Morrison: Yanga SC tell forward to leave club if he ‘doesn’t have contract’

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Bernard Morrison of Yanga SC in training.
Yanga SC.
The Jangwani giants urged the Ghanaian forward to pack and go if he feels he has run down his contract with them

Young Africans (Yanga SC) have reacted for the first time on the saga surrounding forward Bernard Morrison by asking him to leave the club if he feels he has ended a contract with them.

The Ghanaian forward has not reported to the Yanga camp since the team suffered a humiliating 4-1 defeat against rivals Simba SC in the FA Cup semi-final clash at National Stadium in Dar es Salaam a week ago.

It was during the match when Morrison’s conduct came into the limelight after he was substituted for Patrick Sibomana and instead of going to the bench, the player threw a tantrum towards the technical bench and headed straight to the dressing room, where he changed and left the stadium.

Yanga have always insisted Morrison, who has been linked with a transfer move to Simba, has two years on his contract remaining but the player insists he has run down his contract and his free to leave.

It is, for this reason, Yanga information officer Hassan Bumbuli has told the player to go ahead and leave if he feels he has run down his contract he signed after joining from Orlando Pirates of South Africa.

“If he knows he has no contract at Yanga, he should immediately leave and sign a new deal wherever he thinks is good for him other than keeping damaging the image of the club,” Bumbuli is quoted by Daily News.

“He said he has not been paid a two-month salary which is not right. If that is the case, then he should print a bank statement that he has not received a two-month salary and show it to the reporters.

“After he was substituted on the day against Simba, he went to the dressing room, packed his belongings, and went away to an unknown destination until now nobody is aware of his whereabouts.

"The following day, he never showed up for training sessions so as the second day and nobody chased him away. I remember David Molinga also did the same thing previously but later, he came and joined his teammates at the camp, as such, what is so special about him [Morrison].

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“We know many teams are after him and he should go other than speaking a lot about Yanga. He is a big player who is wanted by many teams.

“We have many domestic players who are doing a recommendable job for their respective clubs and the national team. We have players like Waziri Junior and John Bocco who are at the peak of their careers and deserve to be promoted like talking about Morrison all the time.”

After being substituted against Simba, Morrison looked to have waved ‘bye-bye’ to Yanga fans, with many saying he had played his last game for the Timu ya Mwanachi.