Good Life: Ten things about Germany's very own Manuel Neuer

In this edition of 'Good Life', brings to you ten facts about Germany and Bayern Munich number 1...

Manuel Neuer, better known as Manu, was born on March 27, 1986 in Glesenkirchen, Germany. Manu was a student at the Gesamtshule Berger Feld where the likes of Mesut Ozil and Tim Howedes too passed out from.

In this edition of, we bring you ten facts about former Schalke custodian from the Champions League semi-finals against Real Madrid - Manuel Neuer.

“From Birth Until Today”

Manu was born as a football freak, something that comes from his ‘genes’, and got his first football when he was only 2. He and his brother Marcel used to spend hours playing in the streets of their hometown. Now, Neuer is the goalkeeper of Germany’s national side and also, of Bayern Munich. And Marcel is currently a referee in the Verbandsliga. Neuer played his first game when he was 4 years and 341 days old, on March 3 1991.

“Love Life”

Neuer is dating model girlfriend Kathrin Glich, and they are dating since 2009. The couple does not wish to be seen or discussed in public and hardly talk about their relationship in the open.  She promoted Ferrero’s ‘Fan Connection’ in ‘BILD am SONNTAG’ as the “girlfriend of Manuel Neuer”.

“The Book”

Evander Luther edited and wrote Manuel Neuer - A Biography, a book on the life of the Kraut, and all his likes and dislikes.
“The Ride"

Manuel loves cars and his favourite is his Volkswagen GTI Gold, customized by his favourite sports brand Adidas.

“Food & Lifestyle”

Manu loves eating food, and is the ‘foodie guy’ of his group. He is a big fan of Pasta, and other Italian delicacies.

“The Fun Loving Lad”

Neuer loves travelling and skiing. He is an amazing skier and loves going around with his friends.

“Make It A Better Place”

Neuer loves kids, and wants to do everything he can do for their well-being. Hehas formed 'The Manuel Neuer Kids Foundation'. The foundation works for the betterment of the kids in Gelsenkirchen and nearby areas.

“Sing For Me”

Manu is a big time music fanatic. He is always up to date with the latest music and bands. He is favourite song is; No Games by Serani. And his favourite band is U2.

“The Genius”

Neuer won €500,000 in November 2011 on Wer wird Millionär? The German version of Who Wants To Be A Millionaire.

“The Personal Hero”

Neuer has grown up following his childhood hero, former Schalke goalkeeper Jens Lehmann. Although, Manu is compared with the likes of Oliver Kahn, and even said to be the ‘right hands’ to fill the Van Der Sar’s gloves, he says Lehmann is the greatest of all time.