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10 non-Lionel Messi reasons to watch MLS in 2024

Yes, we know why many of you are watching MLS. The presence of Lionel Messi has taken interest in the league to a new stratosphere. MLS was on an upward trajectory before, but the signing of Messi completely altered the its course, bringing in millions of new viewers along the way.

But, as we enter Messi's first full season in the US, it's important to remember that he and Inter Miami aren't the only story. They're a big one, yes, and they'll be covered more than any other club because of it but, outside of South Beach, there's plenty of MLS chaos just waiting to be unleashed in 2024.

So what are the storylines to watch out for? What should fans be most excited about as the 2024 campaign kicks off? GOAL has you covered...

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