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Manchester United are the worst value for money side in the the Premier League

17:58 EAT 17/05/2017
Expensive Squads Manchester United
As England's biggest club, many would suspect United would offer a product that matched the asking price of the club. But this is not the case

Manchester United are officially the worst value for money to watch in the Premier League!

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The club may have made the Europa League final and won the League Cup, but they have drawn some ire from fans for their dull and uninspired football.

Old Trafford has seen just 36 total goals this season and, according to research carried out by, that means that fans have been forced to pay a hefty £15.37 per goal.

Not shying away from the lack of goals, manager Jose Mourinho has already begun looking for answers to his squad's poor form in front of goal, pointing to the sale of Javier Hernandez to Bayer Leverkusen as significant.

Mourinho said: "In the way, we play at Old Trafford, in the way we dominate opponents, in the way we play in the box, I think Chicharito would have 20 goals easy."

United's boss believes his squad lack 'natural goalscoring killers' who would breathe more life into the way the side play.

"We have Marcus. We believe in Marcus, that’s no doubt. Are we going to buy a striker? Maybe. Maybe.” he added, when asked if the club plans to purchase a forward this summer.

Gary Neville, former United defender, agrees that the club need an out-and-out goalscorer, and has urged Mourinho to sign one this summer

"They need quality, more subtlety and more killer instinct in the final third. The positive is he knows where to improve. He needs players capable of winning matches for him. The ones currently up top are not doing that." he told Sky Sports.

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With a match day ticket coming in at £36, along with the extortionate price of £7 a pint, days out to the Theatre of Dreams are no longer as special as they once might have been.

Closely following United’s poor value, is Southampton, who are only £1.84 better off for the fans. Cheaper pints, tickets and programmes aren’t helped by the fact the Saints could only find the net 37 times this season and only 17 times at home.

Title winners Chelsea are third on the list, offering a goal per £11.58 spent by fans, though they do have the Premier League trophy to show for their exploits this season.

Champions league hopefuls Liverpool top the list for the best value for money. The cost per goal at Anfield comes in at a tiny price of £3.63, more than £11 and a little change cheaper than what Manchester United have to offer.