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Mbappe the jewel & teaser Di Maria: Marquinhos reveals what every PSG player is really like

12:35 EAT 06/04/2018
Marquinhos Paris Saint-Germain
The Brazilian is a key part of a star-studded dressing room - but what are the likes of Neymar and Mbappe like when the cameras are off?

  • Marquinhos Rennes PSG Coupe de la Ligue 30012018

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  • Areola Marquinhos Real Madrid PSG Champions League 14022018

    Alphonse Areola

    "He’s a monster, I mean, have you seen his height? He brings physical impact, on and off the pitch. He’s a great person, very calm, very simple. He doesn’t talk much, doesn’t like to be in the spotlight but he knows how to establish himself in due course. I’ve got a very good relationship with him because we’re both very calm."
  • Luis Suarez Kevin Trapp Barcelona PSG UEFA Champions League 08032016

    Kevin Trapp

    "He’s a good friend of mine. He’s the most Brazilian German in the world. He comes over to my house very often, we have fun together and, above all, he’s handsome! In the changing room, he’s very active, likes talking, reach out to others. He’s a good entertainer as well."
  • Dani Alves Real Madrid PSG Champions League 14022018

    Dani Alves

    "I’ve got a very special relationship with him. He’s a great guy. He’s got a boundless energy: in the morning, afternoon and night. He’s got a lot of energy in the changing room and on the pitch. We often play together on the right side, it brings me a lot, he shares his experience with me both in PSG and in the national team."
  • Thomas Meunier Troyes PSG Ligue 1 03032018

    Thomas Meunier

    "The Belgian! He knows how to talk, he always says what he thinks. When he’s got something to say he doesn’t hesitate a second. He loves having fun, he’s a great person as well. On the pitch he brings a lot of physical presence. Every time he plays, I think he’s the one who runs the most. We know that he will be 100% in every situation."
  • Neymar Thiago Silva PSG TFC 20082017

    Thiago Silva

    "He used to be my idol. Now he’s still my idol, but also my friend and my team-mate. We’ve been playing together for years and I’ve learned a lot at his side. I admire him a lot. As a captain, he knows the right time to say things. He’s calm but when he gets angry he’s not joking! He’s a real captain."
  • Presnel Kimpembe PSG 27102017

    Presnel Kimpembe

    I’ve got a good relationship with him. He’s very active, loves having fun, juste like me. He’s always positive, in and off the pitch. But careful: he can get very angry also in the pitch. He brings a lot of physical aspect. I’ve been impressed by him since he came from the training academy. He ‘s very good now but I know he has a bright future.
  • Layvin Kurzawa PSG Paris Saint-Germain

    Layvin Kurzawa

    "I talk to him in good and bad moments. He knows that I’m here to help. He‘s got a lot of potential and we all hope that it is going to get better for him."
  • Yuri Berchiche Florian Thauvin PSG Marseille Coupe de France 28022018.jpg

    Yuri Berchiche

    "I’ve been impressed by him also since he came from Spain. He took his time. He’s a got a lot of energy, he gives his best and he’s got this state of mind that everybody likes. I think that he‘s having a good time here in Paris. It’s maybe because he likes having fun, above all with Verratti."
  • Adrien Rabiot Luiz Gustavo PSG Marseille Ligue 1 25022018

    Adrien Rabiot

    "He’s a good friend of mine in the club. We’ve been going through the same things, we have experienced good and bad times, periods when we played less or more. Our career is progressing at the same time. He’s important for the club, the insitution."
  • Thiago Motta Angel Di Maria PSG ASSE Ligue 1 25082017

    Thiago Motta

    "I admire him a lot. When we see what he has won with his different clubs, what he has done for football... People don’t see it but he’s organising another game on the pitch. He’s got this ability to make his teammates play of one or two touches of the ball. He makes us improve and he’s a good security for us at the back, to have someone who know how to control the game."
  • Marco Verratti Marco Asensio PSG Paris Saint-Germain Real Madrid

    Marco Verratti

    "He’s a world class player. He’s one of the most impressive player that I’ve seen in Paris, and he still is now. Even when he was young he was already very skilled with the ball. He’s also a great person, a good friend of mine."
  • Giovani Lo Celso Troyes PSG Ligue 1 03032018

    Giovani Lo Celso

    "The club have seen his potential. He’s been working a lot and was able to adapt well, thanks to the other Argentinians. Now, you know who Lo Celso is: a great player. He’s good in every position he’s played. He’s got a good state of mind on the pitch. Away from it, he’s quiet but he likes having fun. He’s more in the 'South American' atmosphere."
  • Lassana Diarra PSG

    Lass Diarra

    "I don’t know him too well. But despite that I admire his professionalism, his state of mind. He brings a physical aspect and gives us impact in the midlfield. He’s going to help us until the end of the season. He’s an example for the young players."
  • Julian Draxler Angers PSG

    Julian Draxler

    "He’s really a great player, I'd say phenomenal. His qualities, such as his ball control, his technique and his passes impress me a lot. As a person he’s very positive even when he plays less. He's always had the right attitude, it increases his respect."
  • Javier Pastore PSG

    Javier Pastore

    "You all know his talent. He’s a magician, he always knows what to do in a game. In a small corner, in midfield where he is surrounded by other players, he would do something that nobody would have imagined. He’s got pure talent. He’s one of the best people I’ve met in football. He has helped me since the very beginning, he talked to me a lot and his friendship is dear to my heart."
  • Angel Di Maria PSG Paris Saint-Germain

    Angel Di Maria

    "He’s part of this 'great people' group in the changing room. During his difficult times he never stopped working, he had the best attitude to make things change. He has worked even harder. He’s also crazy. He likes teasing Brazilian players… He’s Argentinian so it’s normal! He’s an entertainer."
  • Kylian Mbappe Paris Saint-Germain

    Kylian Mbappe

    "He’s our jewel! So much talent, so much quality. He knows it but he’s humble. He’s got a really good state of mind, he's a hard worker and quiet. He’s very close to his family. I love his way of being and living. If he listens to experienced players, he’ll do great things for PSG and France."
  • Edinson Cavani PSG Paris Saint-Germain

    Edinson Cavani

    "Our matador ! You know his state of mind on the pitch! He’s Uruguayan and we face them a lot with the Selecao. We know them well. He’s a hard worker, who gives his best every time. He always gives his all for his team-mates. He arrived at almost the same time as myself in Paris. I’m close to him, we used to be very close and we still talk a lot together."
  • Neymar PSG Strasbourg Ligue 1 17022018


    "One of the best players in the world. I admire and respect him a lot, as a player and as a person. He’s one of those player who, when they do something, we are left with stars in our eyes. He makes his team-mates play, and takes responsibility on the pitch. He knows just how to do that. He’s criticised but even then he can handle it with his personality, his mental strength. He won’t stop taking the ball at his feet to try and hurt opponents and score goals. He will be the best player in the world sooner rather than later."
  • Unai Emery PSG Paris Saint-Germain

    Unai Emery

    "Since his arrival he has trusted me a lot. He has taken me to another level of football. He knows what I am capable of, how I work, how I am. He never stopped talking to me and he placed me all his trust in me. Even during my difficult times he gave me my space but advised me on how to improve myself."