Manchester City v Crystal Palace Live Commentary, 30/10/2021

0 - 2
W. Zaha (6)
C. Gallagher (88)
Etihad Stadium


It's a damaging defeat for City in their bid to defend the Premier League title, then, but full credit to Palace. They're going about things the right way, and if they keep playing like this, they'll stay up comfortably. That's all for now. Goodbye!
City are still third in the Premier League table after this disappointing defeat, albeit five points behind leaders Chelsea now. As well as they can play without a traditional striker, they could still do with one. They had 10 shots in the box here but just three on target. Palace rise to 13th, well clear of the relegation zone.
Palace soar to an unexpected victory on the champions' own patch! The Eagles were well-drilled and dogged and thoroughly deserving of the three points, secured by goals from Zaha and Gallagher. City were out of sorts, although they weren't helped by Laporte's red card late in the first half. They'll bounce back.
90' + 4' It's not to be for City in this game. Mahrez is in space at the far post but nods well wide from Sterling's high cross. Guaita takes the goal kick and that's it! Palace have done it!
90' + 3' Palace carry the ball towards City's corner flag in a bid to wind down the clock a bit more. They've been magnificent.
90' + 2' City are continuing to huff and puff without really getting anywhere. The home fans are understandably starting to leave.
90' There'll be five more minutes of this. City could get a late goal to make things interesting but it feels unlikely. They've been well beaten.
M. Olise
Crystal Palace
89' That was lovely teamwork by Palace and great awareness by Olise. He knew the shot was never on for him, but once Gallagher arrived on the scene to help out there was only going to be one outcome.
C. Gallagher
Crystal Palace
88' GOAL! MANCHESTER CITY 0-2 CRYSTAL PALACE! Palace seal the victory! Olise races forward and finds Zaha in the box. Zaha holds the ball up with some trickery and passes back to Olise. Olise lays off to Gallagher who sweeps a shot past Ederson off the right-hand post.
87' Silva floats a cross into Palace's penalty area which they deal with easily. Now the counter is on! City had better be worried...
Yellow Card
Crystal Palace
86' Guaita is shown a yellow card for time-wasting over a goal kick. You can't blame Palace for trying to drag things out.
M. Olise
C. Kouyaté
Crystal Palace
85' Kouyate gets an early rest. Olise takes his place in Palace's midfield.
82' Kouyate looks to be fine. Walker's effort from range flies over, then Guaita claims a cross. Palace are almost there.
80' Benteke has a go at goal from range. It's blocked by a City defender. Play's stopped as Kouyate requires treatment.
R. Sterling
J. Grealish
Manchester City
78' Grealish is next to go off. He's been one of City's brighter players but hasn't been able to unlock Palace. Sterling replaces him.
R. Mahrez
João Cancelo
Manchester City
78' City make those trailed changes. Mahrez is on for Cancelo first.
77' Palace are awarded a corner as Ederson makes a smart save to stop Gallagher from finding the bottom right corner. Schlupp heads Gallagher's delivery over the crossbar.
76' Palace are still threatening City from time to time. The visitors find themselves two-on-two with City's centre-backs but Benteke can't free Zaha to keep the attack going.
75' City are preparing to bring more of their big guns on. Sterling and Mahrez are getting stripped and ready. McArthur does well to stop Grealish from dancing past him and into Palace's box.
74' Sometimes your luck isn't in. Grealish holds up play down City's left and knocks the ball against Ward. It rebounds off Grealish and out for a Palace goal kick.
J. Schlupp
O. Édouard
Crystal Palace
73' Palace substitution. Schlupp replaces Edouard on Palace's left.
71' City have switched to a 4-2-3. Despite City's best efforts, Palace are standing firm.
69' City are getting closer to scoring but still not close enough. Jesus heads off-target as a result of a City corner. Guaita backtracks into his own box to catch a teasing, lofted throughball by Rodri.
67' Cancelo's tame shot from outside the box is comfortably saved by Guaita. McArthur does just enough to put Foden off as he enters the box, causing the City midfielder to lose his footing. Seconds later Foden rampages forward again, this time giving away a free-kick on Gallagher.
C. Gallagher
Yellow Card
Crystal Palace
65' Gallagher is booked for bringing down Grealish. Grealish shares some choice words with the Chelsea loanee, covering his lips with his arm.
C. Benteke
J. Ayew
Crystal Palace
65' That's Ayew's last act of the game. Benteke replaces him for Palace.
63' There's action at both ends. Jesus is intercepted in the box at the vital moment, then Gallagher sends Ayew racing into City's penalty area. Ayew creates some space for himself and somehow blazes over with his left foot! That was a shocker.
61' NO GOAL FOR CITY! VAR examines the goal and Foden was offside in the build-up. Guardiola waves his players some encouragement.
60' GOAL! MANCHESTER CITY 1-1 CRYSTAL PALACE! City are back in it! Foden gets loose down the left and picks out Jesus. The Brazilian beats Guaita to the ball at the far post and pings his shot off the woodwork and in. The officials are checking for offside...
J. Stones
K. De Bruyne
Manchester City
59' Here's that City change. De Bruyne is sacrificed. Stones comes on.
59' Zaha puts the ball in City's net for a second time. The Ivorian races behind City's high defensive line and slots under Ederson but he knows he's offside.
58' City get another decent scoring opportunity. Grealish drifts inside and feeds Jesus whose shot from the right of the box is too tame to beat Guaita.
57' Rodri takes too long to pick a crossfield pass so Gallagher blocks it. City rebuild and De Bruyne is unsuccessful in finding Grealish. City are preparing Stones to come on, presumably to join Dias at centre-back.
55' Foden darts through the middle only to find himself closed down. Grealish picks up the pieces down the left and smashes the ball against Ward for a City corner. The hosts take it short and Foden curls in a cross which evades everyone.
53' City appear to be playing a 3-5-1 with Foden and De Bruyne on the flanks. De Bruyne crosses in from the right and it's cleared.
51' Cancelo trips Gallagher to hand Palace a free-kick down their right, which Gallagher sweeps in. Guehi gets his head to it at the far post but can't keep his header down.
49' City are even more vulnerable to counter-attacks now but they've got to chase the game. McArthur blasts over from distance.
48' Chance for City! Grealish takes down a pinpoint pass in the box and plays it back to Rodri who sweeps over from the centre of the box.
47' City start the half brightly. Grealish wriggles loose down the right and lays off for De Bruyne whose shot is blocked and goes out for a corner.
46' City get the second half going. We'll have to see how their set-up has changed.
City had 73 per cent possession and nine shots to Palace's one in the first half, but that one Zaha shot is the difference between these two sides at the moment. Palace will believe a win is well within their grasp now. City need to improve drastically in the second half to salvage a result from this.
City are not happy with Zaha but they should be more annoyed at themselves. They've dominated the first half but go in a goal and a man down thanks to Laporte's horror show. Palace have harried and blocked and generally made a nuisance of themselves. It's worked so far.
Ederson Moraes
Yellow Card
Manchester City
45' + 6' There's a bit of a fracas as the half-time whistle blows. Ederson is booked for his part in it.
45' + 5' Palace take the free-kick and Ederson gets his hands to it. That'll be that for now.
Bernardo Silva
Yellow Card
Manchester City
45' + 5' Silva's booked for his petulant challenge on Zaha. Zaha's been irritating City all game.
45' + 4' Play eventually resumes with a Palace free-kick. City will have to adapt to playing with 10 men. Zaha carries the ball towards the touchline and is taken out by Silva.
Aymeric Laporte
Red Card
Manchester City
45' + 2' THE DECISION STANDS! Laporte is dismissed for his clumsy challenge on Zaha. He looks forlorn as he heads down the tunnel. He's unfortunate to be sent off but it was a mess entirely of his own making. He's had a nightmare of a first half.
45' + 2' RED CARD FOR LAPORTE! Edouard flicks on a Palace goal kick towards Laporte. The defender misses his kick and drags Zaha down. The referee immediately brandishes a red card for denying an obvious goalscoring opportunity. VAR will take a look...
45' + 1' Cancelo's shot from outside the box is blocked. The full-back spots Walker running towards the far post and drops a pass towards his counterpart. Walker is inches away from reaching it.
45' There'll be two minutes added onto the end of this half. It's been great fun.
44' City probe on the edge of Palace's box. De Bruyne eventually swings the ball in but a Palace head gets there first.
43' Grealish hands Palace possession in their own half but they can't find the right pass to free Zaha.
42' Grealish takes a tumble in the box as he's intercepted by Kouyate. There's no appeal for a penalty.
40' City leave themselves vulnerable to a counter-attack and Zaha bears down on goal. The hosts race back to shut the door so Zaha passes to Ayew who fires over from an offside position.
39' City keep the ball as Palace hold their shape. Grealish slips a pass behind Ward for the underlapping Silva. Gallagher spots the danger and hoofs the ball away.
38' City take the corner deep which panics Palace briefly. The hosts waste the opportunity though as Cancelo's cross floats out of play.
37' Ward blocks Grealish's cross from the left. Grealish passes back to Cancelo whose effort cannons off Gallagher and out for a City corner.
36' Guaita slides out of his goal to claim Silva's loose touch. Kouyate wants to take Palace forward but finds himself closed down quickly. Palace are struggling to get out of their half for now.
34' Mitchell hands City a throw-in and races to put his right boot back on as the hosts take it quickly. There's been a lovely desperation to the first half of this game.
32' Guehi hurriedly clears with Jesus looking to take advantage of Palace's temporarily high defensive line.
30' Jesus races into the right of Palace's box and unleashes a shot that's blocked by Guehi. The City man appeals for handball but the referee isn't convinced. Palace hook the ball away.
29' Jesus knocks a pass inside to De Bruyne but the Belgian's return pass is cut out. City keep pushing and Jesus meets Walker's cross from deep to fire at Guaita at his near post, only for the ball to have gone out of play.
28' City build their latest attack. Jesus receives the ball with his back to goal and tries to play it around the corner for Foden. The offside flag goes up.
J. Ayew
Yellow Card
Crystal Palace
27' Ayew earns himself a yellow card for scything down Grealish near the halfway line.
26' Grealish shows some frustration as he can't keep a pass in play. The home crowd are not happy at how things are going for City at the moment.
24' Walker's fizzed cross from the right is cleared out of play by Andersen. Again City's corner causes confusion in Palace's box and Grealish smacks a shot into Edouard before fouling the striker near Palace's corner flag.
23' The City fans whistle at Guaita for taking too long over a goal kick. Palace are already getting under City's skin. There's plenty of time for the champions yet though.
21' Zaha gets caught offside from Guehi's direct pass. Palace aren't seeing much of the ball but they're getting it forward as soon as they do.
20' Cancelo has a pop at goal from range and fires high and wide. Palace are holding their own at the moment.
18' Foden swings the corner in. It lands to Rodri in the centre of the box and he thunders a shot straight into the arms of Guaita. That's City's best chance so far.
17' Grealish takes on Ward and passes inside for De Bruyne who can't create a shooting opportunity. Cancelo twists this way and that in the box to get a shot away and it deflects out for a City corner.
16' Jesus gets nudged off the ball by Zaha and thinks he should have a free-kick. He doesn't get it and overcompensates by bringing the Ivorian down. The Brazilian pleads his case to the referee who isn't buying it.
15' Mitchell knocks a pass down the line for Zaha to chase. Dias gets the better of Zaha but Edouard slides in to stop City's captain from getting upfield. It's a firm but fair challenge and Edouard helps the Portugal international to his feet.
13' De Bruyne floats his delivery in and Palace clear. City come again and Grealish hangs the ball up for Jesus from the byline. Guaita rises high to claim it.
12' Jesus dribbles through the middle and is hauled down by Mitchell. De Bruyne will take the indirect free-kick.
11' City win their first corner of the game down their right and Palace see it away.
9' Palace are playing with ferocious pace and purpose. They're pressing City as soon as they get near the halfway line. Kouyate challenges Rodri and gives away a free-kick.
8' Going behind has woken City up. The hosts go on the attack before Ayew bursts forward on the counter down Palace's right. The ball goes out for a City throw-in.
C. Gallagher
Crystal Palace
6' Gallagher showed great industry to rob Laporte there. The City defender carried the ball too far forward and City were punished for it.
W. Zaha
Crystal Palace
6' GOAL! MANCHESTER CITY 0-1 CRYSTAL PALACE! Palace take a shock lead! It's a simple goal stemming from Gallagher robbing Laporte. Zaha receives the pass and plays a one-two with Gallagher to beat Dias before rolling past Ederson into the far bottom corner.
4' Palace know their place here. The visitors are already sitting deep, waiting for City to approach.
2' City pop the ball around nicely early on. De Bruyne's cross from the right is headed away by Gallagher.
1' Palace get this game under way! They're in their usual sky blue. Palace are wearing their preferred red and blue kit.
The players come out onto the pitch at a soggy Etihad as a rainbow hangs overhead. There's silence in the stadium as a serviceman plays the Last Post on a bugle.
City have lost just one of their last 12 Premier League meetings with Palace, losing 3-2 here at the Etihad in December 2018. Since returning to the Premier League in 2013-14 Palace have conceded 39 goals in 16 meetings with City, keeping just one clean sheet. Can the Eagles mount a sterner defence this time?
City revert to their first team following their cup defeat midweek as Guardiola marks his 200th Premier League game. De Bruyne is the only EFL Cup starter to keep his place. There are three changes to Palace from their 1-1 draw with Newcastle United last week. Kouyate, Ayew and Zaha come into the starting 11.
SUBS: Martin Kelly. Jeffrey Schlupp, Jack Butland, James Tomkins, Christian Benteke, Luka Milivojevic, Nathaniel Clyne, Jean-Philippe Mateta, Michael Olise.
CRYSTAL PALACE (4-3-3): Vicente Guaita; Joel Ward, Joachim Andersen, Marc Guehi, Tyrick Mitchell; Conor Gallagher, Cheikhou Kouyate, James McArthur (c); Jordan Ayew, Odsonne Edouard, Wilfried Zaha.
SUBS: Ilkay Gundogan, Riyad Mahrez, Oleksandr Zinchenko, Raheem Sterling, Zack Steffen, Fernandinho, Nathan Ake, John Stones, Cole Palmer.
MANCHESTER CITY (4-3-3): Ederson; Kyle Walker, Ruben Dias (c), Aymeric Laporte, Joao Cancelo; Bernardo Silva, Rodri, Kevin De Bruyne; Gabriel Jesus, Phil Foden, Jack Grealish.
Palace's renewal under Patrick Vieira is going smoothly as the Frenchman has made his team easy on the eye and also hard to beat. The Eagles are finding wins hard to come by though, hence their 15th-placed position. Turning draws into wins has to be Palace's wider aim, but anything here would be a bonus for them.
Despite getting knocked out of the EFL Cup in midweek, Manchester City still look in fine fettle. Pep Guardiola's champions are unbeaten in their last eight Premier League games and yet to concede a goal at home in the league this term, a record which bodes well as they aim to keep their title defence on track.
Hello! Welcome to our live text commentary of this Premier League match between Manchester City and Crystal Palace at the Etihad Stadium.