Wenger out? Rooney out? Noble says critics 'don't really understand the game'

The West Ham skipper has joined Arsenal's under-fire manager and Manchester United's club captain in being targeted by disgruntled supporters

West Ham captain Mark Noble claims those that are quick to criticise high-profile figures from the stands “don’t really understand the game”.

The Hammers midfielder has found himself singled out of late, with disgruntled supporters eager to find a scapegoat when things are going badly.

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Noble is in good company when it comes to incurring the wrath of those on the terraces, with Arsenal manager Arsene Wenger having seen protests staged against his reign.

Manchester United skipper Wayne Rooney has also faced regular calls for his presence to be removed from the Red Devils line-up, and the starting XI for England.

Mark Noble West Ham

Noble appreciates that criticism comes with the job and that those shouting the loudest often have little concept of the bigger picture and the potential consequences of their actions.

He told Sky Sports News: "If I am really honest, a lot of people who now go to football don't really understand the game.

"Football is a game of moments now and if someone does four step-overs, they've had an incredible game.

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"That's not something I do. It's just football, you've got to live with it. The things Arsene Wenger has done for Arsenal and some people want him out.

"Players like Wayne Rooney, some people want him out of the Manchester United team. That's why we are captains of our clubs, because we can handle that pressure."

On a personal level, Noble believes goings on away from the field have conspired to position him firmly under the spotlight, with West Ham having had to cope with a move to a new stadium and the disruptive departure of star playmaker Dimitri Payet.

Dimitri Payet West Ham

Noble added: "It's probably been the hardest [period] of my West Ham career because we've had so much to deal with off the pitch.

"Obviously the move to the new stadium, the Dimi situation, so much has gone on and we lost four of our best players to injury in pre-season, which is hard to replace.

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"You've got to stick at it, the players have dug in and though we've lost a couple of games, in this day and age you're not allowed to lose games."

West Ham have suffered back-to-back defeats in the Premier League, and gone four without a win, to slip to 11th place in the top-flight standings.