ISL Watch: Will FC Pune City get away with fielding seven foreign players?

While Mumbai City FC easily triumphed against a rudderless FC Pune City, Franco Colomba's side were guilty of something else too...
After managing to earn a point against Delhi Dynamos, FC Pune City were brought crashing down when they conceded five goals against Mumbai City FC without reply. 

A closer look at the match however revealed that Franco Colomba was guilty of more than just failing to set up a formidable side. 

The Hrithik Roshan co-owned team's first two substitutions at half-time were fairly standard ones, as the coach replaced Lenny Rodrigues with Kwang II Park and brought in Israel Gurung for Andre Gonzalez to maintain the quota of Indian and foreign players on the field. 

The moment of contention arrived when Omar Rodriguez (Colombian national) was called on for Mehrajuddin Wadoo (Indian international) in the 62nd minute as the third and final substitution. This subsequently resulted in seven foreign players being on the field for FC Pune City (Belardi, Cirillo, Katsouranis, Park, Rodriguez, Trezeguet, Dudu). 

The Indian Super League (ISL) rules state that every team's starting line-up can have a maximum of six foreign players. In this case while the starting line-up did indeed have six non-Indian players, there were seven foreigners on the field for a good half hour.

When reached for comment, sources close to Goal revealed that Mumbai City FC officials had notified the match commissioner, Binod Kumar Singh of the said act but were not interested in lodging any kind of official complaint. The reasoning behind was that they had already triumphed 5-0, and any forfeiture would give them the three points but would standardise the victory margin at 3-0, something that will clearly be a disadvantage for Ranbir Kapoor's team.

We are yet to see whether any action will be taken on this front based on the match commissioner's assessment or whether Pune will walk free.