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Debabrata Sarkar irked by Quess Corp's running of East Bengal

20:02 EAT 28/07/2019
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The East Bengal official wants the club to part ways with Quess Corp, who handle all football-related activity...

Amidst East Bengal club's centenary celebrations, executive committee member Debabrata Sarkar has hit out at Quess Corp, the investors who own a majority seventy per cent stake in Quess East Bengal Football Club (QEBFC), the company which runs the football team.

"We don't run the football team. The company runs it. They do not discuss any matters with us. From our part, we intimate them of certain things that we think need to be thought over. For example, the Durand Cup. We were clear that sending a weaker team will not be an option. The company has accepted it and has talked it out with the coach (Alejandro Menendez)", said Sarkar.

"It is nothing to be ashamed of but they (Quess Corp) are running the show and we are watching now. Let us see, we hope for the best," Sarkar added, cutting a frustrated figure.

Sarkar is also one of the board members of QEBFC and confirmed that he had extended an invite to Quess Corp chairman Ajit Isaac for the grand celebrations slated to take place on 1 August, the foundation day of the club.

"Only he knows, ask him," Sarkar replied when asked if the Bengaluru-based industrialist would be present on the historic occasion for the club.

While few local reports suggest a split between the club and Quess Corp is imminent after 31 May 2020, Sarkar himself went onto clarify that the club is looking to make an exit.

He revealed, "I have heard that their (Quess Corp) position in the market is not that good. Apparently, they have suffered losses of INR 150-200 Crore and the directors have 'attacked' the chairman in their board meeting. We haven't been told anything. 

"Seven days after signing the pact (5 July 2018), I decided any opportunity to break out of this deal should not go amiss. Even today I maintain my stance, the day we get an opportunity, we will part ways. We are not happy with the situation. Look, I will be honest, we have been looking for new sponsors since day one."

However, contrary to Sarkar's beliefs, Quess Corp's revenue for the first quarter ending 30 June 2019 was up 21.3 per cent to INR 23.95 billion (USD 346.9 million). Based on its current share price, the company still has a market value of INR 66.3 billion (USD 960.38 million).

With the season starting next weekend, Sarkar was unhappy how Quess Corp officials have gone on to make up the playing squad, given it is going to be a monumental season for the club. 

"As a supporter of the club, I am disappointed with the team prepared by Quess Corp. I am not happy. Obviously, the team could have been better but there is still scope. If the two-three foreign players come good, then the team can put up a challenge," opined Sarkar.