Van der Vaart: Elia is a rocket that needs to be ignited

The former Tottenham Hotspur attacker believes that the 25-year-old Werder Bremen winger will find his form again

Netherlands international Rafael Van der Vaart believes that Eljero Elia is a "world-class player" who is simply down on his confidence.

Elia has failed to score a goal in the Bundesliga so far this season after 17 appearances for Werder Bremen, but his Dutch compatriot says he will prove his worth to the side.

“Elia is a player who has been blessed with world-class abilities. If he's in the mood, he cannot stop. I think Eljero lacks confidence," said the former Tottenham midfielder in an interview with Bild.

The Hamburg player also said he believes that Elia will start performing again, but added that he hopes that it will not be when the two sides face each other in January.

“Elijah is a rocket that can be ignited," Van der Vaart said. "I cross my fingers that it happens soon, [but] it need not necessarily be on January 26 in the game against us.”

The two players will meet when Hamburg face Werder Bremen in the Bundesliga on January 26.