Yanga vs Njombe Mji: Key battles

Goal Tanzania
Tuesday will see the latest installment of the bitter rivalry between Yanga and Njombe Mji, Wide areas will be key to today's match

We are looking forward to today's game between Jangwani outfits and Njombe Mji. It will be a really interesting tactical battle and gives Yanga a chance to take advantage of one of Njombe’s weak points.

A Young Africans win would put them one point ahead of their rivals Azam, and four behind leaders Simba which will get them back to title race.

With so much riding on the game, here’s a look at main players who will go a long way in deciding the outcome of the game.


Ibrahim Ajib - Yanga 2017

The Yanga magician has an excellent overall record against Njombe Mji, having scored the only goal in their previous match.

Have Labani Kambole and company figured out how to stop the former Simba forward? With Ngoma not being at his best, the Njombe defence can pay more attention to Ajib – although the Young Africans star is more than capable of dealing with a team completely focused on stopping him.


Obrey Chirwa

Chirwa has never scored against Njombe Mji, but the visitors have every reason to be worried of the stubborn Yanga attacker because of his threat he posses to opponents.

Obrey Chirwa has been in good form and he scores important goals for Yanga, he has a high possibilities of scoring against Njombe on Tuesday and the back line should keep an eye on him.

Of course, the reason Chirwa vs Kambole is a key battle is not because anyone expects the Njombe Mji defender to match Chirwa’s goalscoring exploits. Kambole will be tasked with stopping the Zambian from adding to his 7 league goals.

Expect this battle to be feisty, with both players capable of getting under the other’s skin. Not to mention, Chirwa and Kambole with his fellow defenders are sure to be among the cadre of players leading the histrionics in a game that always throws up plenty of displays of theatricality.

But the game will be all about the wings and the movement of Ajib, Chirwa, Buswita and Tshishimbi and the space that created for the full-backs. Will Njombe Mji be wise to it? We wait and see..!