Kenya FA: We are not responsible for referees' injuries

President Sam Nyamweya terms as malicious attempts by referee Martin Wekesa to sue the FA after he was allegedly attacked by Sparki assistant coach Daudi Kajembe

By Otieno Otieno

Football Kenya Federation (FKF) President Sam Nyamweya has denied responsibility for injuries sustained by a referee who was handling a Division One match in Mombasa last year.

The federation's boss has termed as malicious attempt by centre referee Martin Wekesa Wamalwa to sue the federation for compensation after he was allegedly attacked by Sparki FC assistant coach Daudi Kajembe.

“We are not responsible for security during any matches. It is the work of the home team to ensure there is adequate security in every match,” Nyamweya told

“When the incident happened, we took appropriate action by suspending those involved and our responsibility ended there. We have been information that the referee was compensated after his medical bills were paid for and he also got some money.”

The referee has threatened to sue the Kenyan FA for Sh20million claiming that the attacks left him impotent.

Nyamweya has termed the claims by Wekesa as malicious on the federation and claimed he was being used by people who have had issues with them to portray Kenya FA in bad light.