at every single level, you’re as likely to find a 20 page cover story on Zinedine Zidane’s 10 defining moments as you are as a story about a team from south Wales who have 50 people going to watch them every week. You’ll find amazing stories about cult heroes like Jay-Jay Okocha, untold stories about superheroes like Lionel Messi and Diego Maradona, and stories about local heroes like the organisers of a neighbourhood AFCON in Paris.

Weekends away, brilliant writing, forgotten goals, beautiful photography, and everything from Sunday League and sausage and chips, to Champions League and iconic kits, MUNDIAL celebrates the game and the things around it that make people happy.

And this year, MUNDIAL has put together a Christmas bundle to make that decision to get it for the football lover in your life, or better, yourself, even easier.

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