Spanish Comment: Who Is Vicente Boluda? takes a look at Real Madrid's new president, Vicente Boluda, the man who will be attempting to fill the shoes of Ramón Calderón...
With the resignation of Ramón Calderón today comes the promotion of the otherwise largely unheard of Vicente Boluda, from vice-president, to president, of Real Madrid.

The new man in charge has already assured that there will be elections in the summer, but that until then he will attempt to achieve 'calm and confidence' at the club. takes a look at his past, his qualifications, and why he is the man to take on the Real Madrid presidency, despite the fact he hasn't even been on the board of directors for three years.


Born in Valencia, March 31, 1955, Boluda is a man who made his name in the shipping industry, and is officially the president of 'Aguas de Valencia.'

Sport reports that among many other qualifications he has a Masters in Legal Advice for Businesses and a Masters in Maritime Law. Boluda is also the president of the 'National Association of Shipowners and Tow-Trucks', a delegate in the 'Upper Counsel of the Chambers of Commerce', the first vice-president of the 'Chamber of Commerce, Industry and Navigation of Valencia', and vice-president of the 'Spanish Shipping Association.'

In 1998 he received the 'Enterpriser of the Year' award for his work in the Boluda Group, against rivals such as La Caixa and IBM.

There is no doubt that working at Real Madrid will not be a leap up in terms of size, with his group covering 85 companies, 340 ships, and nearly 4,000 staff. It has been regarded as one of the most important businessess in the world in terms of tow trucks and maritime rescue.

Along with his own personal success, Boluda has a very successful family, with his grandfather, Boluda Marí, giving rise to a naval empire that has since expanded massively to cover various ports around the world. Now, they operate not just on the shore, but also at sea, where they participate in off-shore rescue, and fight against contamination.

Real Madrid Ready?

The question many Real Madrid fans will be asking though is, how has Boluda got to be president of the Spanish club? And the answer is not really that clear, except for the fact that he has risen up through the ranks at the club, since becoming a part of the board directors when Calderón was elected back in 2006.

Incredibly, less than a year after he joined, he was named as vice-president, after Juan Mendoza resigned following a disagreement regarding the basketball side of the club.

Now, Boluda finds himself at the head of the club, and there is no doubt that he has a tough task on his hands.

The shipper will have to stop the flow of unhappiness and scrutiny against the Real Madrid hierachy to start with, and from there, will have to build for the summer.

Whether or not he will still be there after the elections, that he has already assured will be taking place, is another matter, but there is no doubt that despite the fact Calderón is gone, Boluda is part of his legacy still.

James Walker-Roberts,