Teams and players that scored on social media in the World Cup

These are the top three teams and players that scored on social media in this World Cup

They may be scoring on the pitch, but how do they score on social media?

With an estimated global audience of 3.4 billion people, the football World Cup presents the perfect platform for the players to exploit their following on social media.Socialbakers, the world’s leading Social Media analytics provider, analysed the social media rankings of the 32 participating teams, as well as top players, and ranked them based on their total interactions on three key social media platforms – Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

Here’s are some of our key findings:

1)While Belgium has currently scored the most goals in the World Cup, the country only comes in at #20 on social media

2)On the flip side, Panama has come in last on the Top Goals chart, but ranks #22 on social media, only 2 spots after Belgium

3)Mexico is winning the game on social media, coming in at #1 with a total of over 12 million interactions

4)Saudi Arabia has a fair bit of catching up to – both on social (ranked last) and in the World Cup (#31)

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5)When it comes to consistency, Cristiano Ronaldo takes the cake, and the third ranking on both social media and the World Cup

6)Harry Kane may be ahead in the championship, but has some way to go on social media, coming in at #6 with 4.1 million interactions

Total interactions of top 3 teams across different platforms
Country Facebook Twitter Instagram Total interactions
Mexico 1,881,493 1,621,123 8,745,429 12,248,045
Germany 530,601 402,753 8,685,884 9,619,238
France 1,139, 123 408,984 6,210,231 7,758, 508


Total Interactions of top 3 football players across different platforms
Player Facebook Twitter Instagram Total interactions
Lionel Messi 4,459,973 2,235 15,034,521 19,496,729
Paul Pogba 485,664 226,710 10,455,623 11,167,997
Cristiano Ronaldo 5,198,994 2,303,191 0 7,502,185