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What is the official Champions League ball for 2018-19 & how much does it cost?

15:32 EAT 22/08/2018
Adidas Finale 18 Champions League ball
Goal takes a look at the latest Adidas ball for Europe's premier club competition, including how much it costs, previous editions and more

The 2018-19 Champions League is under way and giants such as Real Madrid, Manchester United and Barcelona will soon be commencing their quests for continental glory.

Each team comes into the tournament equipped with a whole new look, with new kits being launched for the season, while players will be testing out the latest boots throughout the campaign.

The most important piece of equipment of all has also changed for the new edition: the ball.

Goal brings you everything you need to know about the official Champions League ball for the 2018-19 season, including how much it costs and more.

What is the official Champions League ball?

The official ball for the 2018-19 Champions League season is the Adidas Finale 18 and it was launched in August ahead of the group stage.

This season, Adidas have opted for a bold new take on their traditional design by inverting the colourway, with the stars going white against a darker backdrop.

A blend of blues form the background, with football blue, bright cyan and collegiate royal all incorporated.

According to Adidas, the design intends to "let the stars shine" with the layout creating the illusion that the stars are glowing on the ball.

The panels on the ball are thermally bonded, which helps to make its surface more aerodynamic, as well as optimising a player's touch.

A seamless surface also improves the ball's likelihood of not becoming waterlogged.

The iconic star pattern which features on the ball is inspired by the UEFA Champions League logo and the inversion of the customary colourway brings it closer to much of the competition's branding. 

How much does the official Champions League ball cost?

If you wish to get the same type of ball being used by the likes of Cristiano Ronaldo and Lionel Messi in the Champions League this season, it will cost you.

The Adidas Finale 18 official matchday ball is priced at £135 in the United Kingdom (UK) and $180 in the United States (US). In countries where the Euro is used, it will cost €149.95.

However, there are a number of cheaper alternatives available, which mimic the style of the Finale 18, but differ in terms of their design specifications.

A competition ball is the closest type to the official matchday ball and that will set you back £45 in the UK and $60 in the US. A training ball will cost £31 in the UK and $42 in the US.

The cheapest Finale 18 replica is known as a 'sport ball' and will cost £27 in the UK and $36 in the US.

Official Champions League matchday ball price:

Country Price
United Kingdom £135
United States $180
Europe* €149.95

*In countries where Euro is currency.

Prices from official UEFA website.

What was last year's Champions League ball?

For the 2017-18 Champions League season, the Adidas Finale 17 was used and it had a more traditional feel to it compared to its successor.

The ball had a white background and the stars were darker, with the colourway of core black, dark green and energy blue used to give the panels a striking look.

Like the Finale 18, the panels of the Finale 17 ball were thermally bonded to produce a seamless finish.

A different design, known as the Adidas Finale Kiev (a nod to the host city), was used for the final between Real Madrid and Liverpool.

While the background colour of the ball remained white, the stars lost their blue-green hue, which was replaced by solar yellow and blue.

Previous official Champions League balls

The famous starry Champions League ball first appeared in the competition during the 2000-01 season, when Adidas won the contract from their rival brand Nike.

However, in the early days, the ball was usually only used for the knockout stage and it was common for a variety of balls from the different leagues involved to be deployed. 

The first ever Adidas Finale Champions League ball was white with silver/grey stars and the design has not variated much since then, save for the colour scheme.

Since 2010, the panelling on the ball has been shaped like the stars on the competition logo, with UEFA's CEO of Events, David Taylor, saying at the launch: "It's the best [ball] we've ever seen. I'd go as far as to say it's not really a football, it's more a work of art."

Prior to the Adidas Finale 'Starball', Nike's balls for the Champions League were generally plain white with a single prominent 'Swoosh'.