Hulk set to be cleared in punch saga as authorities find 'no evidence' against Shanghai SIPG striker

The Brazilian has been accused of striking Guizhou Zhicheng assistant coach Yu Ming, but the Chinese FA have played down the severity of the incident

The Chinese Football Association (CFA) have found “no evidence” to suggest that Shanghai SIPG striker Hulk punched Guizhou Zhicheng assistant coach Yu Ming.

The Brazilian has been accused of lashing out in the tunnel during a Chinese Super League fixture.

Guizhou Zhicheng were quick to call on the relevant authorities to take action and for the 30-year-old forward to face sanction.

The CFA have, however, looked into the matter and concluded that the incident is “not as serious as people think”.

Guizhou Zhicheng call for Hulk action

“As far as we know, a quarrel did occur during half-time between the two parties, but there is no evidence Hulk committed a disciplinary offence,” said Li Lipeng, deputy director of the Executive Board of CFA Professional League.

“It is understandable that that both parties are eager to win, and it’s quite normal to have disputes. However, to the best of our knowledge, the incident is not as serious as people think.

“Shanghai SIPG had delivered all the evidence relevant to the case to Guizhou Zhicheng, who will decide if they will take further action.

“Basically, an agreement has been reached between the two parties.”

Hulk for Shanghai SIPG

Li Bing, Guizhou Zhicheng’s outgoing caretaker coach, has taken to Weibo, though, calling on Hulk to admit to his misdemeanour and acknowledge that his behaviour was wrong.

He posted: “I am just an ordinary football coach and I told the whole story in a matter-of-fact way, singling out Hulk for his bad behaviour as a professional player.

“He is a world-class star and I admire his footballing skills. However, to err is human and I suppose he is afraid to admit when he makes a mistake.

“The truth is Hulk provoked [my assistant] Li Sheng, started the argument and then punched [another assistant] Yu Ming.

Hulk & Oscar hope to impress Brazil

“What matters is not the seriousness of his punch, but the nature of his behaviour.

“Given the fact that a CCTV camera is erected in the lobby and another one along the corridor, I am convinced the incident will present itself clearly.

“Unless the cameras are out of order.”

Hulk is currently in his second campaign with CSL side Shanghai SIPG, having completed a €55.8 million move in the summer of 2016, and has netted four times in eight appearances this season.