Salernitana v Juventus Live Commentary, 30/11/2021

0 - 2
P. Dybala (21)
Álvaro Morata (70)
Stadio Arechi


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It's a win that Juve needed after their recent results, but they stay 7th in the table. Next up for them is Genoa. Salernitana miss out on the chance to move off the bottom of the table, and things aren't getting any easier for them as they travel to Milan for their next game.
Juventus bounce back with a 2-0 win over Salernitana. Dybala scored a great goal in the first half before Chiellini had a second one denied by VAR for a tight offside call against Kean in the build-up. After the break, Ranieri smacked the post with a shot before Morata came off the bench and flicked the ball through Belec's legs from close range. Dybala also had a late chance from the spot in stoppage-time, but slipped, sending his effort high over the bar.
P. Dybala
Penalty Miss
90' + 5' DYBALA MISSES! It's the last kick of the game, and it's a horrible miss by Dybala! He slips just as he steps up to take the spot-kick, and he ends up blazing it high over the crossbar as he lands heavily on the floor. Still 2-0 Juve!
M. Soulé
D. Kulusevski
90' + 4' Allegri has been waiting a while to make this change, and he's bringing on 18-year-old Soule for the end of the game in place of Kulusevski.
90' + 3' PENALTY TO JUVE! With just seconds left on the clock, it's a poor challenge by Gyomber that he didn't need to make. He slid in on Morata, and although he got a slight touch on the ball, he takes out the player and the referee points straight to the spot.
90' + 2' SAVE! Cuadrado plays in Kulusevski with another good throughball. He pulls it back from the byline, leaving Gagliolo behind, but his curling shot is held by Belec.
90' Juventus are happy to keep possession in their own half as the end of the game ticks closer. They're comfortable on the ball and aren't being put under any pressure by Salernitana.
88' The hosts are enjoying a good spell here, but the fans are frustrated that they're not pushing upfield. Coulibaly eventually floats in a cross from the right, but De Ligt clears it.
86' GOOD SAVE! It's a lovely bit of play from Juve, as they move it upfield with a series of one-touch passes through Cuadrado, Kulusevski and Morata, who picks out Dybala. The forward hits the shot first time, but it's drilled straight at Belec.
84' Morata peels off the back of Veseli and Cuadrado spots the run. He can't get the pass right though, lifting his long ball high over the goal scorer and out of play.
P. Jaroszyński
L. Ranieri
82' And Ranieri is also taken off, with Jaroszynski on for him.
E. Vergani
F. Bonazzoli
81' Salernitana are making their final changes here. Bonazzoli is the first to go off, with Vergani replacing him.
79' Morata has now scored nine goals in 18 Serie A matches against newly-promoted sides - seven of these goals have been netted in away games.
77' It's a good throughball from Locatelli to pick out Alex Sandro, who just touches it into Rabiot's path. He whips a good first-time cross into the middle, but nobody is there for Juventus.
75' Juventus are back to dominating possession now, and they're in no hurry to work it upfield. Dybala is tripped by Di Tacchio, but nothing comes of the free-kick for the visitors.
73' Salernitana switch it out to Zorteal, who clips a cross in from the left. Szczesny is happy to let it bounce wide, but Locatelli isn't on the same wavelength. He slices a clearance out for a corner, but the hosts can do nothing with it.
A. Rabiot
F. Bernardeschi
71' Bernardeschi's involvement in that goal was his last of the game as he's replaced by Rabiot.
Álvaro Morata
70' MORATA SCORES! It's well worked by Juventus, with Bernardeschi pulling away from Zortea down the left before pulling the ball back from the byline. Morata gets in front of Belec at the near post and it's a cute finish from him as he flicks it between the keeper's legs. 2-0 Juve!
69' There was a mix-up in the box between De Ligt and Bentancur as they both tried to close down Djuric. All three of them tangled together and dropped to ground, with VAR having a quick look at it, but no penalty is awarded.
Alex Sandro
L. Pellegrini
67' And it's like-for-like with the other change as well, with Alex Sandro coming on for Pellegrini.
Álvaro Morata
M. Kean
67' Juventus are making a double change now. Kean is the first to go off, with Morata replacing him.
M. Đurić
S. Nwankwo
65' Third change for Salernitana here and it's Simy that's making way for Djuric.
64' Juventus are back to keeping possession high upfield, leaving the hosts with no way out. Dybala links up well with Cuadrado, but he can't open up any space for a shot.
62' It's a poor pass from Kulusevski and Schiavone pounces on it in midfield. He switches it out to Di Tacchio on the right, but his floated cross is straight into Szczesny's gloves.
M. Locatelli
Yellow Card
60' It's a late one from Locatelli on Coulibaly, and he's shown a yellow card.
58' OFF THE POST! What a chance to level it for Salernitana! Bonazzoli misses it in the middle, but it rolls out to Ranieri on the left of the box. Szczesny rushes out as he drills his shot across goal, but it smacks off the inside of the post.
57' CLOSE! Cuadrado drifts inside and is picked out in the D by Kulusevski. He lifts a shot over Belec, but it sails just over the top of the crossbar and onto the roof of the net.
56' The hosts are being penned back deep in their own box now as Cuadrado makes another run down the right. Ranieri stands his ground though, and Juve are forced to work it backwards.
54' Dybala picks out Locatelli, who makes a weaving run into the box before being cut off by Veseli. The ball rebounds back to Dybala, who curls a shot towards goal with the outside of his boot, but it flies high over the bar.
52' Since 2014-15, Dybala has scored the most goal from outside the box in Serie A (24).
A. Schiavone
W. Kechrida
50' And Kechrida is also going off, with Schiavone on in his place.
F. Di Tacchio
L. Capezzi
50' Salernitana are making a double change here, with Capezzi the first to make way for Di Tacchio.
48' Juve have picked up where they left off in the first half and Cuadrado gets away from Ranieri to clip a cross in from the right. He's looking for Kean, but it's cut out by Coulibaly.
46' Salernitana get us back underway for the second half!
Allegri will be pleased with his side's response to their recent results, but he knows they'll need to put it out of sight in the second half by creating better chances. Salernitana have shown positive signs when they have had the chance to get forward, but they'll need to take more risks if they want to pile more pressure on the visitors.
Dybala's goal gives Juventus a 1-0 lead over Salernitana at half-time. He broke the deadlock by playing a one-two with Kulusevski on the edge of the box before firing his shot into the far bottom corner. Cuadrado saw a free-kick turned onto the post and cleared off the line seconds before Chiellini fired in from close range, but it was ruled out for a tight offside by VAR.
45' + 2' Kean makes a good run through the middle into the box and he tries to lay it off to Bernardeschi on the spot. Gyomber makes a good block, and Bernardeschi throws his hands up in frustration.
45' Veseli is waiting for the ball to drop as Kulusevski closes him down, and his clearance hits the winger. It bounces back towards goal, which causes Belec a moment of panic, but it's nowhere near the target.
43' CHANCE! Bentancur gets lucky as his pass bounces off Gagliolo and straight back to him, so he runs at goal. He takes the shot from the edge of the box, but he leans back and fires it over the bar.
41' Bentancur does well to get away from Veseli on the left of the box and he floats in a cross from the byline. It's over everyone in the middle though and Ranieri clears his lines.
39' Salernitana are patiently playing their way upfield, with Simy trying to keep the attack alive down the right. He runs into Chiellini before he can get the ball though, and it goes to waste.
37' Kean has stayed down after he was accidentally clipped by Gyomber, and the defender draws the referee's attention to it. After receiving treatment, it looks like he'll be able to carry on.
35' Kean has switched out to the left to get on the ball and he clips a cross over Kechrida to the near post. Dybala had peeled away to the far side though and Belec comes out to collect it.
33' The hosts just can't get out of their own half at the moment as Juventus continue to push forward. Chiellini eventually decides to go long towards Kean, but Gyomber is there to intercept it.
31' NO GOAL! It took a long time for them to get to that decision, but Kean had just learnt into an offside position before he got involved when he tried to stop Gagliolo's clearance. Much to Juve's frustration, it's still only 1-0!
29' The referee has been asked to go over to the monitor to have a look at this himself. It initially looked like they were checking for a foul on Gagliolo after he stayed down, but the lines are out to check whether Kean had just strayed off.
28' CHIELLINI SCORES! Cuadrado's free-kick from the left is tipped onto the inside of the post by Belec and Gagliolo does well to clear the rebound off the line before Kean can reach it. Chiellini is following in though, and he pokes the ball into the back of the net. VAR is just having a look at a possible offside in the build-up...
27' Juve can't make anything of the free-kick in the middle of the park, so they spread it out to Pellegrini again. He doesn't get very far before winning another set-piece.
R. Gagliolo
Yellow Card
25' There were a couple of late challenges from Salernitana players just then, but Gagliolo's sliding challenge on Dybala is the one that's picked out by the referee, with the defender's name going into the book.
24' GREAT CHANCE! Juventus are starting to find their rhythm now and Pellegrini gets away from Kechrida to fizz a dangerous low cross into the six-yard box. Kean is sliding in, but can't make any contact at the far post.
22' GOOD SAVE! Salernitana almost have an instant response from the restart as Ranieri fizzes a throughball into Simy. He's one-on-one with Szczesny when he takes it into the box but the keeper gets down to push the shot away just as the offside flag goes up.
D. Kulusevski
21' It's a simple return pass from Kulusevski, and it's perfectly weighted for Dybala to hit first time.
P. Dybala
21' DYBALA SCORES! It's clever play from him as he plays a one-two with Kulusevski on the edge of the D, which just opens up the space he needs. He hits the shot first time, despite being slightly off-balance, and fires his shot past Belec and into the back of the net. 1-0 Juve!
19' Dybala came back from an offside position to latch onto the ball, and Salernitana take the free-kick quickly. Capezzi is away down the right when the referee pulls it back, and the hosts aren't happy with that decision.
17' Kulusevski is causing the hosts some problems down Juve's right side. He cuts inside before being tripped by Ranieri, but Cuadrado can't pick out a team-mate in the box from the resulting free-kick.
15' CLOSE! Coulibaly makes a great run down the right for Salernitana before lifting a cross into the near post. Simy gets in front of De Ligt and flicks a header towards the near post. Szczesny is scrambling, but it's just wide.
14' Salernitana are unbeaten in their two Serie A home games against Juventus (W1 D1), while they've lost both away games.
12' Salernitana have dropped very deep in their own half and Juventus are struggling to find a way through as they patiently knock it around between their defenders to try and open up the space.
10' Cuadrado gets away from Ranieri with some clever footwork before pulling a cross back to Dybala on the edge of the box. He has another shot at goal, but again, it's straight at Belec.
8' Bonazzoli intercepts a pass deep in his own half and turns to drive through the middle before he's tripped by Bentancur. He's asking for a free-kick, but nothing's given.
6' Salernitana were enjoying a decent spell of possession until a loose pass from Coulibaly was intercepted down the right. Juventus break quickly on the counter, with Pellegrini swinging a cross into the box, but it's cut out by Veseli.
4' SAVE! Kulusevski takes the free-kick short on the left and Gagliolo intercepts it before having his pocket picked by Dybala. He turns on the edge of the area, but fires his shot straight at Belec.
2' Salernitana look nervy at the start of the game and Kechrida has sliced a backpass to his keeper straight out of play. He was under little pressure as he gave away a corner, but luckily for him, nothing comes of it.
1' Dybala gets the game underway for Juventus!
The teams are out on the pitch now, with kick-off just moments away!
Juventus have lost their last two Serie A matches against newly-promoted teams (Benevento and Empoli); they've never recorded three such defeats in a row in the competition.
Allegri makes six changes to the side that lost to Atalanta on Saturday, with Chiellini, Pellegrini, Bernardeschi, Bentancur, Kulusevski and Kean all coming in. Bonucci, Alex Sandro, Rabiot and Morata all drop to the bench. Federico Chiesa and Weston McKennie both went off injured in that match and are missing today.
Stefano Colantuono makes four changes from the draw with Cagliari last time out, bringing Kechrida, Zortea, Capezzi and Simy into the team. Di Tacchio and Djuric start on the bench, while Cedric Gondo misses out with an injury picked up in that game.
JUVENTUS SUBS: Alex Sandro, Adrien Rabiot, Koni de Winter, Kaio Jorge, Matias Soule Malvano, Daniele Rugani, Carlo Pinsoglio, Mattia Perin, Leonardo Bonucci, Alvaro Morata, Arthur.
JUVENTUS STARTING XI (4-4-2): Wojciech Szczesny; Juan Cuadrado, Matthijs de Ligt, Giorgio Chiellini, Luca Pellegrini; Federico Bernardeschi, Manuel Locatelli, Rodrigo Bentancur, Dejan Kulusevski; Moise Kean, Paulo Dybala.
SALERNITANA SUBS: Vincenzo Fiorillo, Edoardo Vergani, Grigoris Kastanos, Luka Bogdan, Guido Guerrieri, Andrea Schiavone, Milan Djuric, Filippo Delli Carri, Pawel Jaroszynski, Francesco Di Tacchio.
SALERNITANA STARTING XI (4-4-2): Vid Belec; Wajdi Kechrida, Frederic Veseli, Norbert Gyomber, Riccardo Gagliolo; Nadir Zortea, Lassana Coulibaly, Leonardo Capezzi, Luca Ranieri; Federico Bonazzoli, Simy.
Juventus' problems are continuing to mount up as we near the midway point of the season, with Massimiliano Allegri's team losing four of their last seven games in all competitions (W3). They've suffered back-to-back defeats in the last week, being brushed aside 4-0 by Chelsea in the Champions League before Atalanta held out to beat them 1-0. Salernitana are also struggling, sitting bottom of the table with just two wins so far this season (D2 L10); both of those victories came back in October.
Hello and welcome to live coverage of the Serie A meeting between Salernitana and Juventus at the Arechi Stadium!