27 of the best football gifts for dads

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Football is a universal language between fathers and children. Whether the kid in question is a growing teenager or perhaps a father of their own, football provides some common ground for dads and their offspring to communicate about.

Many dads are the ones who take you to see your first game, and Christmas is a time to give back and say thank you for introducing you to the sport that makes you feel at home wherever you go.

Having a Dad who is a football fan makes birthdays and Christmases much easier as there are tonnes of sports-related gifts just waiting to be given - although when there is so much out there, trawling through the internet for the perfect gift can feel like a sport in itself. 

On top of this, the last thing you want is your dad smiling politely as he opens another copy of that old football autobiography. Luckily, we’ve found the best new releases and quirky, unique gifts that will make them smile for all the right reasons. 

There are miniature stadiums with thousands of puzzle pieces to keep him occupied, books that will further his all-encompassing footie knowledge and creature comforts to show him you care. So, whether it’s Christmas, a birthday, or a present “just because”, here are the 27 best gifts available for dads.

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£15.00 and under

1. The Age of Football by David Goldblatt

The Age Of Football book

Sports historian David Goldblatt's book explores how football has taken over the world. His investigation doesn't stop at elite clubs; he studies the politics driving the global game, football in Ugandan prisons, amputee football in Angola, and tackles the FIFA corruption scandal.

Get it from Amazon for £9.99

2. Inverting The Pyramid by Jonathan Wilson

Inverting The Pyramid book

Have you ever wondered about the history of the technical aspects of football and the origins of how your team's formation came about? If you have, then this book is for you. It's a great book about the history of now well-known football tactics and how they were introduced to football by some of its top managers.

Get it from Amazon for £8.19

3. PenalTea mug

Penal-Tea Mug

Most of us love a cup of tea or coffee, so why not combine it with a passion for football with this fun little mug. It comes with a built-in goal and a mini football to practice your shooting and penalty kicks - albeit with your fingers as your feet.

Get it from Amazon for £9.55

4. MUNDIAL issue 022

MUNDIAL Issue 22 Gift Guide

Exploring the intersection between sport and culture, MUNDIAL is sharp, funny, stylish, irreverent, and nostalgic. Rooted in authentic fan culture, MUNDIAL celebrates their heroes, teaches them about wider issues, makes them laugh (and occasionally cry). This is the perfect gift for any football fan.

Get it from MUNDIAL for £7.00

5. The Football Quiz, Fact and Puzzle Book

The Football Quiz book

The Football Quiz, Fact and Puzzle Book is a great three in one book. Whether you want a brain teaser with football puzzles, test your knowledge with a quiz or get to know some interesting facts - this book has it all. It's great for a quick break away from your desk or when you're simply looking to immerse yourself in all things football-related.

Get it from Amazon for £7.99

6. Original Chocolate Footballs retro sweets

Retro Football Sweets

These chocolate football sweets will be a real throwback to many people's childhoods. Now you can buy a whole jar of them made by a traditional sweet factory in Lancashire. It's the perfect treat for someone who has a sweet tooth and is a football fan.

Get them from Amazon for £9.99

7. Don Revie: The Biography by Christopher Evans

Don Revie book

This biography of Don Revie is climbing the bestsellers charts and, thanks to its recent publication, is unlikely to be a book your Dad already owns. Get it from Amazon for £14.18

£25.00 and under

8. HYDRATE Stainless Steel 1.3 and 2.2 Litre Water Bottle

Hydrate Water Bottle

This large stainless steel water bottle is BPA-free and has a handy carrying strap and leak-proof screw cap. Available in both 1.3L and 2.2L sizes, there's no excuse for not keeping yourself fully hydrated throughout the day. 

Get it from Amazon for £22.99-£25.99

9. Wembley Stadium Tour

Wembley Stadium Tour

Wembley Stadium has hosted some of the biggest games and finals in recent history, including the Euro 2020 and 2011 Champions League finals. Why not take a trip to the famous stadium that's been played in by some of the most prominent players in the game.

Get it from Virgin for £22.00

10. Whistle Blower: My Autobiography by Mark Clattenburg

Whistle Blower book

This long-awaited autobiography was published at the end of September, making it the perfect candidate for a Christmas present. Any football fan will enjoy this first-person account of what it takes to be one of the most recognisable referees of modern times.

Get it from Amazon for £10.00

11. 71/72: Football’s Greatest Season? by Daniel Abrahams

71/72 Book

This recently published book is ideal for football fans of a certain age with fond memories of the '70s. It is a fast-paced account of an exciting football season for dads who wish they were back on the terraces.

Get it from Amazon for £12.79

12. Playmaker: My Life and the Love of Football by Glenn Hoddle

Playmaker Book

This autobiography is the first from Hoddle and was released just last year. It's perfect for anyone who’ll enjoy never-heard-before stories from one of England’s most legendary player-turned-managers.

Get it from Amazon for £10.00

13.  My Rock and Roll Football Story by Paul Mariner

Paul Mariner book

Before his death this summer, the late Paul Mariner managed to get his autobiography penned with the help of writer Mark Donaldson. This book is filled with anecdotes of a footballer who did things his way. The foreword is written by his best friend, Ian Gillan from Deep Purple. 

Get it from Amazon for £14.49

Who Are Ya?: 92 Football Clubs – and Why You Shouldn’t Support Them

Who Are Ya book

Part autobiography, part witticism, Kevin Day has used his experience as a broadcaster and comedian to collate a lifetime’s worth of funny stories and facts about football with contributions from famous fans like Eddie Izzard, Gabby Logan, and Romesh Ranganathan. It’s self-deprecating humour at its best. 

Get it from Amazon for £11.70

15. PUMA Challenger duffel bag

Puma Duffel Bag

For anything more than a pair of boots, you'll need a bigger bag. The PUMA Challenger duffel bag offers plenty of space for all your gear and more.

Get it from Amazon for £16.99

16. Football Stadium Pint Glass

Custom Pint Glass

Customise a pint glass with your favourite team's bunting and text which can be a stadium name or the name of the person you're gifting the glass to. Perfect for morning smoothies, a beer in the garden for the summer or just water.

Get it from Not On The High Street for £18.00

17. Match of the Day: Top 10 of Everything: Our Ultimate Football Debates by Micah Richards, Gary Lineker and Alan Shearer


The hosts of the most popular football programme pick their top 10 of everything from shock transfers to Premier League managers. 

Get it from Amazon for £14.40

18. Hand In Hand Dad Print

Dad and Son print

Perfect for fathers day or for a father you know on their birthday. You can personalise both numbers and names on the shirts. You can also change it for a father and son or a father and daughter duo in the print.

Get it from Prezybox for £19.99

19. Custom Football Dairy Milk Chocolates

Custom Football Dairy Milk

You're never too old to be a chocolate lover. Why not gift a dad you know a giant bar of Cadbury Milk Chocolates? It can be personalised with a name and message along with the logo of their favourite football team.

Get it from Prezzybox for £17.99

20. Football Family Team Print

Custom Family Team Print

This family football team print is perfect for a place in your office or can be a prized piece on the family mantel. Whether your whole family supports the same team or not, you can customise the print to portray where each member's loyalty lies.

Get it from Not On The High Street for £25.00

21. Kidodo pop up football goalposts 

Kidodo Pop Up Goal

Any aspiring football player is guaranteed to love these pop up portable goalposts. Not just for children, it comes with six targets for improving a player's accuracy and precision with the ball. What's best is there's nothing like getting in the garden with your kids as a garden. Why not do so with some football practice.

Get it from Amazon for £20.99

22. Clive Tyldesley's Framed Commentary Chart

Commentary Notes

There's something special about football commentary in bringing football matches alive. Clive Tyldesley will be a familiar name for those who know their commentators. Now you can get a copy of his commentary notes, with a wide selection of games, including multiple domestic cup and Champions League finals.

Get it from Not on the High Street for £25.00

No budget

23. Football Archive Book

Football Archive Book

Get the best history book on your favourite football team dating back to the 19th century. The hardback tabloid-sized book included clippings from the best selling newspapers and the writers who had first-hand insight into your team's past.

Get it from Virgin for £50.00

24. Subbuteo team edition


Before there was FIFA and Football Manager, there was Subbuteo. Challenge your dad to a round of the classic football flicking game.

Get it from Amazon for £34.18

25. Counter Attack: The football strategy board game

Counter Attack Game

This strategy board game is a mixture of Subbuteo and Football Manager as players embark on a 90-minute tactical battle. This gift is perfect for anyone serious about football tactics. 

Get it from Amazon for £35.00

26. Virgin Football Stadium Helicopter Tour

Virgin Helicopter Tour

See a choice of 14 football stadiums in the UK from the sky with a Virgin Experience Days helicopter tour. You meet your pilot at the chosen destination, and then it's a 30-mile flight towards your chosen ground. You'll get to see some great landmarks along the way too.

Get it from Virgin for £119.00

27.  Amazon.co.uk Gift Card in a football tin

Amazon Gift Card

If you're still unsure what to gift, there's always a simple Amazon gift voucher. You can choose to top up the card with any amount you wish.

Get it from Amazon