Kakamega Homeboyz: David Majak is using forged documents and Tusker should be punished

The 2018 Chapa Dimba MVP has scored three goals since joining coach Robert Matano at Tusker

Kakamega Homeboyz chairman Cleophas Shimanyula has revealed why they are opposed to Tusker's continued fielding of forward David Majak.

Shimanyula claims that the South Sudanese player is using forged documents, so his eligibility to play for any club in the Kenyan Premier League (KPL) is questionable.

To prop up his case, Shimanyula produced two sets of birth certificates and identification documents which are also in possession of Goal - one that he claims is genuine and the other a forgery.

The first document suggests Majak's real name is John Duol Tot and that he was born in 1996. 

The documents further indicate that when Majak signed a pre-contract with Kakamega Homeboyz in 2018, he used the names John Duol Tot. 

The second set of documents indicate that David Majak was born in 2000, is 19 years of age and is registered as a Tusker player.

Shimanyula believes Tusker should be punished for fielding the forward, whose stay in the country, he says, should attract government response.

Kakamega Homeboyz are among the two other clubs, Mount Kenya United and Sofapaka, who are protesting the inclusion of the player in KPL matches.

"The real names for this player are not David Majak as he claims, his real names are John Duol Tot. So it is not right for Tusker to field him knowing clearly that he is using forged documents. Tusker should be made to pay for the carelessness on their side," Shimanyula insisted as he spoke with Goal.

“This is a criminal who should face the full force of the law and even be imprisoned at Kamiti Prison for impersonation and Tusker should be docked points that they earned when this player was fielded.

“He was not born in 2000 as he claims, he is older than what he wants the public to believe and I wonder why the Football Kenya Federation (FKF) and KPL have allowed the matter to slip unchecked.”

Shimanyula added that they have raised the issue with the football governing bodies but have not had a response from them.

On his part, Majak says the allegations by the clubs, especially Kakamega Homeboyz, are malicious and are meant to derail his progress in the KPL.

“Yes, I signed with Homeboyz while I was in school but they never made a follow up after and that is why I decided to sign for Mount Kenya United. That is the time Homeboyz started complaining and wrote a letter to FKF protesting my decision to join MKU," Majak told Goal.

"To avoid the unnecessary tug of war between me and Homeboyz, I presented myself to FKF seeking a release letter to terminate my previous contracts with Homeboyz and MKU and I signed for Tusker having been officially terminated the contracts with the help of FKF."

Majak added that Homeboyz waited until he helped Tusker beat them 3-0 in their own backyard to start complaining of his eligibility to play in KPL.

"The documents purported to show my official details are fake unless Kakamega Homeboyz wants to claim they know me more than my parents. I know they are complaining because I scored against them," he added.

Majak signed for Tusker last March and has scored three goals so far.

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Two of his strikes came against clubs which have launched complains about his eligibility.

He also salvaged a point for the Brewers in a 1-1 draw against Mathare United on April 6.

At the time of writing Goal was unable to reach the FKF for comment.