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90' + 2'
K. Tierney
Yellow Card
C. Coady
Yellow Card
Daniel Podence
1 - 2
Gabriel Magalhães
1 - 1
Pedro Neto
0 - 1

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56% 43%
Shots Off Target
Shots On Target 2 5
Total Passes 494 405
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Wolves travel to champions Liverpool next and will give the champions' makeshift defence a test on this evidence. Arsenal visit Tottenham for the north London derby in seven days' time. That looks an even bigger game for Arteta now. That's all for now. Goodbye!
Wolves rise to sixth in the Premier League in a very congested table. Arsenal stay in 14th. They're still just four points behind Wolves but look nowhere near the pace for a European spot at the moment. Arteta has got work to do, assuming those in charge will give him time.
Wolves get their first league victory away to Arsenal since 1979! Podence's opportunistic goal proves to be the difference in a game where Wolves were the more incisive side. Arteta is lucky that Arsenal's fans aren't in the Emirates. They haven't played that badly today but they look to be going nowhere fast.
90' + 3' Arsenal huff and puff one last time. Tierney fires a skidding shot towards goal from outside the box with his left foot. Wolves throw bodies in the way and get rid of it before an Arsenal player can latch onto it. That's it!
K. Tierney
Yellow Card
90' + 2' Tierney gives away a free-kick on Neto, killing Arsenal's momentum. Wolves take their time over it and punt it towards the corner flag where Dendoncker tries to hold it up, fouling Gabriel in the process.
90' Arsenal have four minutes in which to find an equaliser. It doesn't feel forthcoming at the moment.
C. Coady
Yellow Card
89' Coady is next to receive a yellow card for crudely stopping the run of Lacazette. Arsenal achieve nothing with the free-kick.
R. Holding
Yellow Card
86' Holding is booked for, uh, holding Traore to stymy his run down the left.
85' Wolves get the chance to counter for the first time in a while. Traore bursts through the middle and feeds Neto to his right. Neto spots the run of Marcal into the box but Wolves' left wing-back can't take Neto's pass down to shoot.
83' Wolves get some respite as Neves earns a free-kick in their defensive third. It's wasted though as it bounces straight through to Leno in Arsenal's penalty area..
82' Chance for Arsenal! Aubamayang nods just wide from Bellerin's high cross from the right. Arsenal's captain is normally so clinical in front of goal.
A. Lacazette
G. Xhaka
80' Arsenal make an attacking substitution. Lacazette, their leading goalscorer with three goals this season, goes up front. The Frenchman comes on for Xhaka.
80' Arsenal win a corner as Willock's shot deflects off Neves. Wolves deal with it. Arsenal are lacking that final pass, as they have done for the first few months of this season.
M. Kilman
Fábio Silva
78' Odd one, this. The substitute Silva, Jimenez's replacement in the first half, is replaced by Kilman. Wolves have changed to a 3-5-2 with Traore and Neto up front.
77' Tierney makes a well-timed challenge to stop Traore beating him down the right. Wolves will make another change.
76' Arsenal have had 62 per cent possession of the ball in this second half after a more even first half. Wolves are soaking up pressure now, waiting for one more chance to finish Arsenal off.
74' Arsenal are growing in threat now. Saka's cross from the byline lands to Nelson at the far post. Nelson scoops over on the volley.
73' Chance for Arsenal! Patricio's poor touch on the edge of the box presents the ball to Aubamayang. The Wolves goalkeeper is extremely lucky that Aubamayang can't get his feet together quickly enough to fire into an empty net, giving Coady time to get back to block.
71' Saka causes issues with a fine cross in from the left and Wolves' captain Coady punts it out for a throw-in. Arsenal try again and Boly steps out from the back to find Neto down the left. Wolves switch from defence to attack beautifully at their best.
Rúben Neves
Daniel Podence
70' Here's that expected Wolves change. Neves comes on for Podence. Wolves may switch to their more familiar 3-4-3 now.
Yellow Card
69' Bellerin gets a yellow card for tugging back Neto after he'd been beaten by the touchline. It's fair enough.
68' Wolves are preparing a substitution. Neves will be coming on soon.
67' Arsenal are playing more patiently with the ball now, being careful not to give Wolves another opportunity for one of their scintillating attacks on the break. Aubamayang hits the deck as he contests Coady but the referee isn't interested.
R. Nelson
65' Arsenal make a substitution. Nelson comes on for Willian. Arsenal need more pace to beat this Wolves backline. Aubamayang has been very quiet.
63' Semedo hands Arsenal a corner down their left. Arsenal take it short and Willian fires a delivery across the face of goal which is headed out for another corner by Coady. Arsenal try the same routine again and Holding heads over from Willock's ball in.
61' Neto goes down holding his head after a barge from Bellerin. Arsenal are frustrated as the referee takes a few seconds to give the free-kick for Wolves. The free-kick proves to be a non-event.
59' Podence skips down the left and into the penalty area as Bellerin hands him possession with a slack pass back. Holding is well-placed to block his shot.
58' Willian has the chance to take on Neto but elects to go inside, losing the ball as a result. Wolves go hunting on the counter but are thwarted. Arsenal look so vulnerable to quick transitions like that.
57' Willan steps up to take the free-kick and curls it just over the crossbar with his right foot. It's not a bad effort.
Fábio Silva
Yellow Card
56' Silva catches Saka with a slightly wild high foot and gets booked. Arsenal have a free-kick in a centre-left position 20 yards out.
Adama Traoré
Yellow Card
54' Gabriel is fine now as he pulls out of making a challenge on Traore skipping into the box. Traore flops over and gets a deserved yellow card for simulation.
52' Wolves come straight back as Moutinho smacks a shot into the face of Gabriel. The physios come on to assist the Brazilian.
51' Moutinho swings the corner in towards Dendoncker at the far post. Leno rises high to claim Dendoncker's tame header. 
50' Arsenal are playing with greater purpose since they came out for this half as Saka pokes wide from the centre of the box but Wolves are still menacing. Neto bursts down the left and crosses for Silva. Gabriel blocks the striker's shot at the near post and concedes a corner.
48' Moutinho is unhappy as a free-kick goes against him. Saka's cross in doesn't trouble Wolves' defence.
W. Boly
Yellow Card
47' Boly picks up a yellow card for bundling Willock over about 30 yards out. Saka floats a poor free-kick in and Boly heads clear, getting whacked in the face by Holding in the process. Arsenal free-kick.
R. Holding
David Luiz
46' Arsenal make a change at half-time. Holding replaces the bandaged up David Luiz. It begs the question as to why David Luiz wasn't taken off earlier.
46' Arsenal get the second half going.
Arsenal have only come back to win one of their previous 13 Premier League games when trailing at half-time. They've failed to win any of the seven such games under Arteta. Wolves are heading back to the West Midlands with the win unless Arsenal do something in the second half. How will the Gunners respond?
A game that threatened to be overshadowed by Jimenez's awful injury early on looks to have plenty going for it. Wolves lead at the break after hitting Arsenal with two goals from Neto and Podence. Gabriel's header keeps Arsenal in contention. More to come!
45' + 9' Bellerin gets caught offside. Arsenal haven't been bad going forward but they've definitely been second best in this first half.
45' + 8' Ceballos is fine. Bellerin asks the referee Michael Oliver about an elbow from Podence but Oliver is having none of it.
45' + 6' Boly's pass out from the back is poor but he soon redeems himself with a clearance. Arsenal still have the ball though and Willian flings in a cross from the right. Boly heads it as far as Saka who fires in from the opposite direction. Neto gets rid. Ceballos stays down after getting caught in an aerial challenge with Podence.
45' + 4' Arsenal clear Neto's corner, but Wolves are terrifying the hosts on the counter. Traore smashes a shot into the side netting from the right of the box after receiving Silva's pass. That could easily have been 3-1 Wolves.
45' + 2' Silva holds the ball up and waits for support. Silva skids into the penalty area and earns a corner off Tierney. It's easy to see why Wolves paid a reported £35million for the teenage striker.
45' Silva gets the ball in the box but has his shot blocked, looping it harmlessly into the arms of Leno. David Luiz sets Aubamayang scampering into the box with a throughball but the striker fires a tame shot at Patricio. As expected, there'll be 10 minutes added onto the end of this first half due to Jimenez's injury.
44' Arsenal get a free-kick about 50 yards out. David Luiz, who has blood streaming down his head bandage, goes straight for goal and fires high and wide.
Daniel Podence
42' GOAL! ARSENAL 1-2 WOLVES! Wolves sucker-punch Arsenal on the counter-attack again! Wolves take the free-kick quickly. Traore turns and feeds Neto. Leno spills Neto's shot from outside the box and Podence latches onto it near the penalty spot, bundling into the empty net!
41' David Luiz hands Podence a free-kick in Wolves' half. That's important because...
39' There's a great pace about this game now. Neto beats David Luiz to fizz a low cross across the face of goal from the left but neither Silva nor Podence can reach it in time. Traore picks up the pieces shortly after. Xhaka humps his cross out for a throw-in.
37' Arsenal go on the attack again. Saka latches onto Gabriel's ball down the channel and knocks it off a defender for a corner. Wolves don't entirely clear it but get a free-kick after a foul by Gabriel on the edge of the box.
36' Just a bit on Gabriel. Only Lacazette has scored more goals in the Premier League for Arsenal than Gabriel's two this season. The Brazilian centre-back's scored with both of his shots on target. That sums up Arsenal's problem this campaign, although they're faring OK so far here.
34' Neto's corner comes in. Dendoncker loops a header towards Leno who gets down well to make the save. 
32' This game's end-to-end at the moment. First Saka threads a throughball for Aubamayang that's cut out by Dendoncker. Wolves go up the other end through Traore and Silva's shot is blocked, forcing a corner.
30' Willian gets the assist after some quick thinking by Arsenal. This game's certainly livened up.
Gabriel Magalhães
30' GOAL! ARSENAL 1-1 WOLVES! Arsenal take the corner short. Willian sends the cross in from the right and Gabriel rises high to power a head past Patricio!
29' That goal was exactly what this game needed after an understandably sluggish start. Coady does brilliantly to stick a foot out to poke Tierney's cross away from Aubamayang in the six-yard box and out for a corner. It doesn't matter though because...
Pedro Neto
27' GOAL! ARSENAL 0-1 WOLVES! Neto gives the visitors the lead! Silva drops deep to lay a pass off and immediately goes on the run into the box. Traore beats Tierney down the right and finds Dendoncker with a cross and he smashes a header against the crossbar! It lands nicely for Neto who sweeps it home off a defender!
25' Traore's touch lets him down near the halfway line and Arsenal regain the ball, slowly making progress down their left. Willock feeds Saka near the corner flag but the youngster can't do anything with it.
23' Podence races down the right and flings a high cross into the box. Bellerin nods it away.
22' Wolves enjoy a spell of possession as Traore turns and takes on Arsenal's defenders. The winger loses possession and gives away a free-kick in the final third, tripping Xhaka.
21' It's very strange to see Wolves playing with a four-man defence rather than their trademark three at the back under Espirito Santo. Podence is playing alongside Silva in a 4-4-2 shape off the ball.
19' The offside flag goes up against Aubamayang. Wolves take the free-kick quickly but don't achieve much with it. Arsenal elect to keep the ball for a while.
17' Play finally gets going again as Arsenal keep possession. There'll be at least 10 minutes of stoppage time added on the end of this half. Already this game feels like it has a pallor.
Fábio Silva
R. Jiménez
15' Wolves make that enforced change up front. The Portuguese teenager Silva comes on to replace the stricken Jimenez.
13' It looks like David Luiz might be able to continue, but sadly the same can't be said of Jimenez. The Mexican has been carried off the pitch on a stretcher. He'll play no further part in this game. Let's just hope the injury isn't as serious as it looks.
11' Play still hasn't resumed. Both David Luiz and Jimenez are still receiving treatment. Espirito Santo looks worried sat down in the technical area.
9' David Luiz is getting bandaged up as he's picked up a cut to the head. About 10 people are gathered around Jimenez in the penalty area at the moment, helping as best they can. It's really awful to see. You just have to hope the Wolves player will be OK.
7' David Luiz is thankfully up on his knees and receiving treatment to his head, although Jimenez is still down and surrounded by medical staff. It looks like he hasn't moved since the incident. The staff have a stretcher ready. Silva is stripping off and getting ready to come on.
5' Arsenal win their first corner of the game down their right as Willian has a cross blocked. Willian swings the corner in and Wolves get it away. Play stops quickly though as there's been a nasty clash of heads between David Luiz and Jimenez. It looks serious.
3' Wolves start the game brightly as they win a corner off Xhaka. Arsenal are alert and manage to clear it away.
1' And we're off here in London!
The two sides are out on the Emirates Stadium pitch. As has been the case at all Premier League games this weekend, the players gather on the centre circle to pay tribute to the late great Diego Maradona.
There's not much separating these two teams these days. Arsenal have lost just one of their last 19 top-flight meetings with Wolves, while Wolves haven't won away to Arsenal in their last nine league visits, a record dating back to September 1979. However, each of Wolves' last three visits to the Emirates has ended in a 1-1 draw. Is another draw on the cards here?
Arsenal make two changes from their 0-0 draw against Leeds last week. David Luiz starts ahead of Holding at centre-back while Saka comes in for the suspended Pepe. There are three changes to Wolves' side from their 1-1 draw with Southampton. Coady, Marcal and Neto start. Kilman, Neto and Ait Nouri drop to the bench.
SUBS: Ki-Jana Hoever, Fabio Silva, Rayan Ait Nouri, Ruben Neves, Maximilian Kilman, Vitinha, John Ruddy.
WOLVES (4-2-3-1): Rui Patricio; Nelson Semedo, Conor Coady (c), Willy Boly, Marcal; Leander Dendoncker, Joao Moutinho; Adama Traore, Daniel Podence, Pedro Neto; Raul Jimenez.
SUBS: Runar Alex Runarsson, Reiss Nelson, Cedric Soares, Alexandre Lacazette, Eddie Nketiah, Rob Holding, Mohamed Elneny.
ARSENAL (4-2-3-1): Bernd Leno; Hector Bellerin, David Luiz, Gabriel Magalhaes, Kieran Tierney; Dani Ceballos, Granit Xhaka; Willian, Joseph Willock, Bukayo Saka; Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang (c).
While low scoring affairs are unusual for Arsenal, they're exactly what you expect of Wolves. Like Arsenal, only Tottenham have conceded fewer than Wolves' 10 goals this season. Nuno Espirito Santo's side are ticking over nicely in 11th, although they seem to be lacking some of the vibrancy of their past two league campaigns. Can they rediscover it here?
This will be a match-up between two of the Premier League's lowest-scoring sides so far this season. Mikel Arteta's Arsenal are muddling through in 14th at the moment, having scored just once in their last five league games. The misfiring Gunners will be looking for a win to rise to the more familiar top half of the table.
Hello! Welcome to our live text commentary of this Premier League match between Arsenal and Wolves at the Emirates Stadium.