Masoud ​Djuma hails Jonas Mkude as a top midfielder in the league​

Jonas Mkude won a praise of Masoud Djuma after his contribution to Simba's win over Azam

Masoud Djuma described Jonas Mkude as one of the best Ligi Kuu Bara's defensive midfielders after he helped Simba to a 1-0 narrow victory over Azam on Wednesday.

One day after the match Djuma described Mkude as the best midfielder in Tanzania, who cannot be compared with anybody.

“I can proudly say Mkude is currently the best midfielder in the country and showed his potential in Wednesday's match,” he said.

 Djuma narrated that now h​e's​ ​eyeing​ to accumulate 21 points from seven matches to put his side on the right track to clinch the league title this season.

“This match was the second on our list of seven encounters of which we would collect maximum points as such, we are now remaining with five games to fulfill our target of bagging 21 points from seven matches,” said Djuma.