Orlando Pirates can't lose to Kaizer Chiefs twice in 10 days - Ertugral

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Orlando Pirates head coach Muhsin Ertugral
In an exclusive interview with Goal, the 60-year-old tactician stated Bucs need to get their act together

Former Orlando Pirates head coach Muhsin Ertugral has revealed what he feels are the reasons behind the team's struggles this season. 

According to the Turkish mentor, the Sea Robbers lack stability which would in-turn bring success and this is due to the changes they continue to make to their coaching and playing personnel. 

He spoke highly of Bucs captain Happy Jele who he said was one of the stars during his short stint with the club over two seasons ago.  

"Success comes from stability. It's a long-term project. The stability is not there [at Pirates]. Obviously, they have chopped and changed players and coaches," Ertugral told Goal.

"Special players... the whole team is being changed. Players come in and out. Also, players when they know there are other players coming in, they feel insecure. During my time there, Happy Jele was their star... he doesn't only know the culture but he's a great player, a calm leader and knows what he's doing." 

Ertugral refused to go public on what exactly happened during his time with Pirates which led to his resignation but according to him, it doesn't look like the club is learning from their past mistakes. 

"Obviously I admire all the reasons that they don't want to speak about what happened there during my time. At that time... dirty linen I don't want to put in the public but it's high time they get their act together. I sometimes feel it's important for South African football that Pirates get back on track and it doesn't look like it," continued Ertugral.  

Furthermore, Ertugral feels there is a little bit of naivety among the players to a certain extent that players often look confused when he looks from the outside and he urged Pirates to address this because the team has quality players that can win them games.   

"Last season, everyone was talking about Lorch but he's nowhere [to be seen] this season. So, what is the instability? So, it needs to be looked at and it can only be looked at from the inside and not outside," said the former Kaizer Chiefs mentor.  

"But I know the setup, they have certain people around there with the training spirit which is not bad, it's actually good, but I have seen a lot of naivety in there. The team isn't stable in terms of the tactical format. I sometimes feel like the players are confused for whatever reason," said the outspoken manager.  

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"There are some really quality boys there. I forgot Nyauza. He's a great character and a great boy to work with and whatever reasons things aren't working out, they need to work on them," he said.   

Ertugral also weighed in on Pirates' back-to-back Soweto Derby defeats to Chiefs, saying, not in so many words that it was unacceptable. 

"One thing is very clear in my opinion, and that's my message; you can't lose the [Soweto] Derby twice in 10 days," added Ertugral.