'I keep reminding them about Chelsea' - Boboye reveals Plateau United's title drive

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The Peace Boys tactician has disclosed that he has instilled Antonio Conte's men conquering spirit in his side in their dreams to claim the NPFL crown

​Plateau United head coach Kennedy Boboye has revealed that he has inculcated in his side the English champions Chelsea's winning mentality in their pursuit of the Nigerian topflight title.
Despite a late 2-1 defeat against Abia Warriors, Boboye insists they are not desperate to win the league diadem but keen on accruing points as much as possible.
"If you want to be a champion, there are places you go and you must tell yourself that you must have a win here," Boboye told Goal.
"I keep reminding them about the way Chelsea plays. Chelsea when they get to your home - they play like as if it is their home.
"That's how a team that wants to win the title and plays on the continent. You can't be dropping points everywhere you go and expect to see yourself playing on the continent.
He continued, saying: "Right from time, I have my own style and I like my own kind of players because anyone who was to work with me must have the same mentality with me.
"If you don't have this zeal you can't work with together.  The most important thing is to look at yourself and believe anything in the league that is achievable is doable.
"If you know me in all my interviews, I don't say I want win the league title but going to any ground with hopes to pick my points. At the end of the season we count our points, we will know where we will finish on the league table."