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AFC Leopards provide a breakdown of money collected during the Mashemeji derby

16:27 EAT 20/05/2019
AFC Leopards fans v Gor Mahia.
Ingwe took Shs1.3 million to bank despite failing on the pitch as Gor Mahia romped to a vital season victory

AFC Leopards have revealed the total amount of money collected during the Mashemeji derby against Gor Mahia on Sunday.

The club said that 234 fans bought the VIP tickets, which were trading at Shs500, meaning the amount collected from the sale of those tickets was Shs 117000.

A total of 11,754 fans bought the regular tickets which were sold at  Shs200, thus Ingwe managed to collect Shs 2,350,800 from them.

The Stadium management pocketed 15% (Shs 370,170) of the total amount collected, while another 10% (Shs 177,040) was given to Big Brothers, who printed and sold the tickets.

One-hundred police officers were deployed to ensure the match proceeded with necessary calm and at the end of the day, Shs 100,000 was paid to them from the same kitty.

The club's 76 stewards were paid Shs 93 each, 100 while 36 officials from Big Brothers were paid Shs 36,000 for their services.

Ambulances and extra personnel pocketed Shs 24,000, supervisory earned an allocation of Shs 16000, while van hire ended up costing AFC Leopards 8,000.

The total expenditure that AFC Leopards incurred by virtue of being the home team totaled Shs 1,140,090.

Despite the 3-1 loss to Gor Mahia, Ingwe had Shs 1,327,710 to take home.