The Good Life: Raul Gonzalez - The legend who bled white

With the legendary striker deciding to move out of Europe next season, looks at some interesting facts on Real Madrid's all-time top goalscorer...
In this edition of "The Good Life," focusses on 'Senor Raul' after he announced just a couple of days back that his German adventure with Schalke shall come to an end as he shall move overseas.

“From Birth Until Today”

The Spaniard was born in Madrid, Spain on 27 June, 1977 and lived there until he finally moved to Germany, to play for Schalke 04.

He grew up in the Marconi colony of San Cristobal de los Angeles, a small and modest district in the capital. Raul's dad Pedro Gonzalez is an Atletico Madrid fan, where Raul played as a young boy after a brief spell at San Cristobal.
“Married Life”

Raúl's wife is Mamen Sanz who is also a Spanish model and a pop star! And as a symbol of love and respect to his lady, he kisses his wedding ring as mark of his celebration.
“The Family Man”

Raúl loves spending time with his family whenever he can. The eldest of his four children is named Jorge, after Real Madrid legend Jorge Valdano, and his second-born is Hugo, named after childhood hero Hugo Sánchez, and his third is Mateo, named after German footballer Lothar Matthäus.

Raul, like many other footballers, is superstitious and first wears the left shoe, to have luck.
“Food & Lifestyle”

He loves champagne, but his favourite drink is water. Raul loves Spanish delicacies and never misses a moment to enjoy them. His favourite is rice with tomatoes and dessert flan with cream.
“The Spanish Matador”

Raul loves reading and hunting, although he doesn’t get the chance to enjoy that too often. He loves being around his family and taking his children to dinners.

He is an ardent follower, and fan, of bullfighting and finds the game very exciting.

He also enjoys videogames with his sons and, also makes sure that he catches a movie or two every week. He even has a love for pets, especially his dogs.
“Make It A Better Place”

Raul believes in sharing his wealth and has been a member of several charities and organizations. He was also announced United Nations' FAO Goodwill Ambassador in 2004.
“Sing For Me”

Raul enjoys Spanish music and is a fan of it, ever since. He is always up to date with the latest music. He is also an avid reader and a fan of Arturo Pérez Reverte.
“I Love Maradona”

Raul’s football idol is Diego Maradona and wishes to own one of his worn jerseys.
“Not My Cup Of Tea”

The Spaniard has received many offers to be an actor but has always denied them. For him, the main aim is to be a good footballer and acting is not his ‘cup of tea’.

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