'I'll miss Beyonce gig because of Euro 2016 quarter-final' - Wales defender Taylor

The full-back thought he had secured a nice surprise for his wife's birthday, only to find that the Mrs Jigga concert comes just a day before his side's last-eight clash at Euro 2016


Wales players and fans are having the time of their lives at Euro 2016 as they prepare for a quarter-final clash against Belgium, but left-back Neil Taylor will be disappointed that the tournament has got in the way of another rare opportunity.

The 27-year-old thought he was on to a winner when he bought tickets to go and see megastar Beyonce in Cardiff for his wife's birthday, only to find out that the concert takes place just a day before his side's encounter.

Taylor admits he bought the tickets this week and was quite excited about the concert.

"I had Beyonce tickets this week. I got them for my wife for her birthday. I just saw Beyonce: Cardiff and thought: 'That will be great'," he told The Daily Mail.

"I thought I had her birthday covered! I didn't even look at the dates. She said to me: 'They came through the post and it's the 30th Neil, that's four days' time'.

"OK that's a bit of a problem. She is probably coming to the game so will have to miss it as well.

"Who isn't a fan of Beyonce? I think obviously the women love her and I'll come along if you want! My wife has been once before so she won't be too disappointed."

Well, Taylor might be set to miss out, but his wife is now faced with quite the conundrum: support her husband in the game of his life, or go and see Queen B in action.

On second thoughts, it's not that tough of a decision. Enjoy the concert, Mrs Taylor!