'Watching England is like Space Jam - the Monstars nicked the players' talent'

Space Jam/Warner Bros.
Ian Wright has likened Roy Hodgson's flops to the NBA players who had their talent drained by cartoon monsters in the hit film


It may have been a miserable Monday evening for most England fans, but at least Ian Wright cheered us all up with this gem of a line.

As he struggled to comprehend the lack of skill shown by Roy Hodgson’s players in the second half, the former Arsenal striker only had one film on his mind.

“I just can’t stop thinking about the film Space Jam,” he told ITV.

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“It’s like the Monstars nicked their talent or something.

“It’s literally unexplainable what happened to the lads in the second half. It’s just devastating for me, I can’t believe it.”

But unlike Space Jam, England had no Michael Jordan with a stretched arm to save them as Iceland went on to see the game out with little fuss.