Another goal-post protest foiled during Tottenham-West Ham clash

Tottenham West Ham protester 2022Getty

Another Premier League match was targeted for protest on Sunday as pitch invaders once again attempted to tie themselves to the woodwork during Tottenham's clash against West Ham.

On Thursday an individual was arrested after successful binding himself by the neck to a goal-post at Goodison Park, interrupting Everton's meeting with Newcastle United.

Similar demonstrations, albeit less successful ones, were also seen at Arsenal and Wolves in recent days.

What happened?

Play was interrupted at Tottenham Hotspur Stadium when the demonstrators took the field and rushed for the posts.

They were intercepted by stewards, though, and after a brief goalmouth scuffle, were carried off the field without attaching themselves to the woodwork.

What is the protesters' motivation?

Louis McKechnie, 21, was later identified as responsible for invading the pitch at Everton wearing a shirt that sported the legend, "Just Stop Oil."

"It's 2022 and it's time to look up, time to step up and not stand by. It's time to act like it's an emergency," he offered by way of explanation on social media.

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"Report after report is telling me that my future is going to be dire, and my government is telling me not to worry and pay into a pension.

"But we have a choice. We can choose to highlight that our climate is breaking down, we can choose to resist this government that is betraying us, we can choose to step up and not stand by."

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