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Wanyama Roya Charity Cup to spur sports growth in Kenya

13:44 EAT 11/07/2019
Victor Wanyama and William Ruto of Kenya.
Ruto believes the initiative will help identify raw talent that can be developed and aid the sports industry in the country

Deputy President William Ruto has vowed to support the Wanyama Roya Charity Cup initiative spearheaded by the Harambee Stars captain, Victor Wanyama.

Ruto noted the importance of the Roya Charity Cup adding that it will help identify more talent from the youth sector and help the sports fraternity in Kenya.

"We support efforts that promote scouting for sporting talent; honing skills and developing youth to exploit their potential, including joining the ranks of professional sportsmen and women. Strengthening the sports industry through adequate resource mobilisation and infrastructure development is key to ensuring youth excel in sport and earn a decent living," Ruto said in a post on his Facebook page.

The Wanyama Roya Charity Cup was launched in June last year and its main objective was to help identify budding players, sensitise the youth on the importance of a healthy lifestyle and education as well as helping them develop their sporting careers in a professional way.

The initiative's core goal was also to rehabilitate former footballers who were living in poor conditions after retiring from active football.