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From Future Star to FC Icon: How Wayne Rooney burst onto the scene and blasted his way to England immortality

If you're of a certain age, you'll remember the moment you first saw a young Wayne Rooney. Dynamic, energetic, full of pace, power and everything else you could possibly want... Rooney had it all from the moment he stepped into the Premier League for the very first time.

Many times, what would follow would be a cautionary tale, a story of a starlet that couldn't quite capture the potential to be great that was handed to them. Not Rooney, though. By the time his career was over, that young prodigy had become one of the best England had ever seen, dominating for both club and country for years upon years.

With more winners' medals than you can count, Rooney helped lead an era of dominance atop the Premier League. He did so by doing a little bit of everything. Rooney was never a static player, but rather a chameleon. On the wing, up top, in the midfield... no matter where he played, he was going to influence a team's ability to win.

To coincide with the release of his Future Stars Icon card on EA Sports FC24 on PlayStation 5, GOAL takes a look back at Rooney's journey and how he went from Future Star to ICON...